How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App?


Since the last few years, the app market has exploded. There are billions of app downloads on the Apple store because of the increasing craze of the app amongst the users. Developing a mobile app is just like constructing a house.

Nobody can answer the question – “How much will it cost to build a home?”

So don’t ask how much does it cost to develop an app. Because the cost would depend on the facilities it has, materials to be used, size of the house, architect, fittings and many more factors.

Most of the companies can provide the ballpark estimates to develop apps for Android, iPhone,  Blackberry, Windows, etc. For getting an estimate on the app development cost, you should discuss your requirements and get expert ideas from them.

The good news?

Develop an app isn’t as expensive as you think. There are many mobile app development companies that provide the best services at affordable rates.

You should consider the following points:

Type of App:

First of all, you should think of what type of application you require. There can be different types of apps having different types of functionality. You can develop enterprise apps, games or utility apps to help your business grow.

Hiring The Right App Developer:

The hourly charges of hiring app developers vary a lot. Some freelance developers may charge $ 200 per day while some others may even charge $ 800/day. It can be a good idea to hire expert company for app development services. Hiring cheaper developers or companies can put your project at risk. So, hire the best companies that have experienced and skilled developers. You should compare the quotes provided by some companies and choose to hire the best one for developing unique app.

How Long will it take to Develop The App?

Again, this is a tricky question but a good app development company can provide you with a rough estimate. It may take a few weeks to develop simple mobile apps, while large and complex apps can take several months.

However, if you are looking to create a mobile app under following categories, here is a complete table with different application and cost estimation that you can refer before developing your own app.

Sr NoCreate App LikeApp Category
3Ghost LensPhoto-Video
4InstagramSocial Media
7ViberInstant Messaging
8WhisperSocial Media

Additional Costs to Consider:


There is no point in developing an app if it is not marketed properly. Marketing cannot be understated. You should keep in mind the marketing costs when you are planning for the budget.


There are a lot of decisions that one needs to make while developing an app. You should look for an expert developer or app development company that has huge expertise in developing great apps. Make sure that you make the right choice for creating your business app.

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