What Startups Should Know About Outsourcing Mobile App Development


For any startup to get through the beginning stage and gain recognition, it must have to have its own unique system. Startups must consider activities such as hiring, training, brand structure, and outsourcing of mobile app development as important.

In fact, outsourcing app development is a practice that most Entrepreneurs use to complete their tasks. They almost outsource virtually every task to take the burden off and focus on the big picture.

However, along the way, it is of utmost importance for any startup to understand that what you outsource depends on the nature of your business and your business goals. And, every Entrepreneur must approach outsourcing app development the right way or risk losing money or putting your startup at risk.

If you think about it, it’s better that you hire professionals to handle things at a reasonable cost so that you could focus on higher priority tasks such as branding or marketing.

The truth is, it’s possible for app startups to outsource each aspect of business, but considering how vital mobile app development is for any mobile app startup, you should look closely at following things to know about outsourcing it.

Choose The Right Mobile App Development Company To Work With

Creating your own brand that you’ll be proud of demands deliberate efforts. And, one of the important decision involved here is choosing who handles your app development.

Should you hire mobile app development company or freelance app developers?

Most of the Entrepreneurs we know and worked with always prefer working with top agencies.

However, if you’re on tight budget, consider to get fundings from investors because if the main product of your startup idea is your mobile app, then you should never put it in the wrong hands.

Consider The Technology Standards

Technology has redefined the app development, web development, or any type of development for that matter. And, for this reason, consider the technology standards you’re using when outsourcing.

For instance, the mobile usage has almost killed desktop usage with a 58% growth rate year by year. So, if you’re developing a website for your startup, consider to hire professionals for responsive website design as well.

Moreover, if you’re planning to generate leads from the search engines, make sure your startup app is mobile-friendly.

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Demand For Personalized Communication

Don’t outsource your mobile app if there’s no guarantee for a personalized communication.


Because sooner or later, you may encounter technical issues after your app has been built, and during that time you want to have a seamless communication to resolve the issues.

However, be aware of the time-zone differences to make decision for when to outsource your service, and whom to put in charge.

For example, if you’re based in Chicago, and you’re looking to hire custom mobile app development company, do well to understand when to send out emails, put a call, and submit a support ticket.

Get Regular Updates On Your App’s Progress

Remember, you’re in control of your business. Don’t be one of those CEOs who bow out to a third party complete control of their startup development. As much as development of your mobile app is important, you must get regular updates to keep level of the behind-the-scene processes.

Don’t just focus on the end results, rather get involved in the development process. Send out ideas, suggestions, questions, you’ll learn more about your product app than just end result.

Make Sure You Get What You Pay For

At any stage of your startup, for any outsource work, never ever think that getting cheap services is the best way to get things done. It’s important that you save money for later, in fact 46% startups fail because they run out of money. But, similarly, not seeing the projected ROI is the reason why 80% startups fail.

However, the point is, it’s not that you make expensive hires for outsourcing, but just remember to get what you pay for.

And, bottom line is, choose a company that has experience, modern tools, and required resources to hand your app project.


In the world filled with startups for almost all services, you need to be smart, productive, able to make right decisions, and in order to get to the top, consider outsourcing your mobile app development as your master key.

Now, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to do everything at once, but just be assured that your startup project is in good hands when you outsource app development.

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