Develop Your Own Healthcare and Medical App: 3 Lessons to Consider For an AI-Based Health App

develop healthcare app

The industry of medical things (IoMT) is rapidly increasing. The healthcare and medical industry is dealing with complex and sensitive data, so the mhealth industry is slowly and steadily coming into shape with technological advancement. According to a research report from the Global Market Insights, the mhealth market size is expected to exceed $289.4 billion by 2025. Being a healthcare startup, you should consider the digital solution of developing a healthcare app and automate your business in this telehealth genre. Consider these 3 lessons to develop healthcare app with cutting edge technological advancement.

With the advent of doctor on demand apps, the communication between doctors and patients have become convenient. It is not just about communication, through the health information management app a healthcare and medical startup like you enables better coordination, improves diagnostic accuracy, and builds a bridge of accuracy. 

There are types of E-health apps when we talk about the online health app development genre. If you are looking for new business opportunities through healthcare apps, decide where your health app idea fits within the digital health space. Look at the following types you could do with your healthcare app.

Types of E-Health Apps

  • Mobile medication alerts
  • Diagnosis chatbots
  • Geolocation or geofencing
  • Phone-to-text capabilities

If you are still unsure and doubting the benefits to make patient apps for improved healthcare, have a look at some of the benefits curated by one of our expert healthcare app developers.

Benefits of Mobile Health App

  • Doctors and nurses can coordinate with patients about their diagnosis, medication and the follow-up process.
  • There can be a seamless data flow from administration to doctors to patients. Payments, patient’s medical history, current treatment status, employees’ salary, assigned duties. 
  • Automates a lot of paperwork which frees a physician’s time.
  • Increases diagnostic accuracy with accurate and descriptive in-app notes.

These are some of the benefits if you want to know more about the health and wellness apps, you can consult us. We are a leading Android mobile app development company, with mobile apps in almost every genre from delivery apps to health apps to taxi apps. Thus, you can cross-verify your app ideas with us and know the scope for your online business model.

We at Space-O Technologies, have done some research on the interested region, for your healthcare app development. By keeping these regions in mind, you will easily be able to expand your on demand healthcare business online. Australia, Canada, the United States, the UK, India, are top countries interested in “online health services.” Thus, if you are considering to develop healthcare app, study the audiences in these regions before designing and developing the app.

develop healthcare app

Now, let’s dive into the 3 lessons that you should not miss, to be among the top mobile health apps. 

3 Lessons to Develop Healthcare App for Your Healthcare and Medical Center

#1 Provide users with seamless user interface and intuitive in-app navigation

Your target audience is not just the professionals and patients. Your office staff from receptionist to peon everyone will be using the health app for some or the other reason like checking their attendance, patient’s consultation, account settlements and much more.

With a full-fledged custom mobility healthcare solution, you need to provide users with a simple, seamless UI/UX design. For, instance take the best healthcare app, Babylon. The app has integrated features and functionalities that provide information to over 3,00,000 people, the entire city of Wolverhampton in England.

develop healthcare app

Image Credit: Babylon

When you decide to develop healthcare app, make sure you curate intuitive features and functionalities that can help in the in-app navigation. We as humans are less patient in this instant app world, thus, to retain users you need to work towards the workflow of the mhealth app.

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For instance, if you plan to integrate an in-app calendar for appointments, then for intuitive navigation, the next immediate feature should be a time selection, right below the calendar for better online user-experience.

develop healthcare app

Image Credit: Doctor On Demand

For more such feature and functionalities related ideas, you can go through our healthcare and medical app developments. You might also find new app ideas while going through our developed apps portfolio.

#2 Integrate features that makes the online user-experience engaging

To develop healthcare app, you need to curate a set of features that justifies your business as well as helps users to function seamlessly in the app. You should integrate features like.

  • List of professional doctors
  • Online video/audio chat
  • In-app calendar for scheduling appointments
  • Reschedule/cancel a last-minute appointment
  • GPS tracker for nearby pharmacy and hospitals
  • Payment gateway integration for consulting doctors online
  • Healthcare tracker to diagnose patients current status

All these features will make your telemedicine or telehealth app more engaging and will successfully generate online goodwill. Thus, if you are planning to create a healthcare management software, you can consider these features and discuss some more with us over a call which is free of cost.

#3 Cutting edge technology like AI and ML for better online results

With the help of artificial intelligence, deep-learning technology, you can diagnose a patient accurately. The AI technology will enable your patients to get their exact test results, and through the AI-chatbots they can easily interact with their concerned doctors.

As Machine learning is a part of the AI tech world, you can integrate it into the app and gather information related to diseases and treatments. Let the app recommend users from their symptoms and suggest them accordingly. 


Online healthcare services are a sensible alternative to in-person appointments for people who live dozens or even hundreds of miles away from their healthcare providers. Thus, you can develop a healthcare and medical app for seamless functioning of your center and continue your practice by attending patients on global platform. 

Thus, being a healthcare center, if you are planning to develop healthcare app, then it is must to hire one of the proficient Android/iPhone developers for on-demand doctor app development who have the beforehand knowledge of developing such apps.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to Uber for doctors app, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form and our sales representative will get back to you shortly. The consultation is absolutely free.

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