Why and When Hire Dedicated Developers for Your Business / Product!

Let us tell you straight, dedicated developers model includes core team members based on the specific requirement, who only work for your product / project.

Dedication to Quality - a dedicated team comprises core team members who work with only one client. The best people team are defined for client’ scope and focused on achieving it.

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We believe talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

Hire your own team; best people focused on relevant experience, priorities, training, and expertise. Look at the recent example of Google Play Awards. The winning team Houzz was very accurate on hiring process.

When You Need to Hire Dedicated Developers Model?

If you are a technical consultant and looking to set up your own team of web/app developers/ designers

If you are mobile app development company and searching for dedicated iPhone and android developers

If you are startup, having knowledge of mobile app development and want to hire mobile app development team

If you are enterprise and looking for skill based developers, like the recent iPhone based Swift enabled developers

If you are already working on a project with a tight deadline and want to hire developer for a new project

One Common Skill of Our Developers

It is very easy skill but this skill doesn’t need any particular natural talent. Once you have it and it becomes a part of your every operation, you will begin to achieve at an accelerating rate.


It means responding to emails immediately, and never taking longer than 24 hours to do so. Showing up for everything you’ve said you’d show up for. Finishing everything you’ve said you’d finished on time. The desperate need for hard working, reliable people who communicate immediately all the time is off the charts, follows through, always communicates, always delivers, and never leaves anyone hanging or in the dark.

Our developers have well-honed skills in Swift, Objective C, C++, C#, and Java programming languages through which they offer services like Mobile Application Development, API Development, and Integration.


Our Hire Dedicated
Mobile App Developers Include:

We are offering a dedicated team model for senior developers, having more than 4 years of relevant experience.

Hire iOS App Developers

for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch Development

Hire Android
App Developers

for Android App Development

Hire tvOS

for TvOS App Development

Hire PHP

for WordPress or Website Development

What Are the Advantages of Dedicated Team Hiring Model?

Dedicated team hiring model is widely used for medium and large scale app and web development projects. Have a look this FOCUS approach brings better understanding of your needs and processes to the team.



As you are developing a product it is always advisable to hire a dedicated development team where you can manage the resources and have the flexibility to get the changes done until you are satisfied!



If you are not satisfied with the current developer assigned to the project, we will identify and assign new developer within 1 week (Additional Benefit).



A Project Manager (Technical) will be assigned to the project for communication Free of Cost (Additional Benefit)


Under Control

You get control on selecting your team members and priorities their work. This helps you to deliver projects in a better way.


Scalable Success

Scale up your team with a reasonable lead time or Scale down it with a reasonable notice period without going through any administrative or legal complexities.

We have several clients, who are working on development of their product, hired a dedicated team for the success and smooth running of their project. If you are looking to develop a stronger product and get it launched in the market, hiring a dedicated team member from our team is suitable with no overheads and managing costs.

Below are some apps we have developed for our clients, who have hired a dedicated team from us and are currently performing well on app stores: -


Acquired & Funded by Samsung and Recently valued by US$60 million

Mobstar Mobstar


911 service in the US for Fire & Ambulance Department


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should You Charge for dedicated developers?

We are having developers with minimum of 4+ years of experience working on complex projects. Based on your requirement, our rates for dedicated developers start with $2700 - $4200 for 160 hours of monthly development hours’ cycle in which, we include technical project manager and QA professional adds up.

What if I need my development team during my local working hours?

Our Indian and Russian developers will be part of your dedicated developers’ team. We try to cover at-least 2-3 common hours with the client’s local hours, so the client and development team communicate with ease.

How can I communicate with dedicated hired team?

We use Basecamp, Email or Skype talk or Direct phone access to communicate with our clients.

Will the developers use our project tools?

We use Basecamp, Github, Mentis & Slack. However our team will be happy to adapt to any other Tools you use for project development and management.

Should I select my own team of developers? Or what is the process?

We would love to offer that. Generally we are the best judge of which of our developers will be suitable for your projects once we understand your needs. We would first suggest you best of the developers that can fulfill your needs. However, if you are not satisfied with that, we can offer you alternatives and you can make a selection.

Will I get report hourly or project based? ?

Yes, we believe in 100% transparency. You would get daily, weekly and monthly reports of your team’s work and time spent on each project.

Will the developer be able to perform QA?

Yes, developer will able to do QA at certain level. Yes, developer will able to do QA at certain level. But, we didn’t expect much from the developers to deliver 100% bug free application and thus, we are providing QA as complementary services, who will test the application in live environment.

Do I need to sign a long term contract?

No there are no contracts, however we expect our customers to provide us at least 1 month notice period before sailing down their dedicated team.


‘ Space- O have been superb! As someone who are new to working on a mobile application, we weren’t sure what to expect. Rakesh and his team listened to our thoughts and suggestions regarding our App and far surpassed our expectations. They were always available for us (although we were in 3 different time zones), responded very quickly and go above and beyond to help. We highly recommend that you use Space-O to develop your app. ’ Ruth Kadosh Tamari & May Haim Kotlarsky,
Hire Dedicated Developers
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