Home Design App Development:4 Features to Make a Successful Home Design App

home design app development

Modernization and digitalization have made everything easy and simple. Shopping online to 24/7 virtual assistance to designing home interiors are just a finger touch away. Gen Z is perceiving the trend of decorating or redesigning the house with the help of decor apps or interior design apps. If you are a budding interior designing startup or are a professional homemaker, you should dive into the interior designing app world and explore the virtual opportunities. Herein we have rounded up 4 features that you should consider for your home design app development.

The home design or interior design industry is ever-growing. With the economic shift in lifestyle trends, people are turning to interior designers more than ever. Decades ago, the interior designers were accessible only by the rich. The rest of the population enjoyed well-decorated homes only through magazines and catalogs.

However, over the years, there has been widespread growth of services and consumption, making interior designing a necessity rather than a luxury. Despite this growth, there are a few problems faced by professional designers like:

  • Customers expect deliveries in a certain price range
  • There is a constant pressure of price comparison from clients
  • Constant changes from the client’s side in the blueprints and layout on the paper
  • You and your clients have different perceptive capabilities that result in a mismatch at the time of delivery
  • To find good home decor, physical roaming becomes tedious for both parties

In order to streamline this entire process, you can develop home design platform or software solution that will handle everything from customers’ demands to changes, new customers, orders, payments and more.

We, at Space-O Technologies, develop customized solutions in terms of home design app to resolve all these problems. In fact, the current demand for online home decor and design is increasing that you can see in this given graph. The graph shows the constant growth in online home decor and design industry. 

home design app development

Looking at this growing graph, if you have made-up your mind to develop home decor or home design app, then here are the features that you can include. These features are written after the quick discussion with our experienced app consultant. Let’s have a look at these features for successful home design app development.

4 Key Features Suggested By Our App Consultant for Successful Home Design App Development

#1 Provide users with home design ideas through technology integration

The app world is known for its technological advancements like Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI). These technologies help in better visualization of home decor. Online users instead of imagining can virtually experience the placement of objects in the room. 

With AR technology, one can easily know whether a chair looks good in a room or not? They can easily visualize a room in 3D. Through your Houzz alternative app development, you can let users place furniture in the desired space so that they can get exact idea of how does it actually look. You can also allow them to change the wall colors and choose paint as per their wish.

home design app development

It can engage more users to the platform through AI. It helps in generating objects coexist and interact with the real world in a single, immersive scene. Thus, if you are planning to develop home design app you need to consider such technological features and functionalities.

#2 Integrate online home decor platform to buy products for home

According to Business Wire report, the global home decor market is estimated to garner $792.6 billion by 2025. It is accelerating at an annual growth rate of 4.9% during the forecast period 2019-2025.

With your interior designing business, you can integrate an online decor platform consisting of furniture, cabinets, lighting, tile, and more. For better user experience along with this ecommerce solution you can integrate other features like

  • Visual recognition technology- Provide the user with a simulator experience to visualize the product before buying it from your room design app.
  • Reviews and ratings- This builds trust among the users. They will buy a product by reading the experiences of the past users and may leave their own ratings too. It is also a way to meet your app’s loopholes.
  • 3D Zoom in-Zoom out-  This feature allows users to properly look into the space requirement and satisfy their room transformation.   

Integrating this feature will help in generating online shopping revenue and will also help in retaining online users. For users who are looking to renovate or redesign a space, you will be an on demand home design app solution for them. For some audience, you will also play a part of home planner app as you are providing them with all the home amenities and custom design experience through the online designing platform.

#3 Allow users to share photos via social media integration

This feature is quite beneficial for your app for interior design, as it helps in direct marketing. When you allow a user to share their creativity on other platforms, the design app will automatically be promoted on the trending social media networks. 

The users will be satisfied by your app like Uber for interior design as they are able to showcase their work to their friends, families, colleagues, relatives, and market their own skills through the app development.

#4 Provide users to hire and collaborate with best professionals

Apply the gig economy trend in your interior design app. You can be a platform for all the architects, general contractors, interior decorators, repair professionals. If someone wants to fix the leak in a wall, he can directly contact the concerned person through your app.

home design app development

Image Credit: Houzz

You can manage all your business network through the design app along with online users. Before ending the blog we have some more features that you should consider during your home design app development.

  • In-app engaging blogs and newsletters
  • Expert advice through virtual assistance
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Integrate other interactive platforms like Pinterest
  • Integrate the sketch up feature to annotate the drawing experience

Being an interior design and decor startup, if you would like to create an app like Uber for interior design, considering these features to make big revenues from your online business.

Discuss Your Home Design App Idea With Us

At Space-O Technologies we have made over 20 apps that offer an on demand app solution along with ecommerce integration. Our Android app developers and iOS app developers are known for their technical skills when it comes to integrating smart algorithms and trending technological enhancement in the app.

So if you are worried about how to develop home decor app, alternative to Houzz app development cost, app developers cost, home design app development timeline, then you can discuss it with us over a call. Fill up the essential requirements in our contact us form and one of our sales representatives will get back to you soon. The consultation is free of cost. 

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