How ClassDojo, Communication App for Parents & Teachers, Has Raised $35M in Series C Round of Funding With These 3 Strong Tactics


This blog is for edtech startups & entrepreneurs. Herein we’ve curated a few important tactics from ClassDojo, classroom communication app, which you can consider during classroom communication app development.

We live in the mobile-first 21st century where mobile applications have become essentially important for all. Especially, when there is an app for everything in terms of getting things done.

Shedding light on the education applications, there are many such apps which are actually contributing to the education system. Coming across one such app named ClassDojo, we believe that it is important to let you know more about the app, which eliminates the barrier of communication between parents & teachers.

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “ClassDojo, an app for school communication platform, has raised $35 million in Series C round of funding, led by GSV Acceleration and SignalFire.” Currently, it has a total funding amount of $66.1M.

Let’s dive to know more about the communication app, ClassDojo.

ClassDojo: Communication App for Parents & Teachers

Launched in 2011, ClassDojo is a San Francisco, California-based communication app. The main concept of this communication app for parents and teachers is to build strong relationships and supportive communities.


Image Credits: classdojo

  • ClassDojo app enables parents to aware of what’s being learned in the classroom back home via students’ portfolios, photos, videos, and messages.
  • This app also helps students to build social-emotional skills through in-classroom feedback and engaging activities.


Image Credits: classdojo
Source: Google Play

Some Facts About the ClassDojo: Classroom Communication App

  • Talking about the current status of the ClassDojo, 95% of pre-K-8 schools in the United States, plus 180 countries have already used ClassDojo app.
  • 1 in 6 U.S. families with a child under 14 uses the ClassDojo app every day.
  • In the ClassDojo app, all messages can be translated into 35 languages automatically.
  • ClassDojo app raised funding in Series B in the year of 2015.
  • According to the latest report from SimilarWeb, “The App Store rank of ClassDojo app is #13.”


  • On the other hand, “The download rank of ClassDojo app is #4 in the education category across Google Play Store”, as per the report from App Annie.


As a edtech startup or entrepreneur, if you are planning to develop a successful classroom communication app like ClassDojo, then you need to check out a few important tactics.

Let’s dive right in.

3 Strong Tactics from ClassDojo to Develop a Successful Classroom Communication App

1. Identify The Biggest Problems That Parents and Teachers May Encounter

One of the cohesive tactics from ClassDojo, which you can pick is to identify the biggest problems, which teachers may encounter while teaching or communicating with parents. However, communication app like ClassDojo has provided solutions to the teachers as well as parents who are concerned for their kids. An app like ClassDojo provides strong knit communities by sharing what is being learned in the classrooms.


Image Credits: classdojo

ClassDojo app has realized the problems of both teachers and parents while handling students. Well, the main focus of this app is creating an ideal classroom. This is one of the cohesive strategies, which you need to adapt whilst creating a communication app like ClassDojo.

2. Fill The Big Gap Between Parents and Teachers

The next cohesive strategy, which you need to consider is to fill up the gap between parents and teachers. ClassDojo provides an effective communication platform for teachers as well as parents who are really concerned about their children.

Well, ClassDojo app has already achieved the milestones due to having winning strategies. The only thing, which makes ClassDojo stand out is its unique business model.


Image Credits: classdojo
Source: Google Play

Creating a communication app like ClassDojo, it is important to offer a solution that bridges a gap between parent-teacher meetings. Because of this, parents feel more engaged with what their children learn in their classrooms. Plus, teachers may have better feedback from those parents regarding what their children are doing at home.


Image Credits: classdojo

So, being a tech startup or entrepreneur, if you have ever planned to dive into the education industry with an app like ClassDojo, then make sure to embrace this cohesive strategy, while developing a successful communication app.

3. Improve Studying Habits, Mindfulness, Gratitude & Growth Mindset

This communication app for pre-K-8 schools, ClassDojo, embraces a number of advantages from which app users such as parents and teachers must use the application. The basic concept of ClassDojo is to help all kind of students no matter what their basic characteristics are. It also emphasizes to create a positive learning environment for all students whether they are introvert, extrovert or in-between them.


Image Credits: classdojo

However, ClassDojo believes in the culture of learning that starts with sharing, empathy. In addition, this app does not only provide a platform to teachers and parents, but it also provides an online platform to students where they get voices. Also, it also emphasizes in the curriculum on academics.

This is one of the strong tactics, which you as a startup need to consider whilst building one of the successful communication apps like ClassDojo.

The Bottom Line

After the healthcare industry, the education sector is one of the largest developing sectors across the globe. Currently, it is a trillion dollars industry. In short, we can say that it embraces a number of opportunities for edtech startups.

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