App Development for Private Social Network: Check Out 3 Challenges & Their Solutions That You Encounter While Developing an App like Nextdoor


This blog post embraces information for tech startups & entrepreneurs. Scroll down a few challenges and their solutions, which you may encounter while developing an app like Nextdoor.

We all are quite aware of what’s going on in the lives of family, friends, and what’s on trends. Whether it is about Facebook or Instagram, such social networking platforms help us to stay updated. Nevertheless, here, we’re going to talk about the unique concept, which is based on connecting neighbors, where they can discuss local issues online.

Based on a similar concept, there is a very popular app named Nextdoor, which helps app users to meet and get to know people that live within the same geographical. Let’s know more about the private social network for the neighborhood – Nextdoor app.

What’s Nextdoor App?

Talking about the Nextdoor app, it is also recognized as the “Facebook for the neighborhood”. This private social networking app for the neighborhood, Nextdoor, provides the best way to stay in the know what is happening in their neighborhood and nearby. In other words, we can say that the Nextdoor app is the social networking platform for local communities and neighborhoods.

Whether it is about knowing an upcoming neighborhood get-together or finding out the last-minute babysitter, such social networking app for neighborhood helps its app users and their results add value into users’ lives.

Rather connecting its app users to any other user across the world, this app narrows the network of their app users to those in their surrounding areas.


Launched back in 2010, San Francisco-based Nextdoor has raised $75M in Series E round of funding, as per the report from Crunchbase. With the total funding amount of $285.2M, Nextdoor serves customers in the U.S., Netherlands, U.K, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.

San Francisco-based Nextdoor, the world’s largest social network for the neighborhood, secured $123 million in funding led by Riverwood Capital. After the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Australia, they are planning to extend services into Sweden and Denmark.

A Quick Look: How Nextdoor App Works

Nextdoor app functions as a social media platform for users with their neighbors. This app uses the legal residence of the user in order to determine his/her neighborhood in the city. And, after that, it helps to connect users to all of the others in their areas.

This social networking app provides an online platform where neighbors can post for help like the last-minute babysitter or hearing about a spate of car break-ins. In short, neighbors can help their neighbors in so many ways.

Well, this app is based on a very unique concept of getting help from neighbors. As a startup, if you are looking forward to entering this niche, then you’ll need to know some challenges and their solutions, which you may encounter while developing an app like Nextdoor. Let’s have a look!

3 Challenges & Their Solutions, Which You May Encounter When Creating an App like Nextdoor

Challenge #1: Absence of Safety

We live in the world, where there is a lack of safety when it comes down to seek help from the neighborhood. Mostly, people don’t aware of their neighbors in the metro cities. However, this is a challenge, when it comes to seeking help, recommendations, and suggestions for something.

The next important thing, which we all consider before heading to the new things is safety. So, there is an absence of safety, which is a core thing that people actually seek.

It is all important to identify the problems that cause safety issues. And, people don’t usually indulge in services they feel unsafe. So, the social networking app for the neighborhood, Nextdoor, has identified issues that make people insecure in order to trust another person.


Image Source: nextdoor


Being a startup, you just need to identify the problem and provide solution for the same. Here’s how you can provide a platform where your users would feel safe and secure.

Verified Household Identity

If you want to build a secured online platform, then it is highly recommended to let your users know about the verified household identity, which can help you to build trust with your users. By doing so, you can provide an online platform that promotes safety and security. The Nextdoor app requires users to register with proof of both identity and addresses. In this way, people interact with each other, who have verified household identity.

As a startup, you just need to come up with the solutions, which directly impact your users’ lives. An app for the private social network for neighbors can help users to easily manage their conversations and engagement with members.

Challenge #2: Inadequacy of a Strong Community

It realizes that there is an inadequacy of strong online platform where people can connect and communicate on the same topics. If they require help for something, then they don’t have any online platform, where they could ask help for themselves.

For instance, Nextdoor, a social networking app for neighborhood, users or parents can also communicate about things such as carpools. school events or other activities with school community members who live nearby.



If you would like to create an app like Nextdoor, then you’ll need to consider this solution during app development for the private social network.

Create a Useful Local Community

If there is adequacy of a strong community, then you need to create a useful community for your customers. Alike Nextdoor, it provides a useful community for their users, where they can trust each other, where they would connect local people of same issues. And, they can also ask for suggestions and recommendations for different issues as what they face.

Challenge #3: Lacking of Local Recommendations & Suggestions

In today’s world, people do not know about their neighbors. And, sometimes, it is good to connect with the nearby people when it comes to seeking useful local information, including some recommendations and suggestions.


Image Source: nextdoor


Useful Local Recommendations & Suggestions

As a startup, you can provide a useful online platform for local recommendations and suggestions where they can get answers to all their queries related to services as what they have been looking for. The Facebook for the neighborhood, Nextdoor, provides the perfect platform for the suburbs in the United States.

Users do not only get the local recommendations and suggestions for their issues, but your users can buy and sell used products, find out babysitters and veterinarians, and they can also get together for block parties to run together. Additionally, users can also ask for the help of missing pets. And, the odds are they can get help from other users through a private social network app like Nextdoor.

Wrap Up

The private social network app, Nextdoor, has solved diverse problems for neighbors. It provides an online platform where people of different interests can seek help. If you want to enter this niche, and having an app idea to create an app like Nextdoor, then you can discuss with us as we’re a leading iOS/Android app development company.

And, we’ve already over 3500 applications along with unique features and functionalities like GPS real-time tracking, in-app payments, in-app messaging, online support, social media integration, and cross-platform ability.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding the cost of making an app like Nextdoor, how long does it take to make an app like Nextdoor, iPhone app development cost, mobile app development estimate or how to make money with an app, then you can get in touch with us through contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you and happy to help from idea to App Store. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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