A Complete Guide to iPhone Apps Development Costs

If you have decided to develop an iPhone app, then the most cliché question that comes up in your mind is “how much the iPhone apps development costs.” Right?

To answer this most common question of people, we, at Space-O Technologies, have analyzed different industries to share the iPhone application development cost with you. With experience in developing over 2500 iOS apps of different categories, we have tried to answer this question in the simplest manner.

Without any further ado, let’s get started in figuring out the app development budget that you need to invest in your iPhone app idea.

Quick Answer to iPhone App Development Cost

iPhone app development costs between $30,000 to $2,00,000.

This range depends on the different features and the complexity of the app. Factors that influence app cost like the type of app, number of the app’s screens, app complexity, functionality and design, and location of the developers would influence the mobile app development cost.

Considering the $35 to $40 per hour rate,

App TypeEstimated CostEstimated Timeline
Simple iPhone App $30,000 – $40,0002 months
Mid-level iPhone App $50,000 – $75,0003 – 6 months
Complex & Custom iPhone App $80,000 – $2,00,000More than 6 months

In the next section, we will check the iOS app development cost based on its process and 4 different phases.

iPhone App Development Process

The iPhone app development has 4 different phases, and for each phase, the cost could vary. In this section, we will explain each phase of iPhone mobile app development along with its cost.

Let’s go through the table to see how much iPhone app development cost based on each phase. Also, check different parts of the phases.

PhasePartsEstimated Cost
Initial StageResearch & Analysis$5,000 – $45,000
Compliance with App Stores Guidelines
App DesigningConcept & Wireframing$3,000 – $20,000
UI & UX Design
iPhone App DevelopmentSoftware Architecture$25,000 – $50,000
Back-end Development and API Design
Design Integration and API & Logic Integration
Testing And LaunchingTesting$7,000 – $45,000
Launch App

We will now discuss all these parts in detail to get more clarity. Also, get to know how much you will need to invest in each phase based on different locations.

  1. Initial Stage

  2. This stage is divided into 2 parts; research & analysis and compliance with App Store guidelines.

    Research & Analysis

    According to the Statista Research Department, there are already 2,098,224 apps available on the Apple App Store.

    Apple Store Apps Available

    Source: Statista

    There is cutthroat competition in the market, and you cannot take a risk by developing a similar app that is already available in the market.

    To ensure your app gains a smooth grip while it is launched and gets satisfactory downloads, conduct market research to see what similar mobile apps have been launched and how you can improve the app features.

    Identify your competitors and find out what they lack in their mobile apps. You can also see the rating section, where app users generally share their experiences and expectations in a detailed manner.

    Compliance with App Store Guidelines

    If you are creating an iPhone app, you need to know that Apple only publishes those apps that successfully meet their guidelines for design, security, user privacy, and other essential aspects.

    Besides following the compliance guidelines, you must now lose the uniqueness of your app. Ensure your app meets all the requirements set by Apple Store. However, this will also be a part of your market research.

    The following table is about the estimated average cost that you invest in market research based on different locations. Please take a look:

    LocationApprox TimelineApprox Cost
    The USA2 – 3 weeks$45 – $90/hour
    Canada2 – 4 weeks$40 – $80/hour
    Europe1 – 3 weeks$35 – $90/hour
    India1 – 3 weeks$30 – $50/hour
  3. App Designing

  4. The next phase of iPhone mobile app development is app designing. There are 2 parts of app designing that you need to consider while developing your own app.

    Concept & Wireframing

    When you are ready with your app concept, start the documentation process for the design team’s requirements. Further, the design team would develop wireframes (blueprints/digital sketches) to show how the app would look at the end.

    Mobile App Designing Process

    The designing team’s role is to lay the foundation for the subsequent app design process and other phases to develop an iPhone app.

    UI/UX Design

    Like any other app, you will need to determine the user experience to see how compelling your app would be and how it will look.

    The main aim behind this part is to create a design that will be visually appealing and easy to navigate for the users. However, please make sure the UI and UX of the app comply with Apple’s guidelines.

    LocationApprox HoursApprox Apps Cost
    The USA120 – 180$60 – $110/hour
    Canada120 – 200$60 – $100/hour
    Europe100 – 170$35 – $60/hour
    India100 – 150$30 – $45/hour
  5. iPhone App Development

  6. Now, the process of mobile app development would start. However, at this stage, there will be 3 different parts:

    1. Software Architecture
    2. Back-end Development and API Design
    3. Design Integration and API & Logic Integration

    Software Architecture

    This is the major part of the iPhone app development process. You will need to plan app architecture and account for 3 components of the model view controller (MVC) paradigm – the data, the user, and the software.

    These measurements of app architecture are necessary to ensure the scalability and stability of your app. With this, you also need to ensure that every step is going in a flow and a sequence.

    Back-end Development and API Design

    When we talk about the functionality of an app, back-end development is a crucial part. This involves a server-side development, which includes:

    • The maintenance and functioning
    • User account authentication
    • Account management
    • Push notification services
    • Third-party integration for social media sites
    • User experience customization

    On the other hand, the Application Programming Interface (API) serves as a bridge that connects the front-end and the back-end of an iPhone app.

    Design Integration and API & Logic Integration

    After UX/UI is done, the developer starts integrating UX/UI using Xcode Storyboard and XIBs (as preferred) and creates a navigation flow with dummy data.

    On the other hand, in API & logic integration, once UI/UX integration and navigation are completed as per provided source and finalized by QA and client, the developer starts working on API integration to show live data instead of dummy data used for UI/UX integration and navigation flow.

    App DeveloperApprox HoursApprox Apps Cost
    Frontend Developers160 – 170$35 – $45/hour
    Backend Developers200 – 220$35 – $45/hour
  7. Testing And Launching

  8. This is the final stage, where the team will test your app and launch it. Let’s discuss both the parts in detail and get to know how much it would cost you.


    Once the app development team finishes working with all technical aspects, the QA testing team will work on your app. Testing the app is crucial, considering all the challenges in submitting the app and Apple’s approval.

    The app developer must review all the essential factors, such as optimized performance, rich user experience, debugging, optimal memory usage, security, and checking the compliance part set by Apple to launch your app.

    LocationApprox HoursApprox Apps Cost
    The USA40 – 50$70 – $90/hour
    Canada28 – 42$60 – $90/hour
    Europe30 – 40$30 – $55/hour
    India20 – 25$25 – $35/hour

    Launch the App

    After testing and reviewing the app, ensure that it would not get rejected. Publish your app to the Apple App Store by taking all the proper measurements.

    Please know that submission of iPhone mobile applications on the Apple App Store may take a few days or a couple of weeks, depending on the app quality and how well you have followed the guidelines.

    We have checked phase-by-phase app development costs. However, there is one more hidden mobile app cost that you need to know.

    Yes, there is one more – project management cost for the project managers, who will manage your iPhone app development.

    LocationApprox HoursApprox Apps Cost
    The USA200 – 350$70 – $120/hour
    Canada200 – 440$60 – $100/hour
    Europe150 – 250$40 – $50/hour
    India200 – 220$35 – $50/hour

    After discussing the iPhone app development cost based on their phases, we will now dive deeper. The next is based on the type of app and its feature set. Let’s dive deeper!

iPhone App Development Cost

To make it easy for you, we have made a table for the primary app types, their features, timelines, estimated app costs, along with their examples.

With the table’s help, you can quickly identify must-have features you need to include in your app and how much you need to invest in your iPhone app.

App TypeFeaturesTimelineEstimated CostExamples
On-demand Apps
  • Live tracking
  • Authentication & security
  • Push notifications
  • Rating and review options
  • Search activity and past orders
  • Wishlist feature
3 – 6 months$25,000 – $80,000 Uber, Postmates
E-commerce Apps
  • Product filtering and sorting
  • Gallery
  • Shopping cart
  • Shipping options
  • Order summary
  • Secure and easy in-app payments
  • Order an invoice
  • Easy returns
  • Barcode scanning
  • Sales and discounts
3 – 9 months$25,000 – $1,00,000 Amazon, Walmart
Social Networking Apps
  • Integration with social media platforms
  • Customizable profile
  • Notification and newsfeed
  • High secure profiles
  • Follow and add options
  • In-app messaging
  • Newsfeed engagements
  • High-quality user interface
  • Easy to share contact details
3 – 9 months$50,000 – $1,50,000 Facebook, Instagram
Fleet Management Apps
  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Driving behavior analysis
  • Fleet alarms
  • Fuel management
  • Route planning and monitoring
  • Vehicle maintenance
4 – 6 months$65,000 – $2,00,000 Baloora
Enterprise Mobility Apps
  • Great connectivity and real-time analytics
  • Driving behavior analysis
  • Offline mode
  • Push notifications
  • Cloud storage
  • Widespread performance across many physical locations
  • Event-driven approach
3 – 9 months$50,000 – $2,50,000 Enterprise Mobile Securit‪y, Lookout for Work
Healthcare & Medical Apps
  • Video calls and chats
  • Prescriptions
  • Appointments
  • Dashboards
  • Notifications
  • Integration with wearables
  • Doctor profiles
4 – 6 months$20,000 – $80,000 Medscape
Finance Apps
  • Multiple account management
  • Built-in calculator
  • Charts for analyzing spending habits
  • Categorical organization
  • Security
  • Setting financial goals
  • Tracking and managing bills
  • Reports and trends
  • Investment options
3 – 6 months$30,000 – $90,000 YNAB, Mint
School Management Apps
  • Maps to locate daily activities & events
  • Worksheet & report card
  • Diary/Calendar
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Track progress
  • Staff directories with one-touch calling
  • Private messaging
2 – 4 months$40,000 – $80,000 Baloora
Sports and Fitness Apps
  • Record daily fitness activity
  • Track activities like running, walking, and cycling
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Photo sharing while working out and make fitness memories
  • Track weight, body fat, and body measurements
2 – 6 months$30,000 – $1,50,000 Nike Training Club, Runkeeper

We know that you want to build an app within your app development budget. Dive in here to know the best tips that you can consider in reducing the iPhone mobile app development cost.

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Tips to Make Your iPhone App in Budget

There are many recommended suggestions that you can consider based on your app development project requirements. However, we have mentioned the top 5 tips to make your iPhone app within budget.

  1. Go for MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

  2. Before you stake everything for this iPhone mobile app development project, it is wise to create a minimum viable product. It would be the best decision for you because an MVP app will roll out with only essential features for the particular group of your target audiences.

    Go for MVP

    Make sure you get enough feedback, reviews, and suggestions so that you proceed with the next stage of app development. Include all those pending features that are necessary this time and give a pleasant experience to your audiences.

    An early prototype with minimal features will entirely rely on constant feedback to improve features in the second stage. Moreover, MVP is cost-effective, saves time, and is an ideal alternative that your audiences need.

  3. Know Your Exact Requirements

  4. It would not be wise to squander your precious money on the features or services that are not required in your app project.

    This means you will need to identify your business requirement before approaching any professional app development companies.

    Know Your Exact Requirements

    To analyze the situation, focus on the scope of the application, target audience, overall functionality, and the revenue model. The more features and functionalities, the more you will need to spend money.

    Therefore, choose wisely on your needs and remove unwanted features from your list. Later, approach any software development company that can help you in augmenting your business requirements.

  5. Design the Blueprint of the Final Product

  6. Many entrepreneurs make the same mistake of not designing a blueprint for their app. You cannot expect the best results out of your end product without a blueprint. Well, you really need to focus on creating a blueprint for your iPhone app.

    Design the Blueprint of the Final Product

    You need to coordinate with the mobile application development team to depict the overall functionality of your app. This will ensure that the app development team knows what you expect from the final product and not any other irrelevant stuff.

    Thus, designing a blueprint is essential while you seek budget-friendly iPhone app development services.

  7. Hire a Professional App Development Company

  8. It is a myth that hiring an individual developer would give you excellent results and not burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, hiring a team of expert iOS developers would ensure a smooth app development process within the given deadlines.

    Hire a Professional App Development Company

    On the other hand, hiring individuals for each phase of an iPhone app development could lead to chaos.

    Where else, a team of a project manager, designers, developers, and testing professionals can easily coordinate and work on the application development procedure in a couple of days without any hassle.

    It is better to hire a professional app development company to cater to your diverse application development needs.

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    If you still have some queries related to the average cost to maintain an iPhone app or how much it takes to build an app, consider reading the next section.

    Here, we have answered the most common questions that readers generally have in their minds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to maintain an iPhone app?

Generally, iPhone app maintenance costs vary from 5 to 15 percent of the total app development cost. It mainly depends on the application type and its complexity. Please take a look at its most important aspects:

  • Bug Fixing
  • OS Upgrades
  • Feature Upgradation
  • Pushing Fresh Content

How much does it cost to host an iPhone app on Apple App Store?

You need a developer account that costs $99/year to host an iPhone app on the Apple App Store.

Which factors increase the iPhone app development cost?

Here is the image that depicts all the major factors which influence the cost of app development. Please take a look.

factors that influance app development cost

Where to find and hire iPhone app developers?

How to make money out of an iPhone app?

Here are some of the best ways to make money out of an iPhone app. Please take a look at all these possible ways.

how do free apps make money


We hope all this information we have discussed will help you make your own iPhone app under your budget. We have shared the iPhone app development cost based on the development phases and their app types, along with detailed information. You also have tips to make an app in your budget.

However, if you face any difficulty in developing an app within your budget or are stuck at any app development phase, contact our team of iPhone app development experts.

We have a team of 50+ iOS developers and have a 98% Job Success Score on Upwork. Glovo, EasyClean, and Picture Translator App are some of the top iPhone apps that are being developed by us.

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