Education App Development: Useful Tips and Important Features To Develop One!

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The education app market size is growing at a fast pace. This speedy growth and advancements in the technology have compelled education app, developers, entrepreneurs, institutions, and universities to facilitate online education for the students and invent new ways of education.

Nowadays, the models of both learning and teaching is advancing towards a personalized learning environment and virtual classroom, where students can learn anything from anywhere.

Educational app development offers the ability to provide training, and fast communication between teachers and students, from anywhere, and at any time. This means, whether the students are together in a classroom or spread all over the country, they can still access the same educational materials, at their own convenient time.

According to a report by Statistica, worldwide m-education spending is projected to reach $37.8 Billion U.S. dollars by 2020.

app for education

By looking at the above graph, there definitely seems to be an increase in demand for mobile app for education for the next five years.

This blog will explain the significance of educational mobile app development and important features to be considered by our educational app developers while building your mobile app for education.

So, let’s start by understanding how a mobile education would look like.

Education Application System

Basically, a mobile education app system should incorporate modules of the syllabus, calendar, grades, learning teams, workshops and sessions, and more. There also should be a common discussion forum so that both faculties and students can communicate and participate in subject discussions from their smartphones.

Besides this, receiving real-time notifications and access to study materials, even in the offline mode, would be quite beneficial and appreciated by the users.

So now that you know how a typical education app would look like, let’s move forward and know about the useful tips to keep in mind for education mobile app development.

Educational App Development Tips

Mobile app development has already turned into the education industry and produced great results in making education apps for children.

To develop an education app, some of the essentials must be included to give end-users comfort and create demand in the market. Here is some pointer that education app developers must focus on while making educational apps.

  1. Appealing Look and Design

    If you’re creating an education app for students, you must give them the joy for learning rather than putting them off their studies. So for this, the most important factor is design and appearance. Therefore, the user interface of your education app should be attractive. This makes your app’s productivity better and allows the users to get enhanced learning with minimum efforts.

  2. Content Quality

    As you probably know that the size of smartphone and tablet screens is small, so avoid content in large paragraphs. You can use diagrams and graphs instead. This will make the understanding of the subject more clear and easy-to-learn.

  3. Testing The User Understanding

    In any education app, the mobile app developers must put in the functionality of testing the amount of knowledge that the app user got from it. Also, you must include the functionality of categories to choose from different subjects, topics, and related links to get more explanation related to the topic.

  4. Response From The Public

    Another important factor is to review your education app at regular intervals to provide necessary updates. Feedbacks from the users can be requested from them to give enhancement to your education app and launch new versions of it. Also, updating your education app on a regular basis is a good practice to have, as learning scenarios change frequently.

    Not only these, but you also need to choose the features of your educational app carefully. The feature list of an educational app can go on forever because of the wide range of situations where these apps can be developed.

    But, whatever type of education app you develop, there are certain important features that you should consider to involve.

Education App Features

Developing features for an educational mobile app will depend on the type of app you’re trying to develop or on the institutions and users. However, there are few fundamental components that an educational app should have.

  1. Syllabus

    This component allows users to access the course syllabus, learning lessons, and assignment for the course. The entire course should be managed in weeks format or in learning units. These learning lessons provide users to access study materials, which can also be downloaded for future reference.

  2. Notifications

    Every user needs to be informed regarding all updates with regard to their course. Therefore, there should be a separate section in your education app to manage notifications.

  3. Private Messaging

    A private messaging functionality is an added advantage for education apps where both users (Students and Faculties) can communicate privately. The faculties can filter these messages by student names and the students can send private messages to the faculty.

  4. Course Activities

    Most of the educational apps consist of an active forum where students can view the latest events included in the chosen course. They can easily track down all events using this feature. However, this component changes from application to application. Some apps offer filter option so that the users can sort the activities date-wise or subject-wise.

Developing Your Own Education App

With the advent of educational app development and as learning has become more portable day by day, educational apps have secured a certified market. In fact, here’s an infographic from TechNavio that shows the true market potential of education app development.


Nowadays, the e-learning industry is among the top promising industries. Thanks to the rapid adoption of smartphones and the increasing speed of internet connection, the education app market size will continue to change in favor of mobile app services.

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Moreover, its diverse features like real-time notifications, easy-to-access course materials, public discussion forums, and timely updates make the educational apps more reliable. Hence, in near future, education mobile apps will encourage people in online education.

However, while developing an app, you need to determine what type of education app you want to develop. As one of the excellent app development firms, we provide education app development services for the following type of education apps.

  • Language Learning Apps
  • Educational Apps for Kids
  • Learning Apps for Disabled People
  • Learning Apps for Adults
  • Test Prep Apps

In fact, we’ve already developed several kinds of educational apps in past. Take “Counting in Japanese” for example. We developed it for both Android and iOS platform. The client was so happy, she gave us this video testimonial.

In fact, we request you to check our education app portfolio to get basic education app ideas and see our work.

And while we’re on the subject of developing your education app, if you already have a unique idea or plan for your education app and would like to discuss it with our expert consultants, you can fill the below form and our representative will get in touch with you shortly to guide you through the whole mobile app development process for your app idea.

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