On-demand Plant Delivery App Development: Consider These 4 Unique Features While Developing Indoor Plants Delivery App


This blog includes information for plant-focused startups and entrepreneurs. Scroll down these four unique features, which you can focus while developing on-demand indoor plants delivery apps.

We live in an era where the signs of global warming are completely visible. But, still, there are people who are obsessed with houseplants or indoor plants. Plants do not merely enhance the overall looks of the interiors of one’s house, but they are responsible for air-purifying and mood-boosting. What if plants would be door-delivered? Alike food delivery or booze delivery, plants can also be delivered on-demand no matter what are the size of fiddle-leaf trees or indoor plants.

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Not just delivery but can also focus on gardening tips and techniques for the amateur as well as professional gardeners in your app. Basically, you might wanna make a plant delivery cum gardening app.

If you are one of the plant-focused startups, who want to take your nursery or physical store online, and planning to create on-demand solutions for indoor plant delivery services, then you need to scroll down these four unique features during indoor plants delivery app development.

4 Unique Features to Consider While Developing an App for Plant Delivery Service

1. Searching for the Products

Whether your customers or app users are looking to buying succulents for windows or oversized trees, you just need to make sure that users can easily get what they are looking for in an on-demand indoor plant delivery app or best plant delivery apps. Let’s go deeper into this essential feature i.e. search for the products. When users are looking forward to buying plants online, then they must look for a wide variety of plants, including indoor, outdoor, oversized trees, and small/big pots. Thus, you need to include such an important “search” app feature very carefully in your gardening app.


With this search feature, your users can easily search the products as what they are looking for. You can include all the products, which can really meet the requirements of your customers. This search feature must be rapid and user-friendly. During on-demand plants delivery app development, make sure to consider the following options:

  • Search plants by categories like indoors, outdoors, and oversized trees.
  • Enable users to search other necessary accessories for plants like small pots, big pots, and vases.
  • Allow your users to shop online for fertilizers and soils.
  • Also, add appropriate filters in order to make searches relevant.

2. Push Notifications & In-app Payments

The next pivotal feature is push notifications. As per the study, “The push notifications feature boosts 88% of users’ engagement. However, such feature helps to drive users to engage with the app. So, one thing is cleared that the push notifications feature helps you to drive more users to your plant delivery service or app. So, if you want to keep your app users engaged, then it is important to consider this pivotal feature.


On the other hand, don’t forget to include in-app payment feature to provide convenient on-demand plants delivery services. Technically, in-app payment enables customers to pay within the mobile gardening app. So, you need to consider a secure payment method in your mobile application. To make your user’s experience seamless while ordering or buying plants online via an app, in-app payment is a must feature, which you need to add into your list.

3. Schedule Delivery & Checkouts

Another must-have feature, which plant-focused tech startup can’t neglect is to allow your users to schedule delivery as per their convenience. In the ‘schedule delivery’ feature, it is important to allow them to shop and schedule the delivery without hassles. So, schedule delivery app feature is all-essential to consider to get things easier for your customers. Scheduling delivery time must be flexible to provide convenient services. You can allow them to opt for the time of delivery with ease.

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If you are ready to thrive with the on-demand delivery app, then don’t forget to make easy-to-use checkouts. This is due to the fact that there are a number of users, who abandon their carts just because of the slow checkout process. So, you need to be careful about the checkout feature while developing an on-demand indoor plants delivery app. In addition, you just need to focus on developing seamless checking out process in the user-friendly plant delivery mobile app.

4. Online Support & Plant Care Tips

Online support is another must-have feature, which makes users to be informed and they can chat or call if they would have any query to ask for regarding their orders. Also, you can provide a feature, where you can give tips about gardening and other plant care tips. In fact, this feature will make sure that your plant app provides the service of two apps: plant delivery and gardening app.


Customers do love if they get informed in terms of how they can enhance their gardening skills. So, such a feature is highly recommended for you to consider while developing an app for on-demand plant delivery services.


The success of an app is decided by the set of mobile app features. And, you have gone through with the features, which can help you to make your on-demand plant delivery app thrive across all App Stores.

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