3 Revenue Generating Real Estate App Ideas to Revolutionize the Real Estate Industry

If you are having a real estate business, consider these real estate app ideas for a successful property management solution to keep a track of properties, clientele data, listing service, all in a sink to meet your apt online growth and revenue generation. Herein we have curated 3 app ideas that you should consider when investing in real estate app development.

Who had thought of virtual tours and pre-recorded videos would work to buy a property? Traditional reliance on listing photos and in-person showings have taken a back seat. 

With our ever-changing economic trends, it is not possible to meet our lifestyle needs just by one job or business. Thus, with the gig economy trends, people have started to perceive online job opportunities in the form of driver, delivery boy, AirBnB hosts. The most popular among the gigs is AirBnB which gives an immediate return on the investment made.

To meet such a property requirement there are apps like Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, that are making an exception in providing online property management. Being a commercial real estate agent, if you want to provide your clients with fast and systematic property selection, manage timely meetings and curate location-based options with an accurate GPS locator, manage vendors, then a one-stop solution for all the problems is, real estate app development. 

Being in enterprise mobility solutions, we provide a complete platform for your business. By understanding your prerequisites, our team of experienced app developers offers an end-to-end solution. 

Recently we developed a property exchange app, Bada. It has the most unique concept of exchanging properties across India. Users of this real estate solution just need to list down their properties, be it residential, commercial, and land, in the app for the exchange.

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So, if you’re wondering how to grow your real estate business, it’s time that you tap mobile technology and reinvent your business model in terms of the enterprise sector.

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Now, let’s dive into the real estate app ideas, curated with the help of our experienced app developer, who has an experience of 13 years. Consider these before investing in real estate app development.     

3 Real Estate App Ideas to Revolutionize the Online Real Estate Industry

  1. Property Finder App

    For your real estate business, you can curate a one-stop solution in the form of a property search app or property finder app. Allow your users to buy, sell, and rent through your real estate mobile app.

    To become the best real estate app you need to empower the user’s home search, have an in-app listing of properties, mortgage calculator to know the approximate current value, as some of the essential functions to make your app more engaging and useful for the users.

    In the era of digitalization, Gen Z is all about instant services, no one is going to take follow-ups on phone calls or roam from one street to another to see properties. We have curated some essential features for your real estate app which will make your decision of entering the online app world much easier.

    Features to consider while developing property finder app

    • Listing of properties: Allow your users to check the property lists along with complete information like property type, size, cost, area, and city. You can update this list as per the geographical location and also add new ones.
    • Search filters: Let your users set their own property buying or selling criteria. Users can apply filter and search for a particular property by applying filters like location, city, budget, and type of property.
    • Add a property: Allow your online audience to add the properties they are willing to sell. Basic information like type, the total area of the property, cost, contact number and name of the owner. Give them the liberty of adding more than one property in the app.
    • Local agents list: This feature builds trust in the users. Provide users with a list of local property agents so that they can directly call from the app instead of searching them in yellow pages.
    • Push notification: Inform your users regarding every new listing, market alert, the status of the in-app listed properties. 
    • Add favorites: Let your users curate their “favorites” list. While searching if they find a property interesting they can mark as favorite and find them at one place in the app. This reduces their time of scrolling and going all the way down in the realtor app.
  2. Property investment app

    Among all the three real estate app ideas, this one is particularly for that audience who is specifically looking for a business opportunity like AirBnB. Your online users will be actually looking for good deals in buying properties in the market. 

    This real estate app development should have a comprehensive database of all the properties available in different neighborhoods in a particular locality, state, or country.

    As you are an investment app, a curation of relevant and latest property news is the core of the success of your app development. Make sure that the information provided in the app is easy to understand and lucid. Avoid using technical terms, make use of simple sentences understandable by a layman. 

    Consider these set of features, if you are planning to develop this real estate app idea.

    Features to consider for developing a property investment app

    • Property finder: To provide your users with investment options, you need to have an upto the mark search filter to find the property on the basis of locality, country, state.
    • GPS locator: Through GPS locator you can help users know the exact location of the property and its nearby locality.
    • Chatbot: Integrate a chat box as the users can directly ask their queries regarding the investments to the concerned property holder. Thus, through your real estate app, they will be able to take the decision of buying a property instantly.
    • Expert advice: You should collaborate with a property investment expert or influencer. Allow users to take expert advice before investing in a property. This can be an in-app paid feature.
    • Analysis report: Provide users with a comprehensive analysis report showing the exact market value, scope, demand-supply situation, mortgage value of the property in an area. 
    • News updates: To become a top real estate app development you need to provide your users with changing property trends and market analysis. Design a specific page for such news alerts.
    • Integrate AR technology: With the integration of AR technology, let the users see home prices and neighborhood details.

    real estate app ideas

    Image Credit: Realtor.com

  3. Repair estimate app

    There are properties that are not passed on in peak conditions and with passing time its value degrades. This is one of the real estate app ideas that require a lot of calculation accuracy and can provide you and users with a precise property estimation.

    Being in the real estate business, you might be having excel sheets to manage past and present properties as per its market revenues. At Space-O Technologies we have a 360-degree solution to convert your excel spreadsheet into app. Such an app will be a pocket-friendly calculator for the users.

    You being a real estate agent will be able to access all your repairs and fixes required and provide users with an estimate for the same. 

    Consider these set of features, if you are planning to develop this real estate app idea.

    Features to consider for developing real estimate app

    • In-app calculator: This is the core functionality of your app. An advanced calculator will make a user-friendly experience and navigate intuitively for mathematical calculations.  
    • Photos of properties: List down all the old properties with their values for users who are eager to know about their current pricing. Provide your users with photos to see the current situation of the property before they make an investment.
    • In-app excel sheet: For the users, you can provide them with an excel sheet wherein they can maintain their valuations and can collect their database in the app.

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