3 Takeaways From a Successful Carpooling App Waze That Startups Can Pick to Create a Carpooling App

Waze car pooling app

This blog is for those startups who want to create a successful carpooling app like Waze. Herein, we’ve rounded up three takeaways that you can keep an eye on during carpool app development.

Undeniably, the concept of carpooling is booming now more than ever. However, the emergence of carpooling has not just deducted the cost of the commute, but it also provides environment-friendly trips to users while traveling. From Uber to Lyft, every Goliath has already started with the carpooling services.

So, here we’re introducing a carpooling service provider, Waze. The Google-owned company, which is best known for its crowdsourced navigation app, however, Waze has won the ride-hailing marketplace, too.

Undoubtedly, Waze’s carpooling service is growing the footprint of its Waze product i.e. navigation app, with a market expansion, which covers Washington state. According to the report, “In 2013. Google acquired the Israeli-based app, Waze that provides users real-time directions”.

Google’s Waze, the carpooling app has already of 100 million active monthly users. Moreover, as per the report from The Verge, “Waze, the carpool app or driver app for navigation also allows their users/riders to choose their carpool buddies, and it is called as the best matches.”

So, this app is not only famous because of its social mapping service, but it is popular due to its on-demand carpooling service, too. Currently, Waze is available in California, Texas, and Washington.

3 Takeaways Startups Can Pick to Create a Successful Carpooling App Like Waze

1. Customer Centric Solutions

Although, the concept of carpooling is not new. However, this concept has been around for decades, but it has never taken a huge degree because of a lot of hassles like the cost and discomfort, which were due to traditional carpooling service. Overall, we can say that in traditional carpooling concept, there was a lack of customer-centric solutions. So, let’s check out the next key facts, which you can pick from Waze app.

  • First and foremost, it is important to respond rapidly to users/commuters to their feedbacks with optimal solutions.
  • Secondly, startups need to provide customer-centric solutions to their customers while building a navigation app like Waze.
  • It’s not easy to achieve success like Waze in a day. Indeed, a well-planned strategy is behind the Waze carpooling app, which is another takeaway, which startups need to consider in their mind.
  • It is important to note that carpooling concept was initially struggled because of cost and not providing solutions to users as what they expected from a ride-sharing service.
  • It is no secret that Waze had already set a benchmark as a navigation app, however, its concept of carpooling is also booming.

Therefore, Waze has come up with the solutions for daily commuters, and worked on them in order to provide the best-suited solutions to them.


2. Cheap and Quick Solutions

Carpooling is not at all tough marketplace to crack as it sounds. The commuter-focused carpooling service provider, Waze has analyzed the real-life problems of commuters and provided them with cheap and quick solutions. Waze stands out from others due to providing a variety of quick and cheap carpooling solutions to its app users.

If we are talking about what makes this ride-sharing app Waze successful, it provides cheap and quick solutions like users can see the drivers and riders on their ways while carpooling, providing with the personalized solutions such as users can filter their ride preferences from their colleagues, friends to family members. That means users or commuters are not bounded by to ride with the unknown riders only.

So, we all want to say is that Waze carpooling app has come up with the effective solutions which are affordable, quick and personalized rider to rider. Therefore, if you have ever thought to create a carpooling app or uber clone app, then keep an eye on providing cheap and quick solutions to users as what they have been missing out so far.

3. The Trial Area Must be Limited At First

The Waze carpooling app has completely changed the idea of carpooling as what people understood and believed about the concept in the past.

Today, the Waze app has become a sensation among users. But, what is exactly behind this? Initially, the Waze has simply experimented with the small area. They started their carpooling business as a trail with the small region. And, gradually, they chose other big cities like California, Texas, and Washington as their next spots for business for growth.

By doing so, it helps Waze to concentrate on the feedbacks of their users and understand the problems that they are facing. Therefore, rather than rolling service in several cities at once, you as a startup company can start with the small area at the first.

According to the recent report, “Waze brings its carpooling service to cover all of Washington state”. Additionally, it is also expected that it will reach an additional 375,000 commuters in Seattle, the U.S alone.


Therefore, another key point, which startups can consider is a trial area of business must be limited at first. By doing so, startups will get the idea that whether their ideas are likable by their audience or not.

Do You Have a Carpooling Idea That You Want to Turn Into a Successful App like Waze?

The driver app like Waze and we can say the carpooling app has given a new direction to carpooling concept. However, the Waze app has a strong foundation that based on providing powerful solutions and unique attributes to commuters in terms of carpooling app. Moreover, the carpooling service must be a blend of the affordable, quick and personalized solution.

There are millions of solo riders in the world who seek an affordable and easy way to commute on daily basis. But, in-between, if any ride-sharing app idea pops up in your mind and you want to turn your idea into a successful carpooling app, then you can consult us because we are a leading iOS app development company and we have successfully developed more than 20+ on-demand taxi solutions.

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