4 Features to Consider to Develop Intermittent Fasting App Like Zero

intermittent fasting app development

Are you a professional dietitian or a fitness & wellness startup looking to expand their business online? We at Space-O Technologies, have a perfect solution in the form of a fasting app. We have been in the mobile app development business for a decade now and are constantly updated with the industrial trends. Recently, with the changing lifestyle trend and technological advancement, day-by-day people are getting conscious about their health. Herein we have rounded up 4 important features to consider for your intermittent fasting app development like Zero, the best fasting app, to keep a track of meals.

People all over the world are looking for ways to improve their health and well-being. There will be some or the other person who would be looking to lose a few pounds or try to eat healthily.

Theoretically, it is simple- eat less and exercise more.

In reality, there’s a lot more than that.

With the advent of app developments, there is a plethora of diet apps, weight loss apps, fitness apps, nutritional apps, intermittent apps, through which people are constantly able to track their meals and manage their weight goals effectively. 

  • The raging trend of health and fitness is engaging people more towards the “intermittent fasting.” According to one of our researches, Germany, Kenya, Canada, Phillippines, United States, are the regions where people have shown their interest in healthy fasting in recent times.

Interested regions for intermittent fasting

  • The market value of the health and fitness industry is staggering at US $179 billion by 2020. Thus, with a fasting app development, you can capture the market quickly and be a part of such a revenue generation.

wellness industry stats

  • A gradual increase is seen for the online intermittent fasting platforms. This data shows a gradual increase worldwide over a period of 5 years. People are now understanding the importance of weight loss and through apps, you can easily be at their disposal.  

intermittent fasting app development

Recently, the best intermittent fasting app, Zero, announced that it has scored $2.8 million in new seed funding. This latest rise was led by True Ventures and Trinity Ventures. After this funding, the company is now at a grand total of $4 million.

If you have made up your mind to provide users with a free intermittent fasting app like Zero, you need to consider these features for a successful fasting tracker online.

4 Features to Consider for Intermittent Fasting App Development 

#1 Choose from popular fasting regime or customize your own fasting regime 

If we study your target audience, it will probably be someone who is on a strict calorie diet and is making slow progress. Or someone who is a fresher in the diet and fasting genre. Thus, they must be with a certain clarity of which fast will they opt for. 

The very first screen of your app for intermittent fasting should be a drop-down list of fasting and diets that one can opt for as per his will. Such a feature integration shows an immediate offering of your weight loss app.

intermittent fasting app

Image Credit: Zero

You can also inform your online users with some benefits of the fasting or diet meal in the listing itself. So being a health tech startup, you will be able to engage more audiences who want to gain knowledge and customize their meal plans on a particular day.

#2 History tracking of the fasts with read or write to Apple health

Without a meal tracker app for fasting, your user must be recording the time of his last food each day to keep a track of the meal. But such jotting down method can become a burden and a clutter on one’s calendar. 

Your intermittent fasting app development will help them record their mealtimes. And give them a break from tedious marking or writing job. For better user experience you can provide them with history tracking and editing their past fast time options. 

This feature is important, as it shows the past history of fasts and diets done by them. As an add on perk, you should integrate “read or write Apple health.” This will help online users handle health data from multiple sources (iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple Watch).

#3 Manual logging activity and add relevant notes   

When a user ends a fast, the timing will be automatically added to the history tracking. Through manual logging, let the users express how they feel at the end of each fast. Provide them with “add a note” feature, so that they can write their difficulties or experiences for the experts and other people doing that particular fast. 

You can also allow them to plan a long-term progress. Provide them with stats like average fasting and current streak. Thus, your intermittent fasting app will be a one-stop solution for people from tracking a fast or diet to making new goals and meeting the experts.

#4 Tips from the expert (virtual assistance)

Your intermittent app development should collaborate with an expert who has knowledge of such fasts and diets. Such collabs often help apps to engage more users to the online platform. The people who want to move to a next intermittent fasting schedule or are stuck in the process can contact the expert through the fasting application.

Thus, when you are planning to develop intermittent fasting app, for better online goodwill approach an expert for 24/7 availability. You can also have a pre-recorded video of the expert tips as an in-app feature.

Now, before ending the blog, have a look at our health and wellness app development. We have developed a fitness and nutrition app Ryan Spiteri Fitness. In this app, the users just need to fill up a questionnaire to get a customized meal plan by professional nutritionists. This fitness app for custom meal plans is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

intermittent fasting app

Image Credit: Ryan Spiteri

We have also developed a personalized meal planner app, Meal Thyme. This app keeps a track of meal plan, grocery list, daily caloric goal, weight control goal, set by the counselor on the user’s web cloud account then pushed to the app.

meal planner app

Image Credit: Meal Thyme

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