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Looking for hiring dedicated developers for your mobile app development project? From ideation to the app’s launch, our team can take care of everything. Talk to our expert now to hire dedicated programmers as per your needs.

Forget freelancers, hire dedicated developers

If you are an entrepreneur and want to develop a mobile application for your company, but don’t have enough resources to handle the development process, then you should consider the dedicated model. In a dedicated model, you won’t need to keep a check on each developer that you hire. You can use your resources and time on tasks that are indispensable for your business.

Hiring dedicated developers from a reputed web and app development company like Space-O Technologies will ensure that your work is being done professionally, on time and in the best way possible. You will be able to work with the developers or the developers’ team you hire in a convenient and hassle-free manner.

At Space-O, we have over 200 experienced developers and you can build your own team that is flexible and scalable. So get in touch with our experts today and hire your own dedicated developer.

hire dedicated developers, Hire Dedicated Developers

Dedicated Developers to Hire

Looking to hire dedicated mobile app developers for a particular niche? We offer dedicated hiring for mobile and web developers across several trending technologies. Here is the list of the various technologies and platforms that our dedicated developers have expertise in.

Top Application Developed by Our Developers

hire dedicated developers, Hire Dedicated Developers

Glovohire dedicated developers, Hire Dedicated Developers

Covered by Techcrunch, Glovo is an on-demand delivery app developed by the mobile application developer team. Received total funding of €461.79M, it is available in different countries worldwide.

hire dedicated developers, Hire Dedicated Developers

Gallery Guardian

Developed by our best mobile app developers, Gallery Guardian is a child protection app that covered by Huffingtonpost.co.uk and BBC News.

hire dedicated developers, Hire Dedicated Developers

Loophire dedicated developers, Hire Dedicated Developers

Loop: Party with friends is an event planning app, developed by our mobile app development team, allowing users to create and discover nearby events.

hire dedicated developers, Hire Dedicated Developers

Get Fit Buddy

Get Fit Buddy is a custom fitness app developed by Space-O team. The app allows users to manage food journal, maintain exercise log and review the progress on daily basis.

hire dedicated developers, Hire Dedicated Developers

Currency Tracker

Currency Tracker is the world’s first multi-currency and cryptocurrency wallet app, allowing users to send and receive currencies and cryptocurrency across the world.

hire dedicated developers, Hire Dedicated Developers

2Placezhire dedicated developers, Hire Dedicated Developers

2Placez is a transportation app that allows users to book kid and elder-friendly transportation service. Using the app, users can schedule one or recurring rides at one single time.

Mobile Apps Developed by Space-O Have Been Featured On

Industries We Serve With
Dedicated Developers

At Space-O Technologies, we provide solutions for web and mobile app development across industries. With hands-on experience and updated tech skills, our mobile app programmers can help you complete your project in a convenient and scalable way. With dedicated hiring from Space-O, you can get a mobile app or website that makes your business stand out from your competitors and is in accordance with your industry.

Health & Fitness


Transportation & Logistics

Education & Learning

Banking & Finance

Food & Drink

eCommerce & Shopping



On-demand solutions

Travel and Tourism


Process For Creating Your Dedicated
Development Team

We have a process to help our clients hire dedicated developers. The process involves everything from gathering the requirements to the final kick-off of the project. Take a look at our process to understand how we will proceed.

Requirement gathering
In this initial step, one of our app development consultants will talk to you and discuss your requirements in detail. This will help us understand what you are looking for and how many resources you will need and how long. Once we calculate our estimates, we will be able to give you a cost estimation for hiring dedicated developers or a dedicated development team.
Candidate shortlisting
Based on your requirements, we will screen developers or designers from our company. We will shortlist their resumes and forward them on to you. The shortlisting process is done to help save your time and efforts during the selection. This will also ensure that you get the best of the lot. We will make sure that we provide you with experienced developers for optimal results.
Resume screening and final selection
Once we have shortlisted the resumes, we will send them to you for final screening. Once you find and choose the best-suited developers from our list of candidates for your project, we will move on to the next step. However, in case you want to explore more options, we will start the shortlisting process again till you find a dedicated development team that best-suited for your project.
Terms and contract
Once the final selection has been approved from your end, we will proceed to the contract. We will be completing all the formalities before beginning the development. You will need to sign a contract with us that will include the nondisclosure agreement too. This will assure you that we will work in such a way that the unique idea for your app remains confidential and safe.
Connect with developers
We know that by this point you will be looking forward to beginning the work quickly. Once all the other steps are done and dusted, we will connect you with the dedicated developers that you have hired. We will also put you in touch with the project manager of the dedicated development team so that you can communicate with him about your requirements and start the work as soon as possible. In case, if you want to discuss anything with the developer, you can directly communicate with him too.

Benefits Of Hiring Dedicated Developers For Your Mobile
App Development

hire dedicated developers, Hire Dedicated Developers

Increase productivityYou can focus more on your core tasks rather than handling the developer you have hired.

hire dedicated developers, Hire Dedicated Developers

Communicate directlyIt will be possible for you to be completely involved and communicate directly with the team at any time.

hire dedicated developers, Hire Dedicated Developers

Flexible hiringYou don’t have to hire an employee full-time, you can just hire a dedicated developer when you have a project on hand and then relieve him once the work is done.

hire dedicated developers, Hire Dedicated Developers

Save time and moneyCost and time-efficient, this hiring option is great for startups.

Why Should You Choose Space-O To
Hire Dedicated Developers

Experienced team of developers

Our team has about 200+ experienced professionals and you will be able to hire some of the most experienced developers for your dedicated mobile app developers.


We will sign a nondisclosure agreement with you to make sure that your unique mobile app idea remains confidential and secure.

Flexible model

This flexible model of hiring dedicated developers is very popular and sought after by large companies. The ease of management and better quality development is very helpful.

Rights and ownership

The app that we develop for you will be owned by you and we will ensure you that we will never claim our rights to the same.

Dedicated project manager

We understand it could be difficult to manage a project if you don’t have technical knowledge. Hence, we will assign an experienced project manager to your project at no additional costs. This will also help you for easy communication with the developers.

QA professionals

Although our developers can do QA testing, they won’t be as good as a QA professional. Hence, we will be assigning a QA professional to your project at no extra costs. This will ensure that your app runs smoothly and without any technical issues.

Regular reports

We will send you daily, weekly and monthly reports of what your developer is doing on a regular basis.

Flexible hours

We will also try to make sure that some working hours of the developer overlaps with your working hours so that you can communicate more easily.

On-time delivery

Our developers are extremely punctual and disciplined, they will complete the work on time and always reply to you when you reach out to them with changes, suggestions or feedback.


Your intellectual property’s security is one of our top priorities. All the employees working with us sign a legal contract stating that they won’t disclose confidential information of our clients with anyone else. Other than this, we ensure that we only share information about your project with people who are involved in the project and give them limited access on a need-to-know basis. This helps us maintain the privacy of your app development idea and assure you that your information is in safe hands.

Depending on the kind of changes you want in your app, our team of experts will answer your queries and assist you accordingly for the same. Moreover, if you need any changes when the development process is still on or till the app hasn’t been launched, then you can simply contact your developer directly for the same.

First of all, our sales executive will discuss your requirements and understand what exactly you are looking for. Then, we will shortlist candidates so that you can select them easily. We’ll send the shortlisted resumes to you for the final selection process. If you are not satisfied with resumes, we can send some more options to you so you can choose as per your requirement. After you give us the final confirmation, we will then have a kick-off meeting to connect you with the developers.

Yes, that’s the intention behind offering dedicated hiring for mobile app development. You get a developer who works dedicatedly on your project, without any other distractions. If you hire an entire dedicated developers’ team then the entire team will focus only on your project.

We will have a project manager to help you with the development process and you can communicate your requirements. Moreover, you can directly contact the hired developer too through email, Skype, Basecamp and phone calls.

We want to make sure that we provide convenience and comfort to you so we will try to change the timings of our developers as per your local working hours. If not entirely then we will do our best to overlap at least 2-3 hours common hours with your timings so that there is efficient communication between you and the dedicated mobile app developers.

At Space-O, we use Basecamp, Github, Mentis & Slack. However, if you use anything else, our developers will be happy to adapt to the same so that it becomes easier for you.

While our developers can do QA testing to a certain extent, they are not very apt for the role. Hence, as an additional benefit, we will be providing you with QA testing services at no extra cost. This will ensure that your app or website runs smoothly and doesn’t have any technical issues.

Yes, there will be a certain contract in place for security and legal reasons. If your development work is over and you want to relieve the hired developers, you will be able to do so as per the clauses mentioned.

We have highly skilled and experienced developers who have worked on numerous projects and have a minimum of 4+ years of experience in their respective fields. Owing to this, our charges vary and start from $2,700 to $4,200 for about 160 hours of work in a month. In this 1 month’s development work, we will also include complimentary services by assigning a project manager and QA professional to your project.

Yes, our company believes in 100% transparency. Hence, we will provide you with daily, weekly and monthly reports of the work being done by the developer or the developer team that you hire.

Yes, since you are a client, you will own all the legal rights to the work done by your dedicated developers. The work done will be your absolute property.

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