How to Create an On-demand Uber for Boats App Like UberBOAT With These 5 Essential Features?


In the last couple of years, Uber has changed the entire way people are booking taxis, ordering food, and using other on-demand services. After dominating cities, towns, and food delivery industry across the world, Uber has endeavoured to command the high seas.

A ride-hailing giant, Uber has launched Uber for boat application, called UberBOAT, on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. Uber boat is an on-demand speedboat service that allows people hailing a boat as hailing a taxi.

The all-new UberBOAT service offers speedboats for approximately 12 people that were tested earlier in Istanbul and Miami. The service will be operated during the summer tourist season in Croatia. Moreover, Uber boat Miami service comprises two different services, including transfer between the mainland and the island or speedboat rent for half-day or whole-day trips.

Along with UberBOAT, there are various other on-demand boating apps like GetMyBoat, Hoba Rides, and EZ Waves that allow tourists and locals to book a boat and sail across the town. Gradually, the number of startups are jumping into the water with the on-demand approach to boat rentals and charters, enabling tourists and other people to book a boat.

You, running a boating business, can build a boat app, including essential features by partnering with an experienced mobile app development company. Moreover, investing in on-demand boat apps would take your customers’ experience to the next level. It can help your customers in numerous ways.

5 Essential Features to Consider While Creating Uber for Boats App

1. Booking On-demand Boat Trip

One of the most important features to include in your on-demand boating application is allowing your customers to book an on-demand boat trip. You can make it easy as it possible for your customers so that they can book boating trip with just a few taps on their smartphone. Moreover, you can allow them to start searching by location and narrow the results based on whether they want to hire a captain or not.

2. Allow Choosing Captains Based on a Variety of Fields

Another essential feature that you can include in your boating application enables your customers to find their captain as per their requirements. They can search for the best boat captains near them.

You can show them a complete profile of every single captain with required information like name, experience, etc. You can also allow them to choose captain as per their reviews, distance covered so far. This way, your customer will get the freedom of choosing the best captain for their boating trip.

3. An Option to Chat With a Captain

You can also allow your customers to chat with the captain that they have chosen for their trip. They can discuss with the captain about the trip details like exact time, departure location, and price of the trip.

Once they discuss all these details, the captain will send the payment request to their customers and they need to accept the request by tapping on it if they are comfortable with the discussed things.

4. Weather Check

This feature will work like a cherry on the cake if you want to give some extra support to travelers and tourists of other countries, you can provide weather information of different destinations that you are covering.

Once your customers book a trip to any destination, you can give them weather information about that destination so that they can prepare themselves accordingly. You can’t risk a life for your customers on a stormy day, so it would be good that you provide them with a weather information.

5. Rating & Review

You can also include a rating and review feature in your boating application, allowing your customers to rate your app on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Customers can also opt for a written review as per their trip experience; they can share how they felt while riding with you. You can view, sort, and respond to reviews of your customers.

You can also display those shared reviews and ratings on your app so that other customers can also check them and get help in making their decision. Consider including this feature in your app as the review and ratings will be reflected to your new customers and it will continue to display the app.


Ever since Uber has launched UberBOAT, an uber for boats application, businesses and entrepreneurs have come up with their own online boating app ideas to enter in the on-demand boating industry.

In fact, Uber is inspiring entrepreneurs to implement mobile technology in their business and introduce on-demand apps for different industries.

One such industry is boating industry that is gaining huge popularity with on-demand boating apps that have made it easy for people to search, book, and go on boating on the same day too.

If you also have UberBOAT like app idea in your mind or looking forward to developing your own rent a boat near me app, you can share your requirements with us, and we will help you to develop the best on-demand app solution for your boating business.

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