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Uber like app

Being a transport or taxi startup, if you want to make an app like Uber, then this blog is for you. This blog contains a list of 5 thought-provoking questions that you must ask a taxi app development company before you develop Lyft or Uber like app. As an Uber like app development company, we get a lot of inquiries to develop Uber like apps. The questions are curated from those queries.

The taxi apps are mushrooming ever since the success of the US-based Uber app. 

The era of Uber alternatives started when Logan Green founded Lyft. The taxi industry saw tremendous disruption and the users are taking on these online taxi services at a more rapid pace than ever before. 

You must be wondering what is the major growth reason behind these Uber clones? 

As you have been planning to enter the taxi app solution genre, it is very much necessary to know why an app like Uber segment is expanding at such a pace. Before investing, understand the actual source of “want” that keeps the desire of investors and businesses like you to rope in the app world. 

  • For local people and travelers, it is a more convenient option than public transport. To avail public transport, the mass has to walk a fair bit of distance on foot which is not viable for every age. The pick-up and drop facility through a taxi is preferred more by the users.
  • A ride hailing app takes all the tension of roaming around a particular destination for travelers. The commuters are increasing and so is the prompt need for transport services. This has given rise to the success of Uber like apps.
  • The most convenient thing is the charges of these ride sharing apps. The users are enjoying the discounts, free rides, and other advantages offered by the Uber and Uber alternatives like Lyft, rather than hustling and bargaining in local transport facilities.

According to a recent TechCrunch news, Uber has launched “Uber Comfort” in 43 cities and smaller states of U.S.A & Ottawa. After so many hardships and criticism, this giant knows how to retain its customers. Before hailing a cab, the users can request “quiet preferred,” “happy to chat” or leave the default of “no preference,” as well as warmer or colder temperature settings.

After these features, there is still more room for taxi apps…

So, looking at the success of taxi app giants like Uber, Lyft, Gett, Taxify and other taxi app solution, if you have decided to develop one of the best taxi apps like Uber and Lyft for your taxi startup, it is a great idea. 

But before that, check out these questions. These are the questions that you should ask before developing Lyft or Uber like app (or Uber clone app). There are “n” number of taxi app development companies that provide Uber like app solutions, so ask these few curated questions.

5 Questions You Must Ask Before Developing a Lyft or Uber Like Taxi Application

#1 Do you have any experience of developing Uber like apps?

As per our human psychology, before opting for any service, we tend to see past establishments. 

To distinguish one company from another, the best way is to measure their experience in developing similar apps. You can easily judge a company by its past work and portfolios. There is no substitute when it comes to results that the company has rendered from its development projects.

In fact, the company should be happy to show you their developed apps. If the team of taxi app developers cannot show you their portfolio or reliable results, then it is not a viable company to hire. You can also check reviews and ratings of the past apps and see if it is wise to develop with them.

#2 What are the unique features you have developed for Uber like applications?

If you want to test the creative abilities of the taxi app development company, ask them about the innovative features they have developed. Today, the world is evolving at a lightning speed, and so is every service/product online. 

To create an Uber like app in this cluttered market, your development should have the “X” factor. An “advanced feature” is the solution which can give your taxi app an extra mileage than your competition. 

There are two kinds of companies:

(a) Companies that have basic Uber model with patent features

(b) Companies with unique ideas and innovative features to give into the taxi app world.

We, at Space-O Technologies, have so far developed over 50 custom Uber like apps on Android, iOS and Web-based platforms. With an overall experience of 9 years in the mobile app world, we have successfully given over 20 new and unique features to the app stores. 

To build an app like Uber, the features from the app development company should cater to sensible solutions. As a client, make sure all your “Whys” are taken care of by the firm. For instance, why should my app have XYZ feature? Benefits of each feature before developing a taxi app should be clear in your head.

See how our experienced app developers have curated Uber app development cost for your transport and logistics startups. Calculate for yourself an apt Uber like app costing.

#3 How skilled are your taxi app developers who are going to work for my project?

To build your desired features and functionality in the Uber like app, you must need a professional mobile app developer team. The one with a basic skill set, innovative ideology, and acute problem solving to resolve issues of the app.

Before creating a taxi app, the company must tell how are they going to implement the proposed features with appropriate plugins or frameworks that would help. You can also ask for developer’s details like-

Professional information, previous work performance, past client references, document links of social media profile like LinkedIn, list of awards or accolades and education credentials.

Get the assurance of the taxi app developers, if possible, test their developing skills by asking some technical questions or general knowledge of the taxi app industry. It can be anything like give them a situation related to real-time app problem, test their problem-solving skills.

#4 What is your approach towards user experience and design? 

“A book is judged by its cover.” 

Apps are judged by their UI/UX designs. A user before even using an app looks at its appearance in the app store. Ask your Uber like app development company, how the company design an app to learn about the designing skills. Ask the company about their previous clients and their testimonials if any.

In fact, you can company’s reviews and client’s testimonial on Clutch. Here is one of the many feedbacks from clutch.co that Space-O Technologies got from its clients.

Uber like app

A taxi app like Lyft or Uber requires seamless user experience with proper navigation through the app. There are more than 5million apps in the app world, to standout of the crowd, you need to have a great design. Thus, hire app developers who can make aesthetic app designs, that is simultaneously a joy to use.

#5 Do you provide post-launch support?

Just like every real-life thing needs to breathe and need some maintenance, to develop a taxi app does not end your task. To run a flawless online taxi business through app, timely bug fixing, updates, client problem solving is necessary.

Ask your taxi app developers regarding support and maintenance programs. It does not matter whether it is an hourly or monthly rate, to build a good reputation in the app platform and to perform without any flaws, it is important to have a constant technical support team.

On a Concluding Note

Simply developing an Uber like app will not help you become its biggest competition. You will need that extra spice in your plate to become the star dish of the industry. Judge your taxi app development firm on technical expertise to build an app like Uber and Lyft. Do they have an appropriate skill set, accountability, and work history to build successful apps.

We hope that this blog might have given an idea on general questions that you need to ask any taxi app development company before contacting them to create taxi app like Lyft. 

If you still have any query regarding Uber like app development, how to grow your taxi business, want to know the cost of creating native taxi app for both Android and iOS platforms, want to hire mobile development team for taxi app solution or fleet management solution, fill our contact us form. We do take care of UI/UX design, app development, quality assurance and maintenance of your app. So, book your free consultation now.

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