What Exactly Does a MVP Mobile App Mean?


Minimum Viable Product; the acronym of which is MVP, is the most misunderstood concept in the whole of the technological universe. Understanding and enabling this concept is very important for a startup app to grow and succeed. Keeping this in mind let’s move ahead to explore what exactly is a Minimum Viable Product.

So what does an MVP truly mean?

A minimum viable product is the one wherein a product is created keeping in mind the very basic necessity it requires to be complete and whole. It is not as confusing as it sounds as a concept. MVP is all about experimenting and learning.

Let’s make it simpler by taking an example

How to Build MVP?Let us assume you want to create a photo editing app. The first thing any app developer will provide you with is a basic app, that allows you to add 10 filters to any image and add a frame. Once this app is well liked by the people you are targeting, comes the phase 2.

In the phase 2, when you have had made enough profit out of the phase 1 to use it, the developers will provide you with some more filters, some more frames, plus accessories to add to the picture like a bow tie or a balloon or a heart and more.

Now then once this phase clears up and another round of profit comes your way, then the developer will launch a phase 3; adding a collage maker to the app alongside with editions in the already existing app.

What is an MVP Mobile App?

Taking facts from the example given above; here are a few takeaways this article provides:

  • A minimum viable product is a complete product with basic facilities required to run the app.
  • It adds to the app, in phases to make sure not a lot of money is spent in one go.
  • When only some money is spent on a product, in phase 1, there is enough money left to try a phase 2, with certain changes, if the 1st version does not work out.
  • It is very misunderstood as a concept because most people think that an MVP is an incomplete product that gets completed over time and phases. This is incorrect to the core.
  • An MVP is a complete product that matures over time.

Here is how most people understand MVP and what it actually is;
What is MVP?

Does this truly work?

YES! IT DOES! And a lot of famous apps today can attest to that.

Facebook: The well known social networking site, Facebook, did not work the way it does now when it began. It was meant for Harvard college students to see two images and choose who is hot and who is not. And today, instead of putting a rift between friends, it brings them together. This is how Facebook has grown.

Uber: The most famous and should it be said, ‘controversial,’ apps providing service available on planet Earth is Uber. Uber started as a basic taxi hailing app, in San Francisco only. When the idea became a hit, they started spreading outwards, covering the Globe.

Growing is the right way of launching a startup app, instead of making a full blown app with all the features. This way, you get the time for analysis, have money left for error correction and have the flexibility to change while growing. When you now go out to make an app, remember, the right way of going about it is making an MVP first.

So if you are in a plan to build a minimum viable product app, you should never ask “How Much Will An App Development Cost Me?“. So act right now & leave us a message. You’ve got nothing to lose but a great garden to gain.


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