5 Best Addiction Recovery App Ideas in 2024

We are in the middle of a technological renaissance, with more access to knowledge and advancements in the palm of our hands than before. This includes access to addiction recovery resources in the form of addiction recovery app. If you are someone wondering to break into the mobile app world with an innovative app idea, then you must read this blog. Herein we have curated the best addiction recovery mobile app ideas, which can be a social cause for society as well as can create goodwill for your business.

Mobile apps are solving social problems one at a time.

For instance, homelessness and unemployment are the most rapid and triggered problems in the world. With the advent of an app like Uber, the gig economy has given some relief to the unemployed people by providing freelance opportunities. On the other hand, homeless apps are sheltering people and providing with food & water security.

We can also say it is becoming a part of the sustainable development approach. The aim of such development is to provide the world with a strong, healthy society. This means making better decisions on the issues that affect all of our lives.

sustainable development

In this economical imbalance phase, people are losing jobs, have no insurance coverage, or have no daily budget for expenditures, such problems are keeping individuals from seeking treatment and care.

It’s not surprising that the world of addiction recovery and mental health are also becoming a raging topic and finding their way in the app industry. We have our smartphones with us all the time, thus, they are also helpful to assist healthy living in a multitude of ways.

Now, let’s discuss some of the possible ways in the form of best addiction recovery mobile app ideas that can be valuable to your business and can be an integral part of society.

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5 Best Addiction Recovery Mobile App Ideas

  1. Alcohol Addiction

    Liquor addiction is a severe form of inability to manage drinking habits. It is also commonly referred to as alcohol use disorder. There are categories of alcohol consumption: mild, moderate and severe. And each category has its own harmful side effects.

    The harmful use of alcohol is becoming a worldwide problem and resulting in millions of deaths. If an individual is trying to moderate or quit drinking alcohol as well as changing lifestyle choices and habits, then stop drinking apps, drink fewer app can help them to achieve their goals.

    Being a rehabilitation center or alcoholic abuse prevention center, you can definitely reduce the rate of such deaths, abuses, and help individuals live a healthy life through apps.

    We did some ground research for you so that you can actually relate to the scope of such recovery app development. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts and figures with the highest alcoholic countries in the world.

    Alcohol addiction statistics

    • In 2018, over 15 million people are struggling with an alcohol use disorder in the United States. Among these only, 8% of alcohol addicts get proper treatment.
    • Due to drug abuse and addiction cost, American people have lost more than $740 billion annually in workplace productivity, healthcare expenses, and crime.
    • According to Alcohol statistics by age, approximately 56% of young adults use alcohol frequently. 40% binge drink and 10% of adults drink heavy alcohol.

    Alcoholism rates by country

    • The top alcoholic countries

    best addiction recovery mobile app ideas

    • Belarus, a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, has the greatest average number of liters of pure alcohol per capita. It is also ranking among the “most years of life lost” due to annual alcohol consumption (14.4 liters).

    After looking at the statistics, you must be wondering about some existing alcoholic apps. There are Sober Grid, Sobriety Counter, I Am Sober, Nomo, famous alcoholism recovery apps. But with such an increase in its consumption, this niche needs more such apps to meet the real-time social security.

    If you are planning to create the best apps for addiction recovery, our senior mobile app consultant has curated some features for your successful quit alcohol application.

    Alcohol addiction app idea features

    • Virtual sober community
    • Meet sober friends in the locality
    • Progress tracker
    • Talk with a consultant (in-app messaging, live chat)
    • Daily notification
  2. Drug Addiction

    This addiction consists of marijuana, nicotine that affects a person’s brain and behavior and leads to an inability to control the use of a legal or illegal drug or medication. As a medical professional, you can easily reach to more addicted patients through the app.

    Additionally, marijuana also has potential medical benefits due to the presence of cannabinoids, which have been shown to help with chronic pain, nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, and muscle spasms in multiple sclerosis. As a result, some companies are exploring the sector with cannabis delivery app development.

    Whereas a recovery app can manage therapeutic techniques to help people overcome their desire for drugs. At Space-O Technologies, we can develop recovering app for drug addition that provides individuals with recovery and treatment resources by helping them track, monitor, and trigger time to time recovery journals in the form of recovery applications.

    Now, let’s know about the recent statistics and countries related to a drug addiction problem. From this, you will easily know why it is required to develop the best addiction recovery apps.

    Drug addiction statistics

    drug disorder

    • The top three drugs used by high school seniors are Adderall (5.5 percent), tranquilizers (4.7 percent) and prescription opioids (4.2 percent).
    • Mental health disorders are the highest when it comes to side effects of substance dependency.

    drug addiciton statistics

    Top drug consumption countries

    drug consumption countries

    If you are planning to create the best recovery app for drug addiction, our senior mobile app consultant has curated some features for your successful drug control application.

    Drug addiction app idea features

    • Guide of engaging lessons
    • Daily reminders to track recovery plan
    • In-app group therapy
    • Live counter to show the progress
    • List of alternatives to reduce addiction
  3. Sugar Addiction

    It is very difficult to quit sugar, people crave sugar to balance irritability, emotional lows, and other conditions. Sugar addiction is easy to spot, the individuals can constantly eat to combat boredom, stressful day.

    The rehab centers or therapists can impart more knowledge and can help in sugar addiction treatment, through the quit sugar app. It results in awareness of sugar addiction symptoms and helps in overcoming sugar addiction.

    Such apps are said to be the best app idea for addiction recovery as it is a convenient source of interacting directly with patients anytime, 365 days. What if your patient is in the U.S.A and you are in Australia?

    The fastest mean of connecting is through an app that has quick access to such a specific problem. Instead of searching on the search engine, the app has all the information and remedies with a consultation at a user’s disposal.

    Sugar addiction statistics

    • Due to sugar, there is an increase in obesity. More than two-third of Americans are obese, including 20% of children, as of 2022.
    • Americans are spending over $190bn ((£121bn) annually treating diseases related directly to obesity.

    Berkely, California, New York, San Francisco have levied taxes on sugar drinks to control the intake of sugar in an individual’s body.

    Top sugar consumption countries

    sugar consumption countries

    You can make sugar tracker apps, diabetes tracker app, finger blood sugar test apps. But before coming to any decision of developing an app, study the best sugary apps in the segment. My FitnessPal, 7 Day Sugar-Free Detox, Calorie Counter, Sugar Stop Challenge are some of the apps to quit sugar.

    Sugar addiction app idea features

    • Suggest meal plans
    • Calorie tracker
    • Scan barcode from any item
    • Nutrition report (daily, monthly, yearly)
    • Exercise tracker
    • Synchronize the app with other devices
  4. Caffeine Addiction

    Regular use of caffeine leads to mild physical dependence. There are some negative effects such as disrupted sleep, irritability, and anxiety. For instance, there are many users who are into a vicious cycle of drinking caffeine to increase energy, only to find themselves both fatigued and unable to relax at bedtime.

    If you are planning to enter the health and fitness app segment, consider the caffeine tracker app as a viable online platform. People are not fully aware of such addictions, some still feel as if it is a behavioral shift.

    Caffeine intensifies feelings of worry, increasing racing thoughts, agitation and shakiness, lack of quality sleep. Thus, you can provide a complete guide and proper consultation to quit caffeine through the coffee addiction app.

    Caffeine Addiction Statistics

    • According to caffeineinformer.com, these are the top 5 countries consuming the highest caffeine.

    countries with highest coffee consumption

    • According to the WHO, 90% of adults in the USA regularly consume caffeine. Approximately, more than 200mg of caffeine per day.
    • 40% of working individuals in the age range of 18 to 24 states that they have struggled on concentrating without consuming coffee.

    Top Caffeine Consumption Countries

    best mobile apps for addiction recovery

    “Up Coffee” is the most popular coffee recovery app and is considered among the best addiction recovery mobile app ideas. The insurance firms are starting to cover treatment less by less.

    They are looking for actual data that can measure the success rate of programs. Being a health app startup, you can collaborate with insurance companies and get good investor support for your app development.

    Caffeine Addiction App Idea Features

    • Caffeine addiction calendar
    • Tracker and calorie calculator
    • Caffeine consumption and average sleep graphical representation
    • Notification alert
  5. Energy Drink Addiction

    Energy drinks have ingredients like caffeine, taurine, sugars, sweeteners, herbal supplements. The consumers don’t know whether the beverages associated with sports and healthy lifestyles are good or bad for them.

    A person addicted to energy drinks has to have a drink as soon as he is awake, it can raise blood pressure, obesity, sleep disorders, calcium deficiency, dental problems. The body becomes a house of diseases, they may also encounter drugs through these drinks.

    Being a social cause platform or therapist, you can eliminate the risk of type II diabetes. Let’s have a look at some of the statistics that shows the maximum addiction ratio in adolescents and adults.

Energy Drink Consumption Statistics

  • According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there were 20, 783 emergency room visits in 2011, where an energy drink contributed to a health issue.
  • 4.3% of the young adults drink energy drinks 3–4 times per week or more frequent, 11.5% consume energy drinks 1–2 times per week. In total, 15.8% drink energy drinks on a weekly basis

Top Energy Drink Consumption Countries

The countries like Japan, Turkey, Scandinavia, Russia, Brazil, the United States, Western Europe, and the Far East. If you are planning to invest in such a best addiction recovery mobile app ideas, you can target these countries for recovery app development.

Energy Drink Addiction App Idea Features

  • Consult an expert
  • Information on side-effects
  • Tracking the consumption levels in a day
  • Notification alert

Before ending this best addiction recovery mobile app ideas blog, our mobile app consultant has recommended some other unique features for your addiction recovery app.

Recommended features for best addiction recovery mobile app ideas

  • SOS button: This feature is specifically curated for sending a message, requesting for a sudden help to specific pre-selected contacts to get in touch immediately.
  • Geofencing: Uses the global positioning system or radio frequency identification to define geographical boundaries for the users to be a part of live group chatting in the app.
  • Rewards: When a user achieves his desired goal, present him with a reward at the end it will encourage him to perform more aggressively for the next. The reward can be anything from a shopping coupon to yoga lessons to fitness classes.
  • Tracking data: This feature keeps proper data of everyday movement. It helps the therapists to know the behavioral characteristics with a proper per day intake of the individual.

    If you are still looking for more ideas go through our post on best app ideas for healthcare industry. Now, let’s take a look at some addiction recovery focused startups.

    Best Addiction Focused Startups

    A report from Crunchbase states that venture-backed companies that offer treatments and services for addiction recovery have raised more than USD 1 billion in funding in the last few years.

    Here are some of the top addiction focussed startup companies based in the USA. We have also mentioned the number of investors and total funding that these startups have raised. Let’s take a look at the following table.

    LogoCompanyTotal FundingFunded ByCountry
    Pear Therapeutics$284 million7 InvestorsThe USA
    Bicycle Health$32.3 million2 InvestorsThe USA
    Groups Recover Together$60 million8 InvestorsThe USA
    Quit Genius$14.6 million22 InvestorsThe USA
    Monument$17.8 million7 InvestorsThe USA

    Best Addiction Recovery Support Apps

    And here are some of the best addiction recovery support apps for helping people live a sober life.

    LogoApp NamePlatform Availability
    I Am SoberApp store
    Play store
    Sober GridApp store
    Play store
    Pear reSET-OApp store
    Play store
    Sober TimeApp store
    Play store
    Nomo – Sobriety ClocksApp store
    Play store
    Quit GeniusApp store
    Play store
    DaybreakApp store
    Play store
    12 Step ToolkitApp store
    Play store
    QuitzillaApp store
    Play store

    So, the above applications are a good starting point for you to perform market research for creating an addiction recovery mobile app.

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