Want to Create Navigation Apps like Citymapper & Waze? Don’t Miss to Integrate These 4 Must-have Features


This story lies information for those startups and entrepreneurs who have made up their minds to develop top navigation apps like Citymapper and Waze. Herein we’ve rounded up four must-have features, which are pivotal to consider.

The phrase “There’s an app for that” is quite common these days. This is because we live in an era where technology replaces each and everything. Technology has changed the way we work, commute, and read. The emergence of apps plays an important role to change the patterns that we’ve been following from the last past years. If we’re talking about to explore new cities or try out to find the fastest route to nearby restaurants, there are some useful navigation and urban transportation apps to help users to navigate. Depending on whether the users would prefer to arrive by bike, foot or car, they can use the app according to their preferences.

If we’re talking about the navigation mobile apps, we can’t forget to mention the news of Citymapper app. As per the latest report from TechCrunch, “Citymapper allows users to find Ofo, Mobike, and scooters around them.” However, Citymapper is quite famous navigation app like Waze, and the app has just introduced this new feature. Moreover, the Citymapper app let users find out many alternative mobility services in the app. The user can easily find out the nearest dockless bike or e-scooter around his/her.

Furthermore, as per the report from The Verge, “With a community of 100 million active app users worldwide, Waze Carpool allows riders and drivers to choose their carpool buddies.”


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How Can Navigation Apps Niche Be Everlasting Business?

According to the new market intelligence report by BIS research, “The global automotive navigation systems market is estimated to reach $34.56 billion by 2021.” One of the rising concerns regarding the global problem of traffic congestion, specifically in the urban areas, plus changing consumer preferences towards automotive.

Talking about the Waze app, it is the second most used and popular navigation apps after Google Maps. And, Citymapper app is ranked #16, whereas Transit app is ranked #4. This data is from App Annie 2017 on Apple Store.

  • Waze has a total 100 million monthly active users till June 2018.
  • Citymapper app is quite simple and one of the best travel apps, according to The New York Times.

These mobile navigation apps stormed the GPS navigation niche. So, if you are planning of navigation app development, it will definitely have a number of ways to flourish in the future. Indeed, you will have the right business choice. Moreover, alike these navigation apps, if you want to create a navigation app like Waze, Citymapper, and Transit, then you need to check out the following essential features before curating the one.

4 Must-have Features, Which Can’t-Miss to Integrate Before Developing Navigation Apps like Waze and Citymapper

1. GPS Navigation

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‘GPS navigation’ is one of the fastest and rapidly growing niches on mobile app network. So, one of the core features is – GPS navigation, which you need to consider before developing navigation apps like Waze or Citymapper. It allows the app to determine the best and fastest route with congestion-free traffic. Furthermore, such feature is basic yet essential to include to develop an app like Waze. In brief, GPS navigation feature allows:

  • To avoid the routes with heavy-traffic congestion
  • To avoid major highways
  • To request to follow one of the shortest routes to reach a particular location

In this way, the user can follow the route with less traffic congestion and it will let them know how they can reach their destinations as soon as possible without spending a lot of time in traffic.

2. Real-time Notifications

Such feature is effective and useful for the users who drive. The real-time notifications feature gives the user, one the most accurate and consistent updates about the road, weather change or any mishap on the user’s way. In this way, the user can avoid the route.

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By providing this feature in the navigation app, it can create the extremely useful user experience. Such effective feature is highly recommended to build one of the best navigation apps like Waze and Citymapper. In addition, this feature also allows users to get the real-time updates about traffic that they can easily reach to their destinations without hassles.

3. The Essential Add-ons

One of the unique features that you need to consider is – the essential add-ons. To build one of the best navigation apps, you should not only provide the feature which is great in navigation, but it must connect a user to his/her friends nearby, and connect to Facebook and Foursquare. When the app is integrated with Facebook, the users can be updated with their friends’ travel updates as well as check-ins.

The “add-ons” feature lets users know about police alerts tracking. As it will help them if they reside in the metro cities while following the traffic rules and regulations. Additionally, this feature is one of the secret components, which make Waze app unique and popular among others. This is what you can check in the below-given image. The App Store Rank of Waze app is #2.


So, if you have made up your mind to dive into navigation app development niche, then you can’t afford to miss such add-ons to integrate.

4. Allows to Plan a Drive in Advance

There is another worth-including feature, which allows users to plan a drive for the upcoming trip in advance. As it lets them start the trip at the right time, in order to reach the destination on time. This feature tells users the best time to start the trip with the date. However, a pleasant trip can only be pleasant, if there will be no hassles on the way. Well, all planned drives can add to calendars in the user’s device, and it will remind them on the day of the trip.

Bottom Line

You have just read about the core features of a navigation app, which make it successful apps like Waze, Citymapper, and Transit. Being a startup, if you might have a slew of questions like:

  • How much does it cost to build navigation apps like Waze or driver app like Waze?
  • What is the importance of creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of a driver app?
  • I have an app idea, what is the right procedure to cross-verify my app idea?
  • How long does it take to make an app like Citymapper?

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