On-Demand Storage App Development: 4 Noteworthy Features From MakeSpace to Consider While Developing Moving Apps like MakeSpace and Clutter


This blog contains information for on-demand storage startups and entrepreneurs. We have curated 4 noteworthy features of MakeSpace app that can be taken into consideration while on-demand storage and moving app development.

I have far too much storage space…Said no-one ever.

Our spaces do not have the capacity as a human brain, which has unlimited storage capabilities. With the advent of on-demand storage and moving apps, organization apps, and declutter apps, people are able to avail a temporary storage alternative.

Less space, more stuff. There is an emerging need for on-demand storage and moving app development that helps people to store their stuff. To sound it more relevant from the business point of you, take a look at these stats from statista.com.


Image Credit: Statista.com

The stats show revenue of self-storage mini-warehouses in the U.S. There is an acceleration in the storage need and is said to reach an approximation of 14.7billion in 2022.

Hence, it is a proven fact that in this mobile-oriented app world if you have an idea of creating a movers and packers app like MakeSpace, you will definitely generate revenue from the native mobile app development. Now, let us discuss some genuine needs for such storage near me apps.

  • Isn’t moving out and space renovation a pain in the head? Everyone is wanting a helping hand that can speed-up the tiring process of shifting and storing.
  • When an office has to be shifted, the employees have to work hard in balancing the act of shifting and work commitments. Thus, through your moving app development, the shifting can become easy and less frustrating for the employees of the firm.
  • If there is over the storage of things, the storage app can become useful in storing the customer’s valuables safely with a pickup app and drop-off app facility.

Before beginning with the features, let us know about the MakeSpace app.

MakeSpace: On-Demand Storage & Moving App

MakeSpace is an app like Uber for storage that was founded in 2013. As the name suggests “make space,” it directly appeals to the mass, as a cheaper than self-storage facility. The app is all about finding the right place to fit the user’s needs and storing their valuables safely with digital security feature. The MakeSpace app is currently available in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

The process of MakeSpace app will give your startups a more clear idea of how the on-demand storage app show relevancy in portraying a brand image.


Image Credit: MakeSpace

Now, let’s move on to MakeSpace features to have some more in-depth knowledge, which you as a startup can consider during on-demand storage and moving apps development.

On-Demand Storage & Moving Apps: 4 Useful Features From Make Space Moving App For Startups

#1 Pickups & Deliveries A Tap Away

The major feature of this moving and packing app is, it provides a full-service feature. From pickup to making delivery at a preferred location, every small thing is safely kept. The MakeSpace app users can get their valuables whenever and wherever they want.

Users can quickly schedule pickups and deliveries with just a few taps. So your home organization app can save the day for the people who have just bought a house and are dealing with a circus for storing and moving in the space.


Storage apps are looked upon by the audience as an expert at moving fragile things and packing things effortlessly without breaking a bank. Such declutter apps like MakeSpace have got the nerves of the customers who look for storing places.

#2 View and Manage The Stored Items

It is obvious to get worried about the valuable storage given to a stranger for a long period. The MakeSpace app keeps its users worry in mind and has designed an efficient feature of viewing the stored items and products.


The moving and storage app clicks photos of the items in their storage and displays an online photo inventory for their users to keep a track of their items. As on-demand storage app startup, always keep in mind the comfort and convenience of the users beforehand.

#3 View Account Activity and Team Progress

MakeSpace app takes utmost responsibility of user’s valuables. They keep the users notified about every activity from billing to pickup to delivery. Once the products and items are loaded in their mode of transport, through a live map, the user can track the location of the deliverables.


Image Credit: MakeSpace

To meet the urge, the on-demand storage and moving apps help customers of urban-area and disrupted the self-storage industry. To become relevant mobile app development in the moving app market, as a startup, you can create a “24/7 security alert” feature. Such a feature should have an alarming sound if there is a theft taking place at the storage place. And another major change are the moving charges, they have to be kept at a fixed rate to avoid confusions and bargaining.

#4 Accurate Measurement Through ARKit

To pack the products safely, the MakeSpace app takes the support of Apple’s ARKit. With the help of this tool, they easily get the measurements of the item. Such efficient feature of the moving application can also be used by the user, he can himself measure and inform the size of containers or space bins to store the deliverables.


Image Credit: MakeSpace

The startups who are willing to develop moving app can take into consideration some more solutions that the on-demand storage and moving app can offer.

  • Eco-friendly storage options
  • Perks of revisiting an on-demand app for storage and moving (a free trial, discount on a delivery every 30 days)
  • Built a protection programme in the app (as in normal coverage and charged coverage) for efficient security purposes.
  • A fun video from the customers and shifting experts during the service. It helps to capture more market in a short span.

So, having an idea on the on-demand storage app development?

In a nutshell, in today’s busy world, people are looking for all about convenience. A mobile app development which reduces their time and energy will definitely top the app world and revenue for the business. One of such niche and active genres is storage apps. This industry can give a lot to the growing population and housing, working space shifting needs.

So, if you want to develop on-demand apps for storage and moving, then the app can easily get in and grab its share of goodwill in the mobile app world. We are able to tell you this information so strongly as we belong to the developing mobile app, development world. We have already developed over 3500 apps with unique features and functionalities.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding on-demand storage and moving apps development, how long does it take to make an app like Clutter, the cost of making an on-demand storage app development, Indian app developers cost, how to make money with an app idea, iOS/Android app developers cost, how to outsource app development, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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