Lyft’s e-Scooters Have Arrived in Denver! 3 Takeaways Worth Considering Before Creating Electric Scooter App


This blog includes information for e-Scooter startups & entrepreneurs who want to create electric-scooter apps like Bird, Lime & Lyft (the U.S. ride-hailing company). We’ve curated three key takeaways, which you can consider during e-scooter app development.

You must have heard a lot about the influx of e-Scooters (known as electric scooters or electrical scooters), especially in the downtown San Francisco, Santa Monica, and Washington D.C., which are recognized as the hubs of e-scooter business. You must aware with top the e-scooter startups companies like Bird, Lime, Spin, and Skip, which have disrupted the on-demand sharing economy.

Insights of The Last-Mile Market

Well, this time is not about car-sharing or ride-hailing, but it is all about the micro mobility, which has taken 60% of the trips in the United States. This is what you can see in the image.


In short, it is safe to say that the last-mile market in the U.S. is more nascent, and investors are more interested in investing in e-Scooter companies because of analyzing the fastest growth and potential in this marketplace.

The e-Scooter Sharing Unicorns

The fastest growing startups named as Bird scooter app and Lime, which have already achieved the Unicorn status within less than a year.


Bird and Lime, which are recognized as Uber-like apps for e-Scooters, and they are backed by a number of smart money VCs (Venture Capitals) and corporates.

It is also worth noting that the ride-hailing Goliath, Lyft, has already joined the marathon of e-Scooters. Let’s us know more about the Lyft scooters and its e-Scooter app.


Lyft: The e-Scooter App

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “Lyft’s e-Scooters have arrived in Denver, which has recently awarded permits to operate both electric scooters and bikes.” Well, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has issued 1-year permits to Skip and Scoot. Total twelve companies have applied to operate within the city, including JUMP, Lyft, Skip, Spin, Lime, Scoot, Ofo, Razor, CycleHop, Ridecell, and USSCooter.

However, Lyft has started with e-Scooters. And, similar to other platforms, Lyft’s e-scooters cost $1 to unblock and then 15 cents for each minute of riding.


  • Founded in 2012, the fastest-growing ride-sharing Goliath, Lyft is initially planning on dropping 350 electric scooters, including 100 scooters for the Denver city’s zones, which are designated as low-income and underserved by public transportation.
  • The e-scooters are manufactured by Chinese electronics giant, Xiaomi. And, these e-Scooters have a top speed of around 15 mph (miles per hour).Lyft-Scooter
  • When Lyft e-scooter app user locates the scooters through the app on his/her phone, then he/she can see the mileage and battery range before deciding to unlock the e-Scooter.
  • The e-scooters by Lyft are not docked and can be easily parked anywhere.

Forging ahead and let us check out three takeaways by Lyft e-Scooter app, which startups can consider before creating e-scooter apps like Bird & Lime.

3 Takeaways by Lyft Scooters to Consider Before Developing e-Scooter Apps like Bird & Lime

1. Identify The Opportunity Zones

The car-sharing giant, Lyft has lately emerged into the e-Scooter world, but the strategy followed by Lyft e-Scooter company is effective, as to identify the efficient market and region to start an e-scooter sharing program. Well, the key to identify the efficient market and area is to start with the “opportunity zones”.

The term “opportunity zones” means, that you as an e-scooter startup, need to focus on those areas where people or daily commuters generally find out hard to commute and reach to the bus stops and train stops. So, it is important to identify such market, where you can connect commuters and last-mile transit option at an affordable cost in a lesser time.

Lyft-Denver-E-ScooterImage Source: abcnews

Furthermore, you need to identify the region where you can give optimal solutions to commuters to simplify the commute and the area, which needs modernization. So, in simple terms, the key takeaway is to identify the opportunity zone, where you can add value to your users’ lives and could make the most out of it.

2. Focuses on Helping the Daily Commuters

People use the last-mile ride option because it saves time. e-Scooters provide people with affordable and easy ways to get around while reducing their reliance on cars and other transportation options.

So, one thing is cleared, that on-demand e-Scooter-sharing service is popular because it is handy, saves time and provides affordable transportation solutions, especially for youngsters. Thus, you need to focus on helping your users or customers’ problems, plus make sure that your service is hyper-connected to your customers’ lives.

cost-of-e-scooter-app-developmentImage Source: Lyft

If you as an e-Scooter startup, want to offer on-demand solutions and become the part of the dockless e-Scooter sharing economy, then you need to analyze the pain points of your users and give optimal solutions to them. In addition, you as a startup, need to solve a variety of problems of your app users/customers.

3. Don’t Miss to Integrate a Set of Important App Features

The e-Scooter app allows users to book an e-scooter to roaming around easily and at an affordable cost, without facing the traffic congestion and poor public transit. That’s why California is flooded with e-scooters because these are easy to book and operate. Electric-Scooters have become part of the revolution in transportation. Herein we have curated a set of important app features, which you can’t miss to integrate during e-scooter app development.

  • Find Nearby e-Scooters
  • Unlock
  • Scan the QR code and reserve a scooter ahead of time
  • Smart Lock, Pause and End the Ride
  • GPS Real-time tracking
  • Payment Gateway Integration


Moreover, there are other recommended app features, which are also worth considering, while developing an e-Scooter app like Bird & Lime. Check them out:

  • Schedule a ride in advance
  • Cross-platform ability
  • Social Media Integration
  • Online Support
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Visual Calendar

Are You Ready to Make Moves in the On-Demand Dockless e-Scooter Market?

When it comes to dockless systems, it allows users to park their e-scooters anywhere along the sidewalk. And, the users don’t need to have a fixed docking station. Plus, it is a more convenient and less costly option. In addition, dockless platforms have notable growth potential due to lower costs and as an operator, there is no need to build any stations for parking e-scooters. As you can see the notable growth in this image.

Well, e-Scooters embrace a number of advantages. And, the ride-hailing giants like Lyft has already become the part of the marathon of electric scooters. However, being an e-Scooter startup or entrepreneur, if you are having an app idea on e-Scooters, then you can cross-verify it with us as we are a leading mobile apps development company and have already developed over 3500 mobile applications in diverse app categories.

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