Check These 3 Important Points Before Investing in Telemedicine App Development


Planning to invest in telemedicine app development? Want to know how to create an app-based telemedicine platform and earn money out of it? Herein we have mentioned 3 important points that you as a telemedicine startup can’t overlook while creating or building the best telemedicine app.

Telemedicine is no longer a part of some fantasy tale; it has a reality that is slowly dawning upon us. You will find a lot of hospitals going paperless, storing records in their computers, making health accessible, and offering telemedicine solutions of various kinds. For those uninitiated, telemedicine is basically the branch of healthcare that allows you to gain access to remote healthcare facilities. From health consultations to actual evaluation and offering diagnosis to the health issues, the telemedicine solutions provide access to all sorts of treatment.

By making healthcare easy to use and absolutely functional, the telemedicine is gaining appreciation and a positive evolvement.

What has made telemedicine popular?

The estimated GDP on healthcare costs for the U.S. alone, in 2016 was 17.2%, as mentioned by OECD. Switzerland came second in healthcare spending with an estimated 12.4% of the GDP. With the increase in the number of aging people, the healthcare costs are going to skyrocket. It will increase by 5.8% per year.

The skyrocketing costs of healthcare as well as the operational costs and emergency room costs that cannot be avoided, it was necessary to come up with an alternative.

Today, 74% of the patients in the United States alone opt for telemedicine or dr on demand. They are comfortable communicating with the doctors virtually using doctor on demand app, instead of traveling to the hospitals for a face-to-face meeting. A total of 21% of the people believe that telemedicine helps fill in all the gaps that occur in care.

There are obvious benefits associated with telemedicine, which is why people seem to be opting for it.

  • By leveraging the various technologies such as AI, telemedicine provides the patients with a platform that allows the caregivers to monitor the health of the patients in the virtual environment. The patients, as well as the caregivers, can connect with each other from anywhere at any time using doctor on demand app, offering increased flexibility.
  • If you live in the countryside, traveling to the hospital becomes difficult at times, the virtual healthcare connects you with the specialists. By video conferencing with them, you can easily mention what your issues are, and get them to evaluate your exact issues.
  • The cost of the overall healthcare for the patients as well as the operating costs for the caregivers is reduced majorly. Next, the patients are not exactly exposed to other illnesses, which can occur if they were sitting in nursing homes.

Top Telemedicine Apps

You now know the benefits of having a telemedicine app, and why you should create one. Here, we will talk about some of the popular telemedicine apps that have distinctly reimagined the healthcare world.

  • Doctor on Demand: If you are looking for quick video consultations with the doctor or some specialist for the health issues you are facing, you can gain access to 24/7 consultations with the doctor via this doctor on demand app. What makes this app special? You can list out all your symptoms on the app along with your medical history. In case of some visible symptoms, you can use the camera on your phone to record the same.
  • Lemonaid: This is the second most popular app in the telemedicine industry. It allows you to manage your health in the easiest and most affordable manner possible. You can connect with the different doctors with this application, and get a complete health diagnosis done in the virtual environment. The doctors not only evaluate your condition but also send prescriptions of the medicine to the medical store.
  • Maple: The wait times at the hospital can seem to be a constant issue for you as the patient. Waiting for the caregiver and increasing the inconvenience can cause more troubles for you. That’s why Maple, Canada-based telemedicine app, offers you a pay per consultation or flat subscription fee models. You can subscribe to medicines, ask for consultations, etc. with the app, and you no longer need to wait in long queues to accomplish this.

There are some popular examples of telemedicine applications for healthcare providers available in the market. In fact, there are some telemedicine startups that are leading the marketing by providing three powerful solutions through telemedicine apps. However, you will need to take care of a few things before you begin developing an app for the telemedicine market.

Telemedicine App Development: 3 Things to Consider Before Creating an App-based Telemedicine Platform

Having seen all the major benefits of having a telemedicine app solution, if you are creating an app-based telemedicine platform for iOS or Android platform, then here are a few factors that you should consider before execution.

# 1. The Type of Telemedicine App

What type of telemedicine app are you planning to develop? Normally, you will see that there are three different variants available for telemedicine app solutions.

telemedicine app development

  • The store and forward custom telemedicine solution, also known as the asynchronous solution, makes life easier for the caregivers and medical professionals. The patient history is out there in the app for all the professionals involved with the care to access and understand. The different specialists can easily connect and evaluate the possible treatment procedures available for the patient.
  • The remote monitoring solutions involve connecting with the patients over video conferencing, chat apps and other methods. The doctor in this method keeps an eye out for all kinds of visible symptoms thus, ensuring quick cure and prescription of the right medicines. These app solutions work for emergency situations.
  • The synchronous app solutions are real-time and allow patients to access the caregivers and the kind of care available for the symptoms they are facing. The interaction could be both audio and video for the synchronous solutions. This is more a virtual side to patient-doctor interaction. So, whether you have decided for telemedicine app development or not yet, this point is just to keep in mind.

# 2. Specific Features for the App

When you are making an app for telemedicine, you ought to understand the market thoroughly. You should know what gaps exist, what kind of users you are targeting, and what they need in these app solutions. Once you have answered all three questions, you will be able to define the features for the Telemedicine application. You can read in detail about the specific features mentioned here. Some of the commonly used features include:telemedicine app development

Image Credit: Maple

  • Video Conferencing: Whatever be the type of telemedicine app you are developing, this is an important inclusion, as it allows you to connect with the caregivers, and helps them access the visible symptoms you may have. You may need to check for browser compatibility, before incorporating this tool into your application.
  • Online Appointment Booking: The application should make booking appointments, and also sending reminders to both the doctors and patients easy. The doctor side of the app should remind the number of appointments scheduled for the day and remind them of what symptoms are occurring. The patient side of the app should allow them to book the appointments with ease and should allow the patients to provide the right kind of information regarding their symptoms.
  • Prescriptions and medicines: The app should be able to send the prescriptions to the nearest pharmacy so that they can deliver it to your place. The app should also consider giving instructions regarding taking the medicines, and also set reminders for the medicines
  • In-app chat: The in-app chat allows the patients to connect with the caregivers which allows them to know and understand the history, current symptoms etc. the in-app chat is an inevitable feature for your purpose-specific app
  • Payment Gateway Integration: If the patient wants to make payments for the consultation or the medicines, then the app should allow them to conduct virtual transactions with ease.
  • Electronic Records: This is an important feature, if you are planning to create a synchronous app solution, wherein multiple caregivers will be involved in the process. The records stored digitally will help the caregivers know the exact situation of the patient, and determine solutions accordingly.

# 3. Data Security

It is important that you consider security as an important parameter when developing an app and web-based telemedicine app solution. The patient data is of utmost importance, and there is a lot of privacy involved. If your app is not secure enough, the data will be leaked, which will prove to be harmful to both your patients and your app.

telemedicine app development

Image Credit: Maple

You need to develop an app that is HIPPA compliant and has various layers of data security to make it safe for the patients to use. Strict rules for backend integration should be processed so that an exchange between two parties along the server can be done in a secure manner. So, if you have decided to invest in custom telemedicine app development, don’t overlook security point that plays a significant role.

Summing Up

The telemedicine app market and the industry are in demand, and you simply cannot avoid being a part of this niche, if you are well-versed with the industry, and know your technology well enough to come up with a viable solution. 

The key takeaways from this blog include:

👉 You should have a complete idea of the type of telemedicine app you are planning to develop before you begin planning and the blueprint for the app.

👉 You should know the top telemedicine app features that are essential for your app. The features should be purpose-specific to consider while telemedicine app development for Android and iOS platform, and ones that cannot be avoided.

👉 You should include complete data security for the functioning of your white label telemedicine app and to build trust for the app among your audience.

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