A Complete Guide to Android App Development Cost

Do you know that Google Play Store is the leading app store with available 3,148,832 Android apps? No doubt, there is cutthroat competition over developing Android apps. However, the only thing concerning most entrepreneurs is the Android app development cost.

We know that being an entrepreneur, you will not squander your hard-earned money on an Android app without research. Isn’t it? Therefore, we have designed this comprehensive blog to share the estimation cost in detail. If this sounds interesting, then get going.

Quick Answer to Android Application Development Cost

The cost of Android app development ranges between $10,000 to $1,00,000.

This range depends on various factors, such as the type of app, number of the app’s screens, app complexity, functionality and design, and location of the developers.

Considering the $35 to $40/hour rate,

App TypeDeciding FactorsEstimated CostTimelineExample
Basic App
  • Essential Features
  • Simple UI Components
  • Basic Backend – Predefined Templates
$10,000 – $40,0002 monthsText Scanner
Mid-level App
  • Advanced Features
  • Custom UI
  • Basic Backend
$40,000 – $60,0004 – 6 monthsSpotify
Complex App
  • Advanced Features
  • Bespoke UI
  • API Integrations
  • Intricate Backend
$60,000 – $1,00,0006+ monthsZoom

We have also answered some of the most asked questions in the next section. This will make the process for Android app development a little easier for you.

Questions to Ask

There must be several questions in your mind if you have decided to create an Android app. Therefore, we have shared a list of the most asked questions. Let’s get started with each question one-by-one.

  1. What to choose between a native app and a hybrid app?

  2. Both the app types have their own set of pros and cons that you need to know before choosing any one option.

    If you want to develop a simple app and in less time, then you should prefer a hybrid app because it requires a single code base and also requires low maintenance.

    On the other hand, if you want to build a complex and highly efficient app, then you must choose the native app. Native apps are specifically built for a platform and are compiled using the platform’s core programming language and APIs. So, native apps will perform better than hybrid apps.

  3. App development company vs freelancer; which is a better choice?

  4. There will always be confusion about hiring an individual developer or a professional company to build an app. However, if you are an entrepreneur, hiring a team of expert Android developers would be the best decision for you.

    Top Reasons

    ReasonDevelopment CompanyFreelancer
    Availability of ResourcesYou get experts to work on different technologies in a single place.A freelancer has restricted resources. So, it is hard to say that they can help you with the knowledge of different technical platforms.
    App SecurityA reputable firm acts and works according to the signed NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and also offers reliability.It is challenging to find a trustable freelancer. However, you can check reviews and feedback to know their authenticity.
    Commitment and FocusHiring a dedicated app development team means expecting services within the deadline and budget without affecting the quality.As freelancers work on different projects, they may juggle between their set priorities, which can lead to unsatisfactory results.
  5. How to decide on features and functionalities for an Android app?

  6. The cost to develop an app varies widely based on features and functionalities. You need to add advanced functions for the app’s seamless performance and to provide a better experience and rich user interface.

    However, it is important to note here that it would not be wise to invest your money in the features that are not required for the app. You need to understand that the more features you will add, the more you will have to spend your precious money on.

    Therefore, identify the must-have features based on the situation, target audience, and focus on the app’s scope in the market. Choose all the features and functionalities wisely and remove unwanted from your list.

Get Customized Android App Cost

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Now, let’s proceed with the Android mobile app development process and the cost to make an app based on each app development phase.

Android App Development Process

The Android mobile app has 4 app development stages that we have shown in this image.

Android App Development Process

We will discuss all these parts in detail and also share mobile app development costs based on different locations.

  1. Market Research

  2. In this stage of the mobile app development process, you will need to analyze the market and plan to evolve your idea into a successful app. Let’s discuss both parts in more detail.

    Research & Analysis

    First, you will need to identify what problems your app can solve. With this, identify your target audience and check your existing competitors in the market.

    The best way to do research is to check what similar mobile apps have been launched on Google Play Store and how you can improve your Android app’s features.

    Also, check the rating section to identify the users’ requirements as they generally share their experiences and expectations in a detailed manner.

    Strategy & Planning

    This phase is all about giving shape to your app concept. You have to define the road map for your Android app development project. In case you have a specific app development budget, resources, or time, then you can prefer a minimum viable product (MVP version).

    MVP is a development technique in which you launch an app with simple characteristics (minimum viable features) but enough to draw responses from your users. Later on, your users can help you with the feedback for future app development.

    Benefits of MVP

    Moreover, you will also need to strategize whether you wish to develop a native app or a hybrid app that can work on different operating systems. With all these, you need to invest some amount of your budget in the initial stage.

    Please check the following table where we have mentioned the estimated cost that you will invest in research and making strategy based on different locations.

    Action PointsLocationEstimated Cost
    • To define the target audience
    • Conduct competitor analysis
    • Design a road map, includes sales, revenue, market, and profit
    The USA$45 – $90/hour
    Canada$40 – $80/hour
    Latin America$30 – $80/hour
    Europe$35 – $90/hour
    Asia$30 – $50/hour
  3. App Designing

  4. This is the second phase of Android app development, and it consists of two parts; concept & wireframing and UX & UI design.

    Concept & Wireframing

    This is the crucial stage of Android app development because the design team would focus on developing wireframes for the app and show blueprints or digital sketches to share how the app would look. This will give a clear picture of your app concept. Please check this example to know how wireframes look:

    Wireframe Image

    Image Credit: Balsamiq Wireframing Academy

    UI & UX Design

    If you want to give your app users the best experience, then it is the essential process to develop an app. The team will create a visually attractive design that also is easy to navigate and intuitive.

    The following table depicts how much does it cost for the designing phase would cost you based on different geographical locations.

    Action PointsLocationEstimated Cost
    • Create user-centered designs
    • Determine how users interact with the app
    • Design user flows, wireframes, prototypes, low and high fidelity mockups
    • Performing metrics analysis post-launch
    The USA$60 – $110/hour
    Canada$60 – $110/hour
    Latin America$45 – $55/hour
    Europe$35 – $60/hour
    Asia$30 – $45/hour
  5. Android App Development

  6. When you are ready with the blueprints and wireframing, it is time for the development team to start the third process.

    Software and Architecture for the App

    Before you start the process for app development, it is essential to plan for the software and app architecture along with UI/UX design.

    This app development section also accounts for the model view controller (MVC) paradigm and its three components – the data, the user, and the software. This will ensure that you take all the measures for the scalability and stability of the app.

    Back-end Development Process

    This section is where you will involve server-side development. Back-end development is crucial for the functionality of your Android app, and it will include.

    • The maintenance and functioning
    • User account authentication
    • Account management
    • Push notification services
    • Third-party integration for social media sites
    • User experience customization
    LocationApprox HoursApprox App CostsEstimated Cost
    Front-end Developers40 – 50$35 – $45/hour$1500 – $2500
    Back-end Developers28 – 42$35 – $45/hour$1000 – $2000
  7. App Testing and Launching

  8. This is the final stage, where the app development team will test your app and launch it. Let’s discuss both the parts in detail to know how much does it cost you.

    App Testing

    In this stage, the QA team will work on your app to review all the essential factors. The team will optimize the performance of the app, check for the best user experience, debugging, optimal memory usage, and security.

    Here is the table that shows how much does it cost for the testing and publishing apps on the Google Play Store would cost you based on different locations, along with the estimated timeline.

    Action PointsLocationApprox Apps Cost
    • Testing app across multiple configurations and various networks
    • Testing app across different screen dimensions & specifications
    • Validating functional and UX test cases
    • Test automation vs manual testing
    The USA$70 – $90/hour
    Canada$60 – $90/hour
    Latin America$30 – $50/hour
    Europe$30 – $55/hour
    Asia$25 – $35/hour

    Launch the App

    Unlike the iOS app launch on the App Store, launching an Android app on the Google Play Store takes only 2 – 3 business days. Generally, launching an app on app stores takes time. Additionally, there is no specific compliance check that is set by Play Store, so you can easily publish the app.

    Also, know that once your app is launched, you need to invest in app maintenance costs. Generally, the app maintenance costs between 10% – 15% of the actual app development cost.

After discussing mobile app development cost based on its development process, we have shared the development cost based on the different app categories or app types.

Types of Android Apps and Development Cost

In this section, we have shared different categories of mobile apps. Based on each category, the estimated app price and timeline would vary.

Here is the image where we have mentioned some of the top mobile app categories we, Space-O Technologies, have developed. We have experience in developing over 1500 Android apps for different industries.

Categories of Mobile Apps

We will now check a brief description of each category and compare them based on the estimated timeline, estimated mobile app cost, and examples.

Note: Please know that this is a rough estimation from one of our Android experts. He estimated the rough app cost based on the category of the app.

App CategoryDescriptionTimelineEstimated CostExampleTop Features
Social Networking AppsSocial networking apps help people to establish better relationships with families and friends virtually.3 – 9 months$50,000 – $3,50,000Twitter
  • Send and receive short posts
  • Follow other users
Photo and Video Editing AppsPhoto and video editing apps help to enhance the quality of the images and videos and give a visually attractive look.3 – 6 months$30,000 – $90,000PicsArt
  • Add effects and filters
  • Change background
E-commerce AppsE-commerce apps help retailers to take their businesses to an online platform for increasing brand and customer loyalty.3 – 9 months$25,000 – $3,00,000eBay
  • Wish list & shopping cart
  • Auction listing service
On-demand AppsPeople use on-demand apps to purchase various products or services. These can range from grocery, laundry, food delivery, car rentals to personal health.3 – 6 months$25,000 – $40,000Uber Eats
  • Accepts pre-orders
  • Push notifications
  • Real-time tracking
Healthcare & Medical AppsHealthcare and medical apps are designed to consult patients and keep an eye on patients’ conditions and progress during the entire treatment. Advanced user engagement features like storing the patients’ medical test reports can help doctors to access them anytime.4 – 6 months$20,000 – $80,000Medscape
  • Pill identifier
  • Medical calculators
  • Disease and condition information
  • Drug information and tools
Sports and Fitness AppsSports and fitness apps are designed to perform various actions, such as setting fitness goals, tracking caloric intake, choosing workout ideas, and sharing progress on various social media platforms to facilitate healthy behavior change.2 – 6 months$30,000 – $1,50,000Step Counter
  • Track mileage, calories burned, and food intake
  • Graph analysis
Enterprise Mobility AppsEnterprise mobility apps are developed to target enterprise-related problems for better work-life balance. It can be highly efficient to enhance business growth for companies.3 – 9 months$50,000 – $2,50,000Enterprise Mobile
  • Encryption enforcement
  • Remote lock and wipe
  • Password enforcement
Fleet Management AppsFleet management apps help streamline the process, such as ordering, arranging the delivery, and making payments autonomously. This removes the lengthy administration processes and promotes time management.4 – 6 months$65,000 – $3,00,000Fleetx
  • Advanced GPS Tracking
  • Predictive maintenance & cost analysis
  • Automated MIS reporting
Finance AppsThe benefit of using a finance app is that it helps to manage all aspects of personal finances. It is easy to track spending, saving, and investing. Moreover, bill payments can be easily tracked and keep up to date on credit score changes.3 – 6 months$30,000 – $90,000YNAB
  • Set saving and investment goals
  • Visual reports
  • Budget together with friends and families
School Management AppsSchool management apps help parents monitor their child’s everyday activities, such as a diary note and school bus tracking. Also, keep parents up to date with schools and teachers and notify parents of any due fee and previous fee deposit details.2 – 4 months$40,000 – $1,00,000Baloora
  • Real-time tracking
  • Push notifications
  • Payment gateway

Now you must be ready with your Android app concept, and inevitably you want to make it a reality. However, every entrepreneur wants to make an app that is within their app budget.

In fact, we requested the head of the Android app development team to share some of the best practical tips that you need to consider for a budget-friendly Android mobile app.

How to Make Your Android Mobile App in Budget?

  1. Focus on Core Concept

  2. Never forget the core concept of your app. Ensure that you know what exactly you need out of an app, and you have clearly set the expectations. In case it is difficult for you to set your expectations, then consult with a reliable tech partner.

    Focus on Core Concept

    Focusing on your goal means you know what exactly you need from an app. This way, you can invest less money as well as time.

  3. Get Only Required Features

  4. As discussed above, adding more features expect you to invest more money in your app. Therefore, it is always recommended to start with only the minimum or required feature set.

    Get Only Required Features

    You can also opt for an MVP (minimum viable product) for the first app version. This is the best approach as MVP will help you understand your users’ requirements. Subsequently, you can take your app to the next level with each update.

    Purposes of MVP

    For example: When WhatsApp was launched in 2009, it was only used for chatting. But with passing time, WhatsApp has upgraded itself with more advanced features, such as voice and video calls.

  5. Do Market Research

  6. Often entrepreneurs bypass this step as they fear that it will be too expensive. However, consider it as an investment because no one wants risk by developing a similar app that is already present in the market or doing exceptionally well. Isn’t it?

    Do Market Research

    You cannot expect the best results without doing market survey. Check what similar apps have been launched and find ways to improve the app features based on the app user’s requirements.

  7. Hire App Development Company

  8. As we have discussed above, if you want to develop an app within your budget, then it is advisable to hire a professional software development company instead of hiring an individual app developer.

    Hire App Development Company

    Comparing both the choices, hiring an expert team of a business analyst, developers, designers, and testing professionals will help you manage everything under one roof. The team can get along really well and develop a mobile app within the given deadlines.

Want to Make Your Android App in Budget?

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If you still have some queries and are looking for the answers to some commonly asked questions related to Android mobile application development cost, read the next section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why create a native Android app over a hybrid app?

Here are some of the benefits of native app development over hybrid for an Android app.

Benefits of Native App

How to find and hire the best Android app developers?

There are some top and best app developers hiring websites. In fact, Space-O Technologies also offers services to hire dedicated Android app developers.

Apart from this, you can prefer the following websites to hire Android app developers for your app development project.

How to make money from the Android apps?

You can include various options in your Android app to make money. Here are some of the options to include in your Android app:

  • Advertising
  • Subscriptions
  • In-app Purchases
  • Sponsorship
  • Referral Marketing
  • Transaction Fees
  • Crowdfunding

Which are the best earning Android apps?

Here are the top earning Android apps:

Leading Android Apps by Revenue

Source: Statista


We hope you have clarity now and will be able to make the right decision based on the information we have shared in this article.

Even if you get stuck at any stage of the development process, reach out to us for help. We have a team of professional Android developers and have experience in developing more than 1500 Android apps.

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