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Social Messaging apps are now more than messaging. Slack is changing the way we are communication at work. It gives a robust system to the business by leveraging data to create new and productive processes. And, everyone loves it.

Slack is the popular real-time messaging app for startups and enterprise-level businesses that help them to escape the pitfalls of email.

Slack enables businesses to bring together internal communication and collaborate at the same time. It creates transparency all across the organization and ultimately, more productivity and success.

Three million daily Slack Active Users

Slack enjoying continued growth, having over 3 million daily active users. This is one million more as compared to the last six months. The graph shows that the company has 930,000 paid seats right now, which is 31% more from the February, reported 675,000 paid seats. Slack is available on Android, Chrome OS, iOS, OS X, Windows, and Web app.


Slack transform enterprise communication

The next wave of enterprise communications chat tool,
Slack bring the enterprise and user engagement that email just couldn’t capture.

Excellent Ways to Communicate with Team

It Enables to Create Channels for the Different team.

Accessible from Anywhere

Slack can Also sync Google Calendar, Dropbox, Google Drive, Hangout, Heroku, GitHub, Trello, and many.

Private Chat Option

Private Chat Option Available to Discuss Secret Projects or Anything Else.

Allows Users to Share

Allows Users to Share and Test Code Snippets Among Team Members and thus, it Increase Productivity.

Content is Searchable

Content is Searchable from email, chat, etc. and thus, Team can search every single work with ease.

Quickest and Secure

Quickest and Secure way to Share anything with Dropbox Integration.

Slack Adds Innovations

Slack introduces as threaded messaging that allows groups to message together with replies. It makes easier for users to follow the flow of conversation. Without thread, messages simply appear as they are typed by each party on the screen.

Slack has an API called "slash commands" that enables users to type a slash (/) followed by a command name to perform a special action. Slack has different built-in slash commands, one of them is /help.


Build an Intelligent Bot Using the Slack API For Enterprises

In addition, Slack offers a broad set of APIs which allows developers to explore its capability; in which Slack introduce Slackbot, a friendly robot available in every Slack team to guide users to create their profiles and to explain them how Slack works.

But, the interesting part is the possibility to build your own custom bots, special automated users that can respond to specific events and do useful things to help your team.

Chat Bot Brings Enterprise Apps like Salesforce, Quickbooks, Zendesk Into Slack


Integrate with a chat platform, Chat bots are small programs, offering some advanced functionality to its users. A newly Workbot-chat bot allows users to user and control more than 100 enterprise applications, including Quickbooks accounting information, Salesforce CRM record, or Zendesk customer service that communicate directly inside of Slack.

Workato’s Workbot allows employees to interact directly with enterprise application and bring a level of automation. This bot needs a certain language to get the required information, however, it is also possible to develop connections to enterprise apps with simple aliases like ‘customer info’ for effortless typing.

source: Workbot inside Slack. Screenshot courtesy of Workato.

This tool is having three main tasks, i.e. it offers users a full view of the customer inside of Slack by collection data from different customer information sources. A level of intelligence is also provided by Workbot by filtering more important information like customer location, ticket priority, etc. from the data.

Best of all, customers can also define triggers so in case, verge is met like x number of outstanding support tickets, then the concerned person would get a message automatically from Workbot inside of Slack.

Another excellent example of Slackbot is AppsonChat, which is simple Response Manager, allows users to create Slack polls, send invites and gather responses to enable team communication. Being a personal Slackbot, it enables to add create, assign, update and close task without ever leaving Slack. Ace is a bot that allows users to run polls within the team.

Make Your Own Custom Slack Bot Like Roomino, A Travel Assistant Bot for Slack

Travel becomes effortless with Roomino integrated with Slack. Exchange information, talk to each other, manage travel services from one place.

Roomino is one of the best travel booking platforms for Slack teams that allows travelers to search hotels, request Uber ride or cope with their QuickBooks account without moving to any other platforms.

Roomino has developed an API that will unify the disjointed scenario of travel services by capturing and syncing all these data at one place. It makes possible for business travelers and companies to learn from their travel data in a simplified way.

“The idea with Roomino is not to be another online travel agency or metasearch, but to create a platform where multiple travel services can be connected with Slack.” – said Co-founder, Josue Gio.

Slackbot integration makes effective team communication

Slack, integrated with all types of applications and services, and becomes a perfect fit within API space. Slack has a slew of standard integrations, however, it’s easy to develop your own. Slack integrations range from posting notifications to more interactive bots.

We, at Space-O Technologies, are using Slack API Node.js library to develop your own bot and explore API and other tools that use natural language processing for analyzing and responding to the human-inputted text. Some of the popular and giant organizations like EA Sports, Samsung, NASA, Expedia, LinkedIn, TIME, BuzzFeed, IBM, etc. are using Slack for their business communication.

Hire Slack Bot Developers for Your Bot Idea

Hire Slackbot Developers from Space-O Technologies to develop custom bots for Slack. Slackbot integrates with the present business process to maintain transparent communication. Usually, emails and chat are the main sources for communication and Slack has replaced it with Bots.

Slack, one of the best team-chat tools, allows users to customize it according to their business requirements. We develop custom integration for Slack that works with your in-house software so it works excellently with your existing infrastructure.

We are Slackbot Development Service Provider and we offer custom Slackbots, which enables to connect with client’s live channels to provide information and services to their users. Our developed Slackbots can do anything like it easily integrates into wikis, intranets, time tracking tools and more.


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Customisation Service

Slackbot Development
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Software Synchronization
with Slack

integration for Slack

Slackbot developer

As like Roomino - Book hotels for your team members or allow them complete their own reservations through a communication tool, Slack and with Slackbot, there are even more opportunities still not explored; we build custom Slackbots and Integrations, we are happy to help in building a Slack Messenger Bot.

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