10 Tinder Features That You Can’t Afford to Miss When Developing a Dating App Like Tinder

If you are an entrepreneur and running a dating startup, then this blog is highly recommended to you. The blog contains a list of top 10 Tinder features that you can consider when developing a dating app like Tinder. These features are written on the basis of quick discussion with our app development team which has already developed over 40 successful dating apps. Let’s check out what are those top features!

Today, if people want to find someone to hang out with, know or even go on a date for a night, then they prefer to visit Tinder, which is the best place to be. Tinder has changed the way dating occurs in the digital world. Users just need to create a profile, submit what they are looking for in the potential date, and wait for the match to happen. 

In fact, they just need to swipe left and right across the different profiles that match their criteria and finally get matched with the one who has swiped right for them too. What makes this app desirable? People get to meet absolute strangers, have a night out with them, and if everything works, they can also go on a second date with them. Moving ahead, let’s know some basic information about this successful dating app.

Tinder: One of the Successful Dating Apps in the Market

  • This is one of the top dating apps that is available in close to 30 languages as of now with over 50 Mn users. 
  • Since inception, this app for dating is being used in 196 countries and has crossed over 1 Mn dates per week.
  • A total of 1.6 Bn swipes happen on a daily basis and the total number of matches in a day equals 20 Bn.
  • Tinder users login approximate 11 times in a day.
  • Moreover, in this given image, you can check the popularity of Tinder application that is constantly growing.

growth of tinder app

Tinder is definitely on the growth path. So, looking at the success and demand for dating app, if you are planning to develop dating app like Tinder that meets the criteria for the local markets, then there are a few points of differentiation that you might want to add. 

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This is to capture the local markets and boost the visibility of the clone app. Being an experienced mobile app development company and developing over 40 dating apps like Swype and My Circle, we have identified a few key features of dating app that you cannot miss out in the Tinder clone app. 

10 Tinder Features That You Can’t Afford to Miss While Developing a Dating App like Tinder

Here is the list of Tinder app features, you should not miss while developing a dating application. These best dating app features will help you to enhance trustability and make dating app more interactive.

  1. Facebook/Google sign-in

    Social Media Sign-in Feature

    Signing in to the dating app should be made easy. The whole process of registering into the app and then adding profile details and working on creating a profile can add to a lot of hassles. The idea is to make access quick and smooth.

    That’s why when you create a Tinder-like app, make sure you allow for social sign-ins. This way the profile that users have created for Facebook or Google can be used to create their Tinder profile. Your app users won’t need to add basic profile details like email Id, name, and other details.

    Users just simply need to enter the extra information that is being asked, thus making entering the app easy and user-friendly. So, consider Facebook and Google sign-in feature when developing a dating app like Bumble or Tinder.

  2. User profile

    User Profile

    As dating works on your profile is matched with that of another person, you ought to make efforts to create a good profile. The app should help the users with creating the profile, and making it app friendly.

    Don’t ask them to add too many details, and make sure some of the details need not be compulsory for the user to enter. The idea is to make users want to create a profile and make matching easy and effective for them.

  3. Location-based suggestions

    Location Based Suggestions

    When you are creating a dating app, it is very important to offer localized and personalized suggestions. You don’t want to match a profile in Austria with someone in America, as that would not be on the user’s mind.

    It is important that you go local with the search, profile and other options. For this, you should know the user’s preferred location, and their profile matches criteria. This will help your location-based dating app define suitable matches for them.

  4. Search functionality with filters

    Search Functionality With FiltersWant to find a particular person on Tinder? Well, there is one of the features of tinder app that allows you to search for the person based on either their name, age or other criteria that you have about their profile. This allows people to look for acquaintances or people they have met just once on tinder and connect with them.

    If you want to give a Tinder like a feel to your dating app, make sure you allow the users to search for the people they want on the application. You should include plenty of filters and advanced search option which will improve the search experience. 

  5. Calendar integration

    Calendar Integration

    The calendar integration feature allows you to manage all the dates and the potential dates with ease. You know who all you are chatting with, who all you have right swiped and are in the dating pipeline and other details with this feature. The date is confirmed and you plan to meet only after the chatting and other things have been considered.

    When you plan for Tinder-like app for your business idea, this is an important feature that you simply cannot exclude. The feature allows the users to know about all the activities they have had on the app in the past. In fact, the app feature also tells them who they went out on a date with, and who they are currently chatting with. The number of right swipes and other details are also mentioned in the calendar integration with the dates and times. This makes it easy for the user to know who is currently in the dating pipeline and who is out of it. 

  6. Live video chatting

    Live Video Chatting

    Sometimes, people prefer to talk to the person online before they meet them up. Once the initial chat is done, you can allow them to set up video calling, which allows them the in-person like feeling, and helps them understand whether or not they want to meet in person. Live video chatting also allows the person to decide whether they want to take it further or not.

    If you are creating a Tinder-like app, make sure to integrate in-app chatting and in-app video are two features of dating apps that you don’t miss out on.

  7. Offline access

    Offline Access

    Users may want to access the dating app while they are without their internet connection. Tinder has made offline access of the application available. This has not only increased the engagement but also boosted the experience of the users.

    If you are looking at increasing customer value with your dating app idea, then you ought to make a Tinder clone app that offers offline access to the users. It will help them access the profiles, right swipe people and even chat with the potential dates while offline. 

  8. Block users

    Block Users

    Dating apps have their own issues, which need to be handled when you are creating them. Let’s say User A has been receiving messages from someone they don’t want to interact. The other person constantly tries to send messages or get in touch with that person. What will the user A do in this case?

    That’s where the feature of blocking comes to their use. The user can use this feature and block the people they don’t want to interact with, thus preventing any future messages from them. you should always add this feature as a basic need to your app that you will be defined to improve the dating scene around you. It is an important feature to develop one of the most popular dating apps as it concerns with the user experience.

  9. Notification and real-time alerts

    Notifications and Real-time Alerts

    Personalization is the key to improving the user experience in your new dating app. When you are building a dating app like Tinder, personalization is an important ingredient. Make sure you add real-time alerts and notifications that are based on the browsing history and the likes that have been defined by the person in concern.

    The idea is to give exactly those messages to the user that they want to receive. For instance, if they have been chatting with someone, then the alerts could be related to a new message they have received from that person. The alert could also be about the person who has swiped them right. The idea is to know what they would like to receive and send them those notifications. 

  10. Personal Security

    Personal Security

    Recently, Tinder has launched a new personal security feature that will help protect LBGTQ+ users, who are traveling to dozens of nations. This feature protects users from those nations that still criminalize same-sex acts or relationships.

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    So, users who recognize on the app as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer will no longer automatically appear on Tinder when they arrive in an oppressive state. This feature that Tinder dubs the Traveler Alert depends on your phone’s network connection in order to determine its location.

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Summing up

If you have Tinder like dating app idea, then it is important that you plan for the target market where you will launch the app, and then decide how you want the app to be used. It is important that you define both growth and engagement strategies for the increased use of the app.

However, when developing the app, don’t miss out on the 10 basic features mentioned here as that is essential and you cannot do without them. So, if you want end-to-end app development support, get in touch with us. Being an iOS app development company, we aim to improve your mobile app development experience with thorough planning and execution. 

In case, if you have any doubt or query related to dating app development cost, how to make money with dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, or Indian app developers cost to develop a dating app, just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly. The consultation with our representatives won’t cost you money.

We have developed over 50 dating mobile applications like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid and Her. Before writing this article, we met our best dating app developers to get the basic idea regarding the article and which Tinder features to present. 

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