Want to Make Attendance App for Students? Don’t Make These 3 Silly Mistakes


This blog contains information for those schools and institutes, who want to make an attendance app for students. Avoid these three silly mistakes, which can be a deadlock in the way of the success of your app.

It is good to be smart. After all, it is a requirement where we live. If we’re talking about the apps, they are bounded to be smart and problem-solving for almost everything. Talking about the academic sector, students do have hectic schedules to follow while managing studies, classes/lectures, and attendees are unable to track the attendance of students by date, week, or month. There are many questions that might be emerged in the minds of students:

  • Is there anything to lessen up the burden of tracking their attendance record?
  • Is there any app that can help to track record of classes or lectures?
  • Is there any mobile app solution that provides continuous notifications whether the lecture or class is important or it’s alright to miss?

Yes, for students, there is a solution in terms of the attendance app that allows a simple and convenient way to track classroom’s lectures and courses. An ideal attendance app helps students to simplify the tedious task of keeping the attendance without a hitch. If you are planning to develop an attendance app for students, then it is important to avoid following based mistakes.

3 Mistakes Need to Avoid While Developing Attendance App for Students

1. Overlooking to Users’ Real-Life Problems

Developing an attendance app without knowing objectives can lead to failure. Today, there are a number of mobile applications in the App Stores, but not every app has got a success. The reason behind this is not solving real-life problems of users. Here, the user means student.

Suppose students want to attend multiple lectures along with different activities like dance, swimming, and music, but it is not at all possible to collect entire information at one single place. Tracking the records of attendance of classes along with homework and courses is quite tedious. As it is not possible for students to manage all these activities as they have already on their plates.

While developing an app, institutes, schools, and universities often forget to consider the students’ real-life problems as what they have been struggling for so long. All top of it, it is important not to forget to include the essential features of the attendance app for students such as:

  • Student verification
  • Export attendance data to CSV and HTML
  • Create different classes and set a reminder
  • Easily add subjects
  • Tracking attendance of multiple classes & activities
  • Filter quantity and date of classes attended by the student
  • Create classes with different time schedules

So, these are the basic features that you can’t miss to include while developing an app for students. However, you can also include some other features that can create value to your app students’ lives. By embracing such features in the attendance app for students, you can solve the real challenges faced by them.

2. Thinking Transparency and Accuracy are Least Important

There are two crucial components i.e. transparency and accuracy if you are planning to develop attendance tracking app. Without accuracy, mobile apps are less performing. Accuracy in the app lets students track the record of their attendance in the easiest way. You might be thinking how accuracy is important in attendance app? The answer is that whenever students need to quickly track attendance in classes, meetings, sports, and events with the app, then it is important that students must get an accurate data.

On the other hand, being transparent to your students allow you to build trust. And, it is particularly pivotal for the growth and success of your app. As teachers and students are both made use of the app, so you need to build an app in a transparent manner that you can build trust in front of them. Furthermore, by delivering transparency, it also makes sure that you are offering what you have promised. Hence, transparency and accuracy are effectual things to consider in order to enhance the value of your mobile app.

3. Poor Usability and Confusing User Interface

One of the common mistakes to avoid while developing attendance app is poor usability and confusing user interface. Indeed, mobile apps are the great medium to deliver the services around the globe while lessening the real-life challenges faced by people. Coming to poor usability, all we can say that there is nothing more frustrating for students than app that has poor usability and confusing interface.

Therefore, the important thing bear in mind is that app should work on multiple platforms like iOS and Android. Make sure that the apps for attendance tracking should have multiple possible functions. For example, there should be a feature like scannable QR code, which sends an alert to parents that the child has arrived, alert on leaving the child, and there should be statistics available at the end of each class like how many students arrived along with photograph next to their role numbers.

On the other hand, user interface of the mobile app must be easier for students to use. It must not be confusing for students to scan the QR code, check their homework, classes, schedules, and stats of their attendance. It is must that attendance app should be easier for students of all age groups to access.

On a Concluding Note

So, these are some of the silly mistakes that universities, schools, and institutes should avoid while developing an attendance app for students that create value in students’ lives.

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