Trading App Development: 4 Strategies From Most Successful Stock Trading Apps Bux & Robinhood

best trading app development

This blog is for the financial startups who are finding ways to engage with the audience on trading and investing platforms. Herein we have rounded up 4 strategies of Bux (Netherlands based) and Robinhood (US-based), best stock trading apps, for you to consider during your trading app development.

“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.”

Stock trading apps are the best example accompanying this quote. Investment and trading apps emerged to actually make people understand how to invest? When to invest? & how trading works in the real world. As the e-trade genre started flourishing with best trading apps like Stash, Acorns, E-Trade, people were risking money apart from investing in mutual funds.

The finance and trading world was a mess back in time. The selling of stocks took place in coffee shops or we can say where the real-stock exchange place. Investors yelled across the floor and threw forms in the air, and conducted business in coffee shops. Now, mobile trading apps, have changed the scenario from a chaotic trading experience to a sensible stock exchange digital space.

After the investment apps, got more popular brokerage companies and financial startups like you started wondering on how to build an automated trading system. The desire to create more opportunities and a controlled trading platform through trading app development started to penetrate faster.

An Insight into the Best Trading App Development: Bux & Robinhood

  • Recently, TechCrunch reported, Bux app, an Amsterdam-based trading startup announced a $12.5 million (€11.4 million approx)funding led by venture capital firms including Velocity Capital & Holtzbrinck Ventures, bringing a total raise to $35M. The funding also included debt financing from Kreos Capital.
  • Robinhood app, the U.S. based, “zero-fee” stock trading app, claims 6million accounts and is valued at $5.6billion, having raised a total of $539 million.
  • Robinhood app brought a revolution in the stock trading app world by announcing “zero-dollar commission trading.” This also distinguishes it from other top trading app developments.
  • Bux app is up for a “commission free” trading option for its users. Bux has merged with an online broker ayondo market Ltd, which puts it into the “neo-broker” territory.

Now, after knowing certain facts about these trading apps, let us show you the cost-per-user activation in the market.

trading app development

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CAC is probably known, the cost of convincing potential customers to engage in a certain service or product. It is an important stats for companies, startups, and investors. Here in the statistics customer acquisition rise clearly shows an inclination towards finance apps.

This is absolutely a good sign for the finance startups or brokerage companies to opt for trading app development to ease out the stock investing procedures. Now, let’s study some of the strategies followed by Bux and Robinhood.

4 Strategies of Best Trading App Development Bux & Robinhood, Finance Startups Should Look Upon

#1 Simple and intuitive mobile trading application development

The problem with every trading environment is they are designed to meet the professional requirements and therefore require users to invest real money. But now the trading apps or trading software are made with a facility of virtual currency for users to learn its actual usage and results. The simplicity of stock exchange apps has made them an on-demand requirement for finance industry at large.

trading app development

These two best trading apps have a very simple and intuitive user interface which makes users understand comfortably about the stock market. The intuitiveness makes an engaging appeal which also increases confidence in users to use a mobile app. Thus, develop a simple, non-chaotic app which is easily understood by the audience in general.

Robinhood app is currently integrated with over 3500 banks including Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. Bux app has recently started trading with ayondo markets Limited. As a financing startup, keep searching for such tie-ups as extra leverage to your trading app development.

#2  Safe and secure trading experience

Even if we lose a penny, our mind completely zones out in finding the penny. For becoming the best trading app for beginners, with simple UI/UX, your app should have a relatively secure investor corporation insured authentication.

The users & investors both need to know their investment is in the right place. For instance, Robinhood app has a two-factor authentication via settings and is insured under Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Such safety measures make the app stand out from the clutter of other trading app development.

Have you checked out the trading software Metastock, Worden TC2000, NinjaTrader? If not, then check it out. Do you like any features from the technical analysis software? We can integrate it into your trading mobile application development.

We are able to track these strategies as we have made such financing tools beforehand. Bill Genius is one such app which meets the requirements of users. Your trading app requirements can also be fulfilled by our expert iOS app developers and Android developers.

#3 Endless investment options for the users

Imagine you are left alone in a chocolate factory and are allowed to try all kinds of candies for free. The same approach has to be done with your trading app development. For user retention and engagement make your app a one-stop destination for trading stocks, bitcoins, cryptocurrencies.

With such investment options, you will create trading accessibility more than ever before. The app needs to be extremely precise in calculations, navigations, graphs, variable changes. It all depends on how well experienced is your mobile app development company. Do not hesitate, choose the firm wisely. Mobile app development is like a recurring salary account, you will get a long-term interest benefit for the lifetime.

#4 Market updates & insights

To become even more precise and systematic player in the trading app development market, be a full power-house. Integrate fruitful market insights to keep your user know the whereabouts of their investments.

This way your app can be similar to the mail notifications that they get on a daily basis. Your app will make their decision-making quite easy, and that is why apps are around and getting their share of praise.

You can also integrate these features for your trading ap development:

  • Scanning Market Opportunity: The scanners can search for potential trades.
  • Fundamental Research: It allows users to look upon information of a company including financial metrics.
  • Chart Integration: Charts can easily explain the complex structure of the stock world.

We can guide you and suggest more features for your trading app. Contact us to avail more insights.

Wrapping Up

Mobile applications are transforming the world activities making it more simple, something which the internet did at the time of its emergence. So, obviously, one of the prime reasons why you want to develop a stock trading app is an increase in the number of global investors and traders as per the market research.

According to report, about 14.1 million people in the US are using online methods to invest money in stock trading. Similarly, a survey by CNBC indicates that 93% of the stock is held by 20% household, whereas the rest 7% stock is owned by 80% of households. Your target audience is basically going to be between 30 and 40, as they are looking for better retirement plans.

Your trading app can provide rightful services which brokerage companies are not able to serve the users. If you still have any query or confusion regarding the cost of trading app development, create an app like Robinhood, simply fill the contact us form with your requirements. Our sales representatives will consult you shortly. Consultation is absolutely free

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