How to Outsource App Development And Create a Money Making App

how to outsource app development

This guide will help you identify the right outsourcing partner, develop your app without any obstacles, and understand the service better.

We Should Build An App!!!

This has become the new – “We Should Buy a Bar!!!”

But, on a serious note, mobile app development has become the top priority for businesses to increase revenues and expand presence globally.

Mobile apps are software applications designed to run on devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. Usually, they are available through the so-called app stores like Apple Store or Google Play Store.

With the mobile market still booming, it is clear that this type of software development won’t go flat anytime soon, especially with wearables and other new interactive technology entering our lives.

This year, the projected app downloads will hit 268,692 millions of apps.

In fact, the mobile apps are forecasted to generate around 189 billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2020.


While outsourcing is the ideal thing to do, but it comes with its own set of issues and challenges. Sometimes, the biggest obstacle is finding the right app development partner. And, the right way to identify an ideal outsourcing partner is to look for a company that puts a real effort into understanding your idea before giving a quote and timeline and getting started with development.

So, Do you also want to get ahead and reap the mobile app rewards for your business?


Then you’ll probably need an app for that!

Now, this has brought up an important question for business owners:

should you start hiring in-house mobile app developers and rent out an office to create a mobile app for your business?

No Need!

Because there’s an outsourcing for that!

In fact, According to Forrester, 38% of decision makers opted for outsourcing a customer-facing app based on the skills and expertise offered by the outside developers.


Because the talented developers dwell where they dwell, and sometimes they don’t always agree to join your club. This is why, instead of wasting in hiring these talents, outsourcing your business app project to them makes much more sense.

Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

It boosts your app development speed without waiting for full hiring process.

Do you know why some startups become successful in short window of time?

It’s because they’re quick when it’s the matter about hiring new talents, while the enterprise companies slowly adapt the market changes and drag the standard paper routine.

However, if you’ve time and money, you can compete with those startups or even beat them if you hire an ideal outsourcing app development company.

It helps to expand technology stacks without re-hiring talents.

Technologies fluctuate a lot these days. Everyone now prefer swift language for iOS app development and Firebase infrastructure for Android app development.

Now, it’s not necessary that the people you hire will be familiar with today’s technology stacks. But, outsourcing your app project with an app development company who has experience with implementing new stack, can get you additional benefits like solid codebase, which doesn’t require maintenance over long term.

Outsourcing provides additional innovation and efficiency.

Best outsourcing app development companies provide innovation and efficiency in their work. Most of them always follow the IDEA cycle for developing mobile apps. IDEA (identify, design, engineer, and analyze) is the simple pattern that streamline the app development process more effectively.

The in-house developers, on the other hand, don’t always follow the same approach as they’ve been working on same product over and over again, and they may not notice the tiny details that users will require.

Outsourcing costs less than in-house developers.

Developers living in the cities with high cost of living like New York, San Francisco, and London can’t afford to charge less for their work. But, this also doesn’t mean that they will provide equal quality of work.

As a matter of fact, they charge twice much as top outsourcing companies, mainly because they don’t have any resources.

Now, let’s get back to our key question:

How to Outsource App Development?

The following guide will walk you through the right process for both iOS and Android app development outsourcing.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Before you start approaching any outsourcing company, it’s better that you take time and do a reality check with following questions. Not only it will save your time, but it’ll also save you from going through different price quotes.

  • Do I already have a project description, which clearly outlines my product idea?
  • Do I have a list of app features and functions, which developers can use to give an accurate project quote?
  • Do I want an MVP (light app version) or a full feature product?
  • What about platforms? Do I want a mobile, tablet or a web app? Do I want an iPhone and/or Android app? Or maybe even a mobile website?
  • What kind of services do I need: UX/UI design, development, project management, QA, branding, app monetization, something else?
  • Do I need additional custom products e.g. web admin panel, promo website, extra graphical marketing materials?
  • What’s the goal of my app: close a seed round, reach out to global target audience, earn some profits, boost customer loyalty?
  • Do I already have a list of criteria for choosing and screening the potential project candidates e.g. “I need a Swift developer”?
  • Any approximate budget and deadline estimates?

These are the essential questions before approaching any development company, and here are some more signs that show you’re with a good company.

Signs of a good mobile app development outsourcing partner

  • The company is responsive and replies in a timely manner (considering the possible time zone differences).
  • They proactively ask questions about your project, rather than saying “we can do that” every time you ask for suggestion or give an idea.
  • They are willing to talk about past projects in specs and don’t mind giving you a virtual office detour or connecting you with a designer or developer.
  • Their ethical standards are tangible – for instance, they admit working on a similar project but refuse to name the client due to an NDA agreement.
  • The overall tone of the conversation is friendly, yet professional.
  • Their project manager has great communicational skills and has a perfect command of the language.
  • Low rates and affordability isn’t their main selling point. They can accurately justify why this feature will cost $1.000, and not $100.
  • They talk modern technology stack, yet willing to explain in simple English why tech option A is better than option B.
  • They can give you the exact details on how they plan to execute your project (and sound like they do know what they are up to).

If the majority is checked here, congrats because you’ve probably got an ideal match.

Mistakes to avoid in outsourcing mobile app development process

Failing to consider time zone differences.

You should always know the difference in time to place your project on hold. Generally, it’s recommended to have 4-6 overlapping hours with your outsourcing partner for productive project development. Also, use this time smartly and push important task on the top of agenda.

Failing to establish a mutually beneficial milestone schedule.

Do you know when developers work best?

When no one bothers them!

Over-reporting and over-communication can damage your app project as much as the lack of it. This is why, you must clearly define your “reporting” schedule with your outsourcing partner.

Forgetting about the testing part!

Ideally, the outsourcing partner you hire should do this job. However, in case the company has added this service to the original contract, follow-up before the project is completed to avoid any miscommunication in future.

Moreover, by using professional testing, you can identify issues before your potential users experience them, and it helps to make sure that your app is working correctly.

Where From Here?

It’s possible to find a top mobile app development company to work with if you’re persistent with your search. However, don’t rush into hiring just because you want to complete your app as soon as possible. Take the required time to evaluate the ideal candidates until you find the ultimate match to complete your project with your satisfaction.


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