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App stores are blasting, as every dawn, numerous new app is launching in it. Mobile apps consume huge space of the device and thus, users become frustrated when installing an app to their device. Alternative to messaging app, Chatbot is the latest platform to reach to the potential audience. Build your own bot in $1000 and boost your business to reach 900 million people around the world.

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Messaging apps are New Platform to Target

Have you remembered the trend of the mid-‘90s? In that era, the desktop OS was replaced by the browser as the new platform similarly, the client apps were replaced by the websites. Now, the era becomes more techno-oriented and thus, messaging bots are considered as the new apps. The new app store is ‘The Bot Store’. However, it doesn’t mean that the era of app is going to end soon.

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Nowadays, users are installing messaging apps not only to chat with their friends but also to see the content, browse merchandise and content with the brands. Many messaging applications like Telegram, Slack, Facebook, Line and WeChat enable users to interact with the third-party services within the messaging interface.

These platforms allow a full-stack developer to develop messaging bots to offer automated services through the messaging interface. Rumors around the world about the Facebook’s secret Chat SDK for building Messenger bots are spread in January 2016. When Facebook announces a Bot Store, it will be a sign of the “end of the beginning” of a new era: Messaging as a Platform.

The Born of Messaging


Just like a human, messaging bots can read and write messages. Bots can be encoded to perform automated actions. Interestingly, they can initiate action and respond to the requests from the other users as well. Bots automate transactions, workflows and conversations. They are of different types such as:

E-commerce bots

E-commerce bots allow purchasing of goods and services.

Workflow bots

Workflow bots automate business workflows in sales, HR, operations, admin, finance, etc

Food bots

Food bots order dinner.

trading bots

Banking and trading bots offer financial services.

IoT bots

IoT bots connect users to their smart homes, devices and cars.

Chart bots

Chart bots summarize data in charts suitable for small screens.

Content bots

Content bots share and display relevant content, i.e. news, weather, etc

Watcher bots

Watcher bots inform you when definite events happen such as when flight gets delay, etc.

“The rise of chat-based user interfaces will mark a fundamental shift that is going to change the types of applications that get developed and the style of service development,”

- Sam Lessin, CEO of Fin Exploration company

Bots Are the New Apps

The “Messenger Bot Store” announced by the Facebook would be the most significant event for the tech industry after Apple stated the App Store and iPhone SDK in March 2008.

It will be justified to those people, who have been saying ‘bots are the new apps’, as 800 million Facebook users find bots in their Messenger. Similar to the App Store, there is an entire eco system to be developed that enables users to instantly interact and chat with brands like United Airlines, Dominos and Capital One on Messenger.

Will users ever use their bloated native app again? Don’t think so, as the current bot landscape feels much like mobile apps in 2008 and the web in 1995. Some questions itself have an answer.

How long other messaging platforms like WhatsApp, open their platforms for developers?

Will the likes of OpenTable develop bots for every messaging platform or cross-platform standards for bot development appear?

For which use cases can messaging convey an excellent experience to the traditional native apps?


Messenger platform with chatbots Unveiled by Facebook

Thanks to the Facebook, now, the business can easily deliver automated e-commerce guidance, customer support, content and interactive experiences via chatbots. Facebook could improve loyalty with one-up SMS, Messenger and maintain with chat rivals like Telegram, Kik,a and Line that have their own bot platforms.

Facebook also shakes hand with a group of chatbot partnerships with developers, who already access 1-800-Flowers so their users can order flowers by sending it Messenger bot a friend’s name.

TC icon Techcrunch bot now send you a digest of trending stories once a day, you can also customize the types of stories too. Visie the homepage of Techcrunch to subscribe the techcrunch bot.

How Messenger bots work?

Bots can send more than just texting message through the Messenger Platform’s new Send/Receive API. They will respond with the structured messages consisting of links, images and CTA buttons. These could enable users to reserve table in a restaurant, review an e-Commerce order and more. Users can swipe through product carousels and pop out to the web to make payment for their purchase.

Right now, Facebook Messenger Platform doesn’t allow users to make payment directly through the credit card that added to Messenger.

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What Chatbots Can Do for Your Business?

Chatbots enable users to access services directly through a messaging application by chatting with a "bot". So mobile users don’t have to download a separate app for the business, as they only require Facebook messenger and that’s it. One app will lead the show.

For an e.g. if you’re having coffee with likeminded people at Fika in Upper West Side, Manhattan and going back to your stay at Holiday Inn, you just need Facebook messenger and chat with Uber to ask for taxi. Uber hasn’t launch this type of app yet, but this is the possibility of using chat bots.

Being like a real human, Chatbots answered to predetermined questions or more complex ones that automatically improves the conversation between users and business. Bots can be more efficient than using an application.

How will Space-O help you to develop a chatbot through their app development experience?

At Space-O, the belief is “making a difference in people’s life by creating apps which solve real life problems” rather than “making an app where we (ourselves) are not proud of the app created”. We are more focused on training and development activities for the team of different genre and make the wheel going. We would love to share the experience of developing Telegram type of app that uses central Telegram servers. We have experience of developing Telegram Clone App.

In fact, we love to be with a trend and thus, happy to provide you Chatbot for Facebook Messenger. We are sure that you’re reading this means you are using and believing to top in technology and that what we believe too. Build your own Bot in introductory $1000 and boost your business with a new platform in 2 weeks.

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