How Single Sign-on Solves tvOS Retention Problem & Increase tvOS App Development Demand?

How Single Sign-on Solves tvOS Retention Problem & Increase tvOS App Development Demand?

Apple’s Eddy Cue introduced the new Apple TV for one year and he said that the future of TV is apps. To run all these applications, Apple has developed a new operating system, called tvOS. It is a similar experience to what already out for Mac and iOS – there are a shared technology and tools like Metal and Xcode.

tvOS has 6,000 native apps, games, and video options like HBO Now, Airbnb, Crossy Road, Zillow Netflix, Hulu, and more. iOS developers can develop universal apps that work on iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV.

Before moving forward, Let’s check out the portfolio of iPhone applications and an Introducing Video about tvOS and Development – An iOS Developer’s Perspective.

As we’ve already discussed, tvOS is the future platform for all iOS developers. And this future platform gets tvOS 10 software update that includes some excellent features for (fourth-gen) Apple TV coming in autumn. Meanwhile, let’s see what features it will have.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode for Apple TV allows users to set the background black instead of the bright white. This background is best to use, when users are watching movies in a dark room.

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Just like macOS Sierra iOS 10, tvOS also brings the latest features of Photos for the Apple TV. Memories are the most appealing feature of Photos. This feature is designed to create digital albums, turn photos and videos into movies and recognizing faces & places. It combines the time and date of location, where videos & images are taken and combined logically.

Remote app

Good news! Not only developers are concentrating on Apple tvOS development but are also designing Apple TV remote app with the Siri remote features. Such apps can be used for Siri queries by using the built-in mic, but you can also input text.

Apple also claimed that the Remote app would use the iPhone’s built-in sensors that are used as a gamepad, allowing users to play two-player games without having to fork out for another Siri remote.

Automatic app downloads

It’s simple yet interesting feature. If you download a Universal application to your iPhone, it will automatically install on the Apple TV.

Apple Music

Apple Music also has a revamp and this affects to the Apple TV along with iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Now, users can have attractive look of Apple Music in tvOS.


Users can see the big improvements in this new update. They can search their favorite movies from complex and more natural-language-based queries of Apple TV’s movie and TV database. Siri also searches on YouTube and any live streaming channels that can be revealed by saying “watch”.

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on allows you sign-in once to validate all apps, and any Apple TV-compatible app you download on iOS will automatically show up on your Apple TV.

Will these changes solve tvOS’s retention issue?

We have done small yet powerful analysis by checking an incoming traffic for Apple TV devices through the month of June. We have compared tvOS apps to the same apps on iOS. It is important to highlight that final study included activity from three different applications, although those apps had been used by 5,000+ Apple TV users. The result of this study is significant, while the analytical power across verticals is weak.

There are some applications like Netflix sure to perform, as these apps are highly familiar format on the TV. Such service is already available on dozens of smart TVs and PlayStations. Also, the high-performer apps are available in categories like entertainment, media vertical or home utilities.

However, the serious retention problem is for early-adopter tvOS developers on tvOS 3.

Apple Are Encouraging iOS Developers to Port Their Apps to The TV

It’s true tvOS users aren’t engaging with apps available at the iTunes. Most of the platforms are struggling with the user performance in the early days. Apple is trying hard to encourage iPhone app developers to port their application to the TV and thus, now the platform has 5,000 apps in the first place.

However, the performance could get advantage from the improvement to the device’s ease-of-use. A ton of factors effect retention. Users will churn fast when the app’s selling proposition isn’t good. As users are only looking at the applications that were performing well on iOS, however, this seem unlikely.

Another reason of retention is the point, where the user’s journey is being difficult or unappealing. iOS game developers should look for the level, where the learning rises too suddenly. Additionally, eCommerce companies should find specific points where people abandon carts.

How can Single Sign-on be Helpful to Decrease Retention for tvOS app development?

Single sign-on across devices could eliminate this barrier completely. That means tvOS apps might become straightforward companions to what users are doing on their iPhone or iPad. It allows them to migrate existing activity onto the big screen.

According to the recent report by eMarketer, 50 percent of users are using their smartphones while watching shows on the big screen. With Single sign-on, users can easily hand off from their smartphone to the Apple TV. This could be the game changing factor.

Single sign-on might be the thing that brings tvOS users coming back to the apps. So, it would be great to develop an app for iPhone or iPad that runs on tvOS. If you have such iOS app idea, that will also be successfully executed to tvOS. Let’s discuss with us.

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