Shein App: 4 Important Features That Make Shein App Successful

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“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” ~ Coco Chanel

Well, this holiday season, there is no room for doubt in that shopping apps for clothing must be its peak in terms of revenue, sales, and visitors. Especially, online shopping apps for women’s apparel are at the top. There is the main reason behind the popularity of shopping apps for clothing is that it does not require any effort and don’t have to bother to go to the crowded malls. With a few clicks, it is easier to shop on our comfort zones.

The Retail eCommerce Sales Worldwide

Talking about retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2021. According to the report from Statista, “In 2017, the retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 2.3 trillion US dollars. And the e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021.”


If we’re talking about the shopping apps for apparel, then we can’t forget to mention about Shein app, which has already taken limelights from the past few years. This shopping app, Shein, claims to provide an affordable online platform, especially for women. Additionally, the app also offers men’s apparel, accessories, kids’ apparel, and shoes for all.

apps-like-SheinImage Source: elle

Shein: The Clothing App

Launched back in October 2008, Shein is now over 230 countries and regions across the globe. Talking about the performance of Shein app across App Stores, then as per the latest report from SimilarWeb, the Google Play rank is #28 and Usage rank is #55 in the shopping category on Google Play store. This is what you can see in this image.


On the other hand, as per the report from App Annie, the download rank of Shein app is #26 in the shopping category on Apple App Store.


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4 Important Features to Consider While Developing Successful Shopping Apps like Shein

  1. User Login & Search Products

    There are many factors on which shopping app’s success depends, but choosing features also play an important role in the success of apps for clothing. To provide a seamless experience to your users, you need to be careful about user-friendly login feature because it plays an important role. If the user login feature is not easier for users, then the odds are users would prefer other apps for shopping where they feel easier login.


    On the other hand, the next important feature i.e. search products, which you can’t ignore to make it simple while developing successful online shopping apps like Shein. This feature should be quick and user-friendly in order to make things convenient for your app users. By just focusing on such basic features in your shopping app, you can make your shopping app stands out.

  2. Online Customer Support & Push Notifications

    It is inevitable that there would not do anything wrong. However, you have to be prepared for every odds. So, this feature comes into the light. Without considering the online customer support feature, you would not make the most out of your shopping app. This is due to the fact that such feature provides convenient to app users in anyhow.

    Plus, when the user needs help or discusses something, then he/she must expect the real human help. Thus, either you can provide your users with the call option or in-app chat option from where they can seek help when they in need. It is also recommended that this feature must work 24×7 where users can complain at any time.


    Image Source: Shein

    The next pivotal feature is the ‘push notification’ in order to keep your users informed about their orders, deals, promotion codes or any other information from which you can make them informed. The more customers informed more they would feel comfortable by using with your shopping app. So, one thing is cleared that you need to consider such features that can add value to your customers’ lives.

  3. Payment Gateway Integration

    One of the most important features is in-app payment along with total security and multiple payment options within the shopping app. All you just need to consider this feature without compromising it.


    By using such feature, users can easily make payments within the mobile application for the shopping app. When it comes to online shopping, the very first thing comes in the users’ mind is cashless along with convenience. So, it is important to enable your users to pay from credit/debit cards, e-wallets, net banking, and PayPal. It is highly recommended to choose from any secured solution for payment gateway integration.

    All you just need to consider such feature in order to relieve your users from unwanted stress.

  4. Checkout & Shipping

    The last but not the least, the basic yet pivotal feature is checkout and shipping feature, which has to be seamless in order to provide a seamless shopping experience. Try to make the checkouts smooth from which users of every age group can make their shopping experience easiest.

    shopping-appsImage Source: elle

    In addition, do not belittle with the shipping feature, which is also one of the basic yet pivotal features to consider to offer a smooth shopping experience. Well, all these features are important to consider because all of these app features, users do decide the overall experience of the app, and then they would rate after the entire experience.

The Bottom Line

As you’ve just gone through with the core features, which help you to achieve the milestones by developing one of the ideal shopping apps for clothing, accessories or shoes. Also, no matter what area you are going to run your business with the mobile app, but all these basic yet important features will surely take your business to the next level.

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