Uber for Doctors House Calls: Consider These 3 Important Solutions by Heal Before Developing a Successful On-demand Doctors App


This blog includes information for telemedicine startups & entrepreneurs. In this post, you will walk through three important solutions by Heal, which you can consider during Uber for doctors app development.

You might have heard this term, Uber for X, but what does it mean? The Uber for X term means that people get services now or within an hour after booking through apps similar to Uber.

In simple terms, the on-demand mobile applications (Uber for X) allow users to get services like taxi booking, food delivery service, alcohol delivery or on-demand beauty services. The on-demand means not tomorrow or today, but now. App users or customers do get services within an hour or 2-hours via an app under the category on-demand app solutions.

Uber for Doctors House Calls

Talking about the app like Uber for doctors house calls, it brings qualified, background-checked doctors or physicians to patients for on-demand house calls.

Based on the same concept, there is an app named Heal, which is under “on-demand” category and known as an app like Uber for doctors house calls. The app like Uber for doctors, Heal, offers timely and convenient medical care services on-demand. Through Heal app, users are allowed to book qualified doctors, who visit their homes within 60 minutes as per the users’ convenience.

Shedding light on the funding part, Heal app has raised $20 million in Series C round of funding this year that led by Bascom Ventures and eight other investors.

The Los Angeles based Heal, on-demand doctors app, is launched back in 2014, and it is already spread in the entire state of California. The app has already delivered its services over 10,000 patients after two years of its emergence.


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Forging ahead, let us check out top solutions by Heal, which you as a tech startup or an entrepreneur can consider before developing an on-demand doctor app.

Top 3 Solutions by Heal to Consider Before Developing an App like Uber for Doctors House Calls

1. Provide Purposeful Innovation

To stand out your telemedicine services from your rivals, you as a tech startup need to provide a purposeful innovation in the niche. Talking about the on-demand services, doctors house call services is solely based on the on-demand services. Such services allow users to request a consultation on-demand. It means that the app users will get services within an hour or next 2-hours. So, all you just need to make things simple for your users and provide an online platform, where they can easily request a consultation or schedule visit in advance as the way they want to.

app-like-Uber-for-doctorsImage Source: heal

Being a mHealth (mobile health) startup or entrepreneur, if you would like to create doctors on-demand app, you need to create purposeful innovation, which will make the experience of your app users more proactive, powerful and precise.

So, if you have made up your mind to create an app like Uber for doctors house calls, then you could not afford to miss out such solution.

2. Convenient On-demand Services for Doctor Visits

Being a mHealth startup, if you are planning to dive into this popular industry, you need to consider convenience as a serious note. With an app like Uber for doctors, you just need to look forward to taking medical care. And, you need to consider those solutions, which take your mobile app to the next level. In order to provide ease, you need to focus on considering app features, which add value to your customers’ lives.

Heal-App-1Image Source: heal

In addition to this, allow your app users to easily schedule doctor house calls for themselves and their family members. The doctors must be licensed, highly trained, and background-checked. In addition, your app users can book doctors house calls or home, work or anywhere as per their convenience. So, if you are all set to create an app like Uber for doctors house calls provides convenient on-demand services for doctor visits.

3. Not Only Doctors’ Home Visits but Offer Services like Ultrasound, CT Scans, Vaccinations On-demand

Health niche is one of the critical ones. In order to ace this niche, you need to come up with the solutions, which have not yet provided by players, who are already in this niche. The first and foremost thing is that startups need to understand the market and customers’ requirements. Once analyzed it, you are ready to provide solutions to the audience or your customers. Let us take an example of Heal, an app like Uber for doctors house calls.


In an on-demand doctor app, Heal, allows its users to book doctors for home visits but also provides other essential services on-demand. And, these services can be vaccinations, ultrasounds, CT Scans, MRIs, blood tests, and X-rays. However, such services are not yet provided by other telemedicine apps. So, this is one of the important solutions, which you need to provide in your app like Uber for doctors house calls. This solution may sound basic, but it is powerful to include while creating an on-demand doctors app in order to provide something useful to your users.

To get succeed in this niche, it is also worth checking out top strategies of developing a successful doctor on-demand app.

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Final Thoughts

If you as a med-tech startup or entrepreneur are ready to ace the market, then you need to focus on providing solutions, which are still missed out.

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