Why You Should Not Create Your Own App Using DIY App Makers? (What’s Gonna Happen If You Use Them)

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No matter what your startup or business offers, you can always find a way to reach out to your customers and establish a closer relationship with them. Whether you own a small retail shop or own a food chain, there’s always a way to attract new customers, and you can create your own app for your business to make that happen.

The mobile app market is rising constantly. Every entrepreneur and business, small or large, wants to leverage the potential of smartphone technologies to improve their online business presence. While there are many options available to create your own app, but it is best to go with a strategic approach.

Moreover, most entrepreneurs and businesses nowadays face the same dilemma of choosing between a DIY (do-it-yourself) online app makers or hiring a custom mobile app development company. While it may sound cheap and easy to create your own mobile app using DIY app makers, but in reality building an app using DIY app makers is neither easy nor cheap.

You don’t think so?

Well then, go and read our Custom application development Vs. off-the-shelf product article that clears all the facts including benefits of custom app development and drawbacks of using off-the-shelf products, a.k.DIY app makers.

Here’s What’s Gonna Happen If You Create Your Own App Using DIY App Makers:

Every day, we get approached by Entrepreneurs and business owners asking for cost estimation for their mobile app ideas. And eventually, during the discussion, they often ask – “wouldn’t it be quicker and easier to make an app using online app makers?”

Our answer is always NO. and if you’ve read our article highlighted above, then you’ll know why. But, if you still think that DIY app makers are a better option and is cheaper than custom app development approach, then before you use them, just read on and see what will happen if you go with App makers.

1 – According to Apple’s New Guidelines, Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service (DIY App Makers) will be rejected

Yes, you read it right.

“Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected.”

It may not sound like an important issue to many, but in simple words, no more clone apps.


There are dozens of agencies who have been creating templated apps using DIY app makers (who provide all necessary tool so anyone can do it on their own), but Apple has brought bad news for them now.

With new iOS 11 update, Apple has changed its App Store guidelines dramatically. And it’s a good thing. It seems like Apple has finally responded to copycats who flooded the Apple App Store.

Moreover, whenever a new app gains instant popularity, hundreds of its clones soon joins the game.

Remember the famous game – Flappy Bird?

Soon after it became popular, the App Store became junkyard filled with ugly Flappy Bird clones.


There were mainly two reasons behind making this huge change in the app store guidelines.

  • Apple wants to ensure that their App Store doesn’t contain any spam apps or look sloppy.
  • Developers of original apps’ versions won’t face injustice. Just imagine how much revenue the creators of Flappy Bird might have lost just because the users intentionally or accidentally downloaded other versions of the app.

So now, in order to get your app published in the App Store, It has now become necessary not to create any spam apps using DIY app makers.

2 – You’ll be Paying More Than You Should, And Over Time, It’ll be For Nothing

We’ve seen real-life examples of it. We’ve been approached by clients already having an app built using DIY app development, but later they got frustrated due to limited functionalities and scalability options. In fact, in the end, they had no option than hiring Space-O Technologies to build the custom mobile app for their business from scratch.

Moreover, if you take a moment and consider the subscription fees of DIY app makers, you’ll realize that their pricing is often high.

For example:

  • Swiftic charges $48 per month, that too if you take the annual subscription.
  • Buildfire, another DIY app maker, starts from $19 per month for the basic plan, but as the name suggests the plan is too basic for businesses. Thus, most businesses have to subscribe to their premium plan which costs $59 per month.
  • Appypie charges $999 per month for its Gold Plan.

Now, if you calculate your annual expense for creating a mobile app using any of these DIY app makers, then you’ll realize that the cost will be between few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on your plan. But know that this expense will continue till your app is alive, be it for 5 years or 10 years, while in the case of custom application development, you’ll pay the only one-time cost that will be charged at the app development stage.

This means, hiring a custom mobile app development company is the more feasible choice.

3 – You Won’t Get Everything The Way You Want Them to Be, If You Use DIY App Makers

Nowadays, many DIY app makers promise fully-customization options, but in reality, the level of customizations possible with custom app development approach is cannot be done in any DIY app makers.

With custom mobile application development, you can create a business app for any scale and usability. But if you choose to use DIY app makers, your options will definitely be limited. Moreover, you can’t get everything you want in your app using app makers, and as a matter of fact, if you scale to a more advanced app later, then the costs will be quite expensive.

On the other hand, if you hire a custom mobile app development company to create your own app from scratch, then you can have exactly what you want in your app, and can also make whatever changes necessary with time.

4 – Your Earning Will Probably be Limited

The reason why most businesses use DIY app makers is that of low cost and easy-to-design approach. However, you won’t be able to create a nice user interface with a pre-built interface which if often same for everybody. Moreover, we’ve already proved that cost is also not at all an advantage.

Furthermore, you’ll also be compromising on the variety of factors such as designing a nice UI and UX and customization on the advanced level. Custom app development, on the other hand, will help in a better way to achieve your goals, whether it’s user-engagement, conversions, or any other aspect. This means you’ll be able to generate more revenue if you create your own app with custom mobile app development approach, rather than DIY app makers.

5 – You’ll be No Different Than Your Competitors Who Also Use DIY App Makers

If you’re going to use DIY app makers just like your competitors, then, of course, there will be no differentiating factor. You’ll be just another Joey. Moreover, in today’s harsh competition, your user interface needs to intriguing. Now, this is hardly possible with DIY app makers even if you opt for a gold or premium plan. What type of design you can do in a custom mobile app, will not be possible in DIY app makers most probably.

In fact, there is a lot of science involved in crafting an impactful UX. And to create such a user experience, you first need to research on your customers’ preferences and design UI and UX of your app accordingly. A good custom app development company can understand your business and design the user interface as well as experience tailored especially for your business. A recent example of such design is Watercolor logo maker.

6 – Security Measures are of Utmost Importance And Custom Approach Takes Better Care of It

What level of security DIY app makers offer?

Data security is the supreme reason for startups to invest in the custom mobile app. This is extremely important if your mobile app operates with users’ personal data. With DIY app makers, you’ll always be in dark (in most cases), unsure of whether they’ve used a higher level of security measures or not.

On the other hand, you can always double check and get all the details of all security measures throughout your app, if you hire an experienced mobile app development company.

In fact, a custom app development approach eliminates the risks through the integration of data encryption and security measures. Not only that, but the custom approach for mobile app development also meets the requirements of different OS and APIs. So, if you’re serious about your app’s security, hiring a mobile app development company is the right approach.


Now that we’ve seen why you should not create your own app using DIY app makers, make sure you don’t use them in future. And, if you’ve any app idea in mind or want to know how to create an app, then you can fill out below form with your requirements and our sales representative will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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