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The transportation & logistics industry is one of the most competitive and highly progressive industries in the United States. With globalization fueling the competition, it has become essential for the industry to collaborate with technology, and partner with sustainable vendors to create value for the end consumers, and build a sustainable value chain. Space-O Technologies fuels the technology needs of the industry by offering unique solutions tapping into various tools, in order to improve efficiency, reduce overall costs and increase overall experience. The idea is to enhance customer satisfaction, resulting in profitability and retention. We build custom solutions for all business types ranging from small courier to freight companies and multi-national carriers. Years of experience spanning across various technologies, and in-depth domain knowledge helps us deliver software solutions that meet the demands.

Industries that Need Custom Logistics Application

✔ Manufacturing ✔ Procurement ✔ Supply Chain ✔ Wholesale ✔ Travel & Hospitality ✔ Retail & eCommerce These industries require logistics solutions that can help them with streamlined distribution, and accurate inventory management.

Benefits of Transportation & Logistics Solution

Benefits of Transportation & Logistics Solution Automation: With mobile apps for transportation and logistics, you can automate the manual processes. Eliminate use of paper with instant and real-time mobile reports. This makes data capturing and reporting easy and real-time, thus making analysis quick and easy Easy Tracking: With mobile solutions, you can dynamically track the cargo, thus getting real-time visibility on your shipment. You can track accurately, second-by-second thus allowing to identify issues and correct them as it happens Management made Easy: Managing multiple cargos, and handling the congestion is made easy with the software solutions. Everything happens at a click, giving you remote accessibility. The management of freight, and the requisite inventory and asset management is made easy and occurs in real-time Integrated Efforts: The different systems within the organization that deals with shipment and cargo tracking and dispatch as well as logistics and transportation are integrated. This makes communication easy, and the integrated efforts leads to streamlined processes and well-defined output Flexible Delivery: With the software solutions, you can change the delivery schedules as well as the routes of the shipment while it is in-flight. This gives flexibility to the customers While increasing control on the supply chain, this creates opportunities for partnership between logistics provider and customer. Scheduling and customizing as per customer needs is made possible


features of transportation and logistics app Location Tracking: Cellular and satellite location tracking benefits in tracking over the network and in offline mode. Both tracking modes ensure real-time tracking of the shipment. The vehicles are equipped with GPS trackers to serve the purpose, and there are frequency converters that capture and transmit the location information Fleet Management: This feature helps in tracking the current location of the drivers on the map, are they on duty or off duty and gives view log into the fleet management Traffic Information: GPS helps in identifying driving patterns to make the driver move safely in the lane. Traffic data is linked to the application to receive real-time data Asset Tracking & Management: Trucking equipment, load carrying units as well as cargo are managed and tracked in real-time. QR codes, barcodes etc. help in tracking the inventory

Solutions we Offer

✔ Freight Management System ✔ Warehouse Management Solution ✔ Mobile Solutions for Logistics ✔ Transportation Mobility Solutions ✔ Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions ✔ Dispatch & Delivery Solutions

The Space-O Advantage

We believe in building unique solutions to help transportation and logistics seamless and make management easy. Our solutions are unique and customized to suit your requirements. Our flexible engagement model is devised to give you support and help you project your solutions in an easy and convenient manner. We improve asset and inventory visibility and help track traffic and fleet with easy to handle mobile devices. Our expert workforce helps you with scalable and result-oriented logistics and transportation management. We build innovation in your enterprise to increase your profits by multiple manifolds. If you want mobility solution to increase profits for your logistics and transportation company, connect with us with your requirement.

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