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Do you know Travel and Tourism are 6.3 Trillion-Dollar Industry?

Mobile applications have played a huge part of success. The tourism industry and technology, together, grow and earned several grand slams and many are on the way. Travel applications, loaded with functionalities, have replaced compasses, guidebooks, maps, and other printed stuff.

Smartphones allow travelers to carry all the resources they needed to have with their travel expeditions. Demographic statistics says that travel and tourism are the 7th most downloaded app category.

Below are some interesting statistics about usage of travel apps:

Travel Mobile Apps Usage

Whether travelers are in search of a restaurant for a meal or want to book a hotel room to stay, there’s an app for that. Thousands of mobile applications are available for travelers and local people to explore their favorite destination with ease. Many travel companies have a strong mobile presence through which they interact with their customers.

Choosing an app for promoting local tourism offers many advantages like:

Enhance the visitor’s experience

Almost every smartphone user utilizes the application to enhance their traveling experience. Mobile applications provide an excellent opportunity for travel businesses to promote local products and services. On other side, travel applications allow visitors to search places of interest, explore parks and gardens, all by using phone and tablet.

Create a unique way to attract visitors

If you are providing information through an application about any place or region, it creates a great impact in users’ mind, increases more visibility and number of visitors.

Gives Access to Timetables, Maps, and Other Information

Through an application, you provide timetables, maps and other information to the visitors. Even, you can also give real-time route diversions, offer promotions and make a schedule. The travelers also have real-time access to relevant information and can also manage or arrange their traveling plans by their own.

Provide an Online Booking Service

Travelers are booking hotel rooms, purchasing travel packages, tickets for shows and other services related to tourism through apps. Travel companies provide an opportunity to the users to book online anything, anytime in a simple and convenient manner.

Know Your Visitors and their Preferences

Through travel mobile application, you can get a chance of knowing your visitors and market, as it gives you important reports and statistics like preferences, demographics, and interests. It also helps to analyze the significance of what you are offering. Such reports you can use for future marketing campaigns for brand optimization, enhance visitor’s experience and so on.

Increase Profit

Providing services and products through application creating a new sales channel, where travel business provides exclusive promotions, offers or sales and ultimately, it increases profits.

Get Direct and Instant Feedback from The Users

Travel mobile application gives you direct feedback from the users that helps your business to assist them in the best ways. You can also ask their queries and get it solved to avoid unnecessary problems.

Some studies say that 69% of tourists like to go through tourism sites’ reviews before deciding any holiday destination. If you are offering best travel apps to plan their holidays, it will improve users’ experience and create a huge customer base.

Suppose, if you have planned to travel to San Francisco, you will find many travel apps for planning your vacation and ease your travel experience.

San Francisco is a city of rich history and culture, so it is difficult to narrow down all the places to visit. There are many usual tourist spots like Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz. Moreover, San Francisco also has historic architecture like artistic institutions and countless cultural.

Do you want to fit all into one vacation?

Download Travel Application. There are many travel apps allowing trip planning to book air tickets. One of the top travel apps to check out airfares and book tickets is Hopper. Available in iOS and Android, flight Hopper app evaluates billions of flight prices daily to forecast how price will change and tells users when to purchase tickets. This application saves up to 40% of next flight booking.

Patrick Surrey, a chief data scientist at Hopper said:

“We’re getting a real-time feed of airfare search results that are being made online. When you go and make a search from New York to San Francisco, the way that actually works is that most of the online travel agencies, like your Travelocity or Expedia, will go and ask what’s called a global distribution system, or GDS, and say, ‘Hey, what flights are available for these dates.”

Hopper is recommended to travelers for many reasons like:

Excellent Predictions

Hopper adds another layer by delivering historical data on the basis of accurate predictions. The results of current fare searches are aggregated by the app across many search engines and utilize the crowdsourced information to pinpoint the best deals being booked immediately.


Any search carries out on Hopper creates in tons of contextual information, so users know the best odds of getting a good price. Users just have to pick the destination with specifying dates, then calendar pops up showing the cheapest days of next six months. It shows the prediction that tells how much fares may fluctuate before they start steadily growing, and when that rise period may start.

Competitive Prices

Hopper application is regularly providing the best deal as compared to exact searches on Expedia, Kayak, and Orbitz.

Real-time Notifications

Choose the “watch flight” option and get the notification whenever the app thinks it’s an appropriate time to book. In case, prices are already increasing, it’ll urge you to book or you will be able to take benefit immediately if a sudden drop yields a great deal. Simple language is used with nuggets of advice, which is clear and actionable.

Seamless booking

The Hopper app doesn’t allow to book a flight within an application; however, it does a nice job of flawlessly taking users to the source of the deal for easy and quick booking. Hopper is excellent for domestic fares than international, as the data goes out after six months.

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Putting it all together…

If you have any travel app development or best flight tracker app idea and want to convert into excellent travel app for frequent travelers, you can contact us as we have tested out & developed dozens of travel apps and would love to share the journey of development of travel apps like Hopper.


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