Doctors On-demand App Development: Follow These 3 Effectual Strategies from Zocdoc, Doctor Appointment App


This blog post includes information for tech startups & entrepreneurs. Curated a few effectual strategies from Zocdoc that startups can consider during doctors on-demand app development.

Technology has eradicated most of the challenges of the healthcare sector. Whether it is booking an appointment to a specialist or consult to doctors on audio or video calls, apps can do everything for people, who seek medical attention. Thanks to doctors on-demand apps! There is an on-demand doctor appointment app named as Zocdoc, which has already achieved the title of unicorn healthcare startup that is valued over 1 billion. According to the latest report from CB Insights, “The app, Zocdoc, has named among the most well-funded tech startups by the United States.”

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Zocdoc: Doctors On-demand App

The US most funded tech startup, Zocdoc, is a mobile app, which allows users to book nearby doctors on-demand or dentists through instantly book an appointment online. Zocdoc, doctors on-demand app, allows patients/users to fill out their paperwork online in advance of their appointment. This doctor on-demand app also helps its users/patients to receive faster access to care and optimizes doctors’ schedules.


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Founded in 2007, Zocdoc is based on the Greater New York Area. Zocdoc app offers the following on-demand solutions to its patients/users via its doctor on-demand app:

  • Allowing users to book nearby doctors or dentists in their networks.
  • Browsing doctor reviews by real patients
  • Allowing to book doctor appointments with a tap

The Growth of Zocdoc, Doctor Appointment App

  • With total funding amount of $223M, Zocdoc claims to have $113.5M in revenue annually.
  • According to the latest report from Similar Web, “The Google Play rank of Zocdoc app is #23.” On the other hand, according to the report from App Annie, “Currently, the download rank of Zocdoc app is #20 in Apple App Store.” This is what you can see in this image.


All top of it, we can say that the Zocdoc app has been performing well since its emergence. Let’s have a look at a few effectual strategies from Zocdoc that startups can consider during doctor appointment booking app development.

3 Effectual Strategies from Zocdoc That Startups Can Consider During Doctors On-Demand App Development

1. Convenience: Provide Same-day Solutions for Doctors’ Appointments

One of the effectual strategies from Zocdoc is that it allows its app users to book same-day solutions for doctors’ appointments. In short, if you want to get succeed in developing mobile apps for healthcare, then it is important to consider convenience to your customers or app users. When it comes to urgent visits, an on-demand doctor app allows its app users to book same-day or urgent appointments.

For telemedicine startups, you need to provide the solution that embraces convenience to users as they can schedule same-day appointments at any time and anywhere. In addition, users must be able to find in-network neighborhood doctors, instantly book appointments online at their fingertips.


The bottom line is that people usually more lean to those services in which they find convenient services to book same-day appointments. So, being a healthcare tech startup, if you want to dive into healthcare side of things, then the “convenience” is one of the essential factors to consider while developing doctor appointment app like Zocdoc.

2. Adopt Patient-Centric Approach

The next important strategy is that you as a health tech startup need to adopt the patient-centric approach in order to get the unparalleled results from your doctors on-demand app like Zocdoc. Customer or patient-centric approach is to think and see the world from your customers’ point of view. This approach is based on what your customers say and want. In this way, you can easily predict or get what your customers actually need or get. Or, you can also analyze the pain points of your customers as what they have been going through from the past few years in healthcare services.


Moreover, when it comes to the patient or customer-centric approach, it is based on the concept in which you need to provide solutions to the pain points of your customers, but not just providing services and products.

Being a healthcare startup, if you all set to create doctors on-demand app like Zocdoc, then this is one of the important strategies, which you need to embrace. Plus, you can hire one of the top app developers from choosing any one of the best app development companies.

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3. Real-time is an Effective Way to Check The Availability of Doctors

To make your users updated regarding the doctors’ availability, you can embrace the strategy from Zocdoc app, which works on the concept of real-time. Allowing patients or app users to see real-time availability of doctors in their areas or nearby doctors is one of the effectual ways to provide users some extra from your services.


Image Source: zocdoc

Taking an example of Zocdoc, this doctor appointment booking app integrates with doctors’ calendars in real-time and helps into the hidden supply of the providers’ availabilities. Additionally, the healthcare startups can also allow users to reschedule or cancel the appointments at the last minute. In this way, you can achieve success by applying this strategy in order to develop Android app for doctor on-demand appointment like Zocdoc.

Thus, if you have ever thought of developing doctors on-demand app like Zocdoc, then make sure you cover all these effective strategies from Zocdoc app.

Concluding Remarks

Healthcare is recognized as one of the growing niches in which startups can find out a number of opportunities to flourish. If we’re talking about the global healthcare outlook, as per the latest report from Deloitte, “The global health care spending is projected to increase at an annual rate of 4.1% in 2017-2021, up from just 1.3% in 2012-2016.” Well, there can be reasons for increasing these numbers, but aging and increasing populations are the foremost factors behind the growth of these stats.

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