How to Develop an App like mCent and Ladoo?

Do you know mCent by Jana becomes one of the highest paying mobile recharge app for Android today?

Just one year after the launch of the mCent recharge app, it has driven 1.5 billion MB of application usage for their clients, which is equivalent to 400 million application trials for 25 million members in 15 key emerging markets in APAC, Latin America, and Africa.

An online mCent app is a gateway to the latest emerging mobile market with 50x growth in mCent members in 6 months.

statistics about mCent

mCent focused on places like India, Brazil, Indonesia and 90 other emerging economies where more than 1.3 billion people are using Android device, however, they don’t typically purchase data plans to go with them. Developed by a startup called Jana, mCent enables people to earn credits that they can use to access the mobile internet for maps, web searches and instant messaging.

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The startup success story is not limited to mCent, Ladoo is competing with mCent by providing payouts for each app install. Being one of the oldest applications in the market, Ladoo enjoyed more than a 3 million users and 4.3-star rating (highest star rating).

Although the working of this application is just as other free recharge app, however, there are many offers available in the application and lot of more they are adding in every week. The most interesting thing about this application is its Built-in-support feature that resolves user’s queries instantly within the application.

Have Idea of Recharge App like mCent, Ladoo Popped-Up in Your Mind? Wait…

Before moving to think of your mobile recharge application development like mCent or Ladoo, it’s better to know what actually recharge applications are.

Have you ever searched for free recharge, extra talk time offers, cheap call offers, free recharge code generator on the web? Yes?

What comes in the search results? A lot of best recharge app or websites that offer such deals to their customers. Free recharge application is nothing, but it works on the basis of users’ activity. It provides a discount or a coupon code to get a discount on your mobile recharge.

Sometimes, users just have to install an application to get credits for trying that app. Even, some applications also provide free recharge when users are purchasing products on eCommerce websites.

How to Start with Your Free Recharge App Development Idea?

Document the Features You Want in Application

Success is all about proper planning. It is essential to define what features you want to add to make your app successful and user-friendly. It would be great to drill down the big picture to smaller tasks in the documentation.

Design The Wireframes Yourself or Hire a Designer

Essentially, wire-framing is the visual architecture of what will go on each page of an application and how you link it together. Defining the full scope of the project through Wireframing is essential to have the mutual understanding of what will require going into an application. Alternative, you can hire a professional designer if you don’t want to waste your time on a wireframe.

Product Designing

After wireframing, you will start with the designing phase, where you will get a high-resolution .psd files mocked-ups of what the app will look like when it is developed.

This is the stage where you will flesh out logos, styling, fonts, colors and so on, where you nailed down the look and feel of your application.

Develop App for Native Platform (it’s a suggestion)

Native applications are specific to a given mobile platform, i.e. Android or iOS with the development language and tools of their respective support. It looks and perform the best.

Start Marketing the App

Mobile App Marketing is must to engage potential customers, users, and other interested users early and often. While marketing your app, you may also have to burn money from your pocket.

Approach Companies to Join Your Platform

If you want to gain a solid value proposition for your business, start approaching companies to join your platform for business. Make them business partner or marketing partner.  

Why People Target Android Platform Only?

Why Android – Do you have the same question like all? The fact behind targeting android operating system is its user base. With more than 1.4 billion 30-day active users, people can target more audience by investing in developing an app for android rather than iOS and Windows.

Take an example of WhatsApp and Facebook   – looking to such social networking platforms, we found that app becomes more viral than a website. Facebook becomes more popular when its app was launched. Considering audience’s choice, now companies are creating a mobile app to promote their business rather than switching to the websites.

Not exactly same as recharge application, but we have developed ftcash that enables payments via credit and debit card for your daily utilities.

payment app, ftcash, developed by us

Ftcash empowers to serve micro-merchant sector view mobile payment option. With this application, micro-merchants can receive payment through mobile wallets, debit and credit cards from their customer.

iOS | Android

Soon, ftcash gets features like recharge application, as it got funded of US $ 5 Lacs funding from investors to expand their app’s functionality.

How Apps like mCent, Ladooo, Earn Talktime, etc. Works?

We all have smart devices and installing an application to make it smarter. Rather than targeting audience through a website, social medias like WhatsApp and Facebook develop an application to reach to more audience. There are best mobile app development companies, however, not many of them will download, because people love to stay with the trends.

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Because of this reason, businesses have advertised their application among potential users. One of the best ways to promote an application is to use free mobile recharge app, or best bill payment app. It is the most profitable method to promote any application to the desired audience.

Just think – developers and companies, who have developed an application pay money to the mobile recharge apps company like Ladooo will pay money to those people, who are downloading it on their device.

This way, the company gets more users and can earn more profit. And, users get free recharge.

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