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Upgrade Your iPhone/iPad 32-bit App to 64-bit App to Work With iOS 11 Devices

The Need For Update – Is It Really Necessary?

Yes, It’s necessary.

Since iOS 10.1, there were several signs suggesting that 32-bit iOS apps would no longer be supported by the upcoming operating system. This has been confirmed with the release of iOS 11 beta launch.

When a user opens a 32-bit iOS app on a new Apple device, it shows a warning message stating that “the app may slow down the device until the developer updates it to improve its compatibility.” As shown in the below image.

Apple device
iOS 11

This means, once the iOS 11 rolls out publicly this Fall, all 32-bit apps will refuse to launch when running on iOS 11 devices, resulting in loss of the app audience that have adopted the iOS 11.

In fact, if you try to launch a 32-bit app in iOS 11 device, It’ll show a message saying that the app needs to be updated to work with iOS 11.

Therefore, if your iOS app supports only 32-bit, then it is necessary that you convert it into 64-bit and test it thoroughly with latest Apple devices.

Benefits of Upgrading Your App into
64-bit to Support iOS 11 Devices:

Performance Improvement: By converting your app into 64-bit, your app can become even more efficient to use. In addition, the battery consumption can also be minimized, meaning the device can last longer even if it’s in continuous use.

UX Improvements: The App Store is getting its most vital redesign with iOS 11. Apple is now mainly focusing on the title and content part. This means, it’s a great opportunity for app owners to redesign their app’s UX to focus on content part to get maximum attention in the new Apple App Store.

redesign with iOS 11

How We Can Help You Get These Benefits:

After the release of iOS 10 last year, the worldwide adoption ratio for iOS 10 was over 85%. In fact, during WWDC 2017 event, Tim Cook predicted that the adoption ratio for iOS 11 will be over 87% this year.

This means, if you don’t upgrade your 32-bit iOS app into 64-bit to support iOS 11 devices, then chances are you might lose most of your audience, which later can be too difficult to retain.

So, in order to avoid this, Space-O is offering the perfect solution.

We’re a Mobile app development company with 200+ experienced iPhone app developers who can help you convert your 32-bit iOS app into 64-bit to support iOS 11 devices.

We can help you re-submit your iOS app with latest configuration on Apple App Store, supporting all 64-bit Apple devices.


Q: What are the consequences of not converting 32-bit app into 64-bit app?

A: As mentioned, if you don’t convert your app into 64-bit to support latest Apple devices, you might lose most of your audience once the iOS 11 rolls out publicly.

Q: Can any 32-bit iOS app be converted into 64-bit app to work with iOS 11 devices?

A: It depends. Our iOS app developers need to examine the libraries and frameworks of your 32-bit app in order to identify whether it can be converted into 64-bit or not.

Q: What if my 32-bit app cannot be converted into 64-bit app?

A: If any library or framework is available only in 32-bit, we can contact the library developer to provide an update for the same. In case if the developer refuse to update the library, we can search for alternative libraries and frameworks to make the app run in iOS 11 supported Apple devices.

Q: How much can it cost to convert 32-bit app into 64-bit app?

A: Again, it depends. Cost of converting into 64-bit app solely depends on the complexity of your app. To get the exact estimate, you can fill out our Contact Us form and our sales representative will get back to you in less than 24 hours.

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