4 Amazing Functionality of RealityKit to Create Augmented Reality App For Your Business

How to Create an Augmented Reality App

An increase in demand for augmented reality Apps has become a craze with the tech-savvy generation. It has now become a new trend, and after the boom in the mobile app industry with apps like Pokemon Go, you can hardly meet someone who isn’t aware of it. While AR is viewed by many as an amusement technology, it is commonly used in various sectors such as medicine, e-commerce, architecture, and many others. That stereotype will be broken down by this post.

AR’s potential is seamless, and companies have already started using this technique to provide a brand fresh customer experience in their company. Companies are implementing AR in order to generate brand demonstrations, interactive publicity and provide clients with real-time information. It has been demonstrated that individuals are more inclined to purchase an item when they contact or communicate with it because of the mental connection formed.

The market for enhanced and virtual truth is anticipated to reach $215 billion by 2021, according to a statistic prediction. As a fast increasing industry, AR draws both enormous companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook, and smaller companies. All are believed to have a substantial growth opportunity.

Types of augmented reality applications

1) Marker-based applications


Marker-based Applications

Marker-based ar apps are picture identification oriented. You use black and white buttons to show AR material. You must point the camera to a marker anywhere around you to see the increased element. The software overlays digital data on this map, and you can see the enlarged item when the system acknowledges the marker.

2) Location-based applications


How to Make Augmented Reality App

With the help of a GPS, accelerometer or digital compass, Location-based ar apps detect the users’ position and superpose the augmented reality objects in actual physical places. Pokemon Go is undoubtedly one of the best known location-based ar apps.

These augmented reality mobile apps can share customer notifications to provide fresh AR material in relation to a specific place depending on their location. For instance, an app could recommend the finest restaurants in the vicinity and demonstrate how to reach them. Such an app might assist you in locating your vehicle in a huge car park with GPS, for instance.

Things you must consider before creating an augmented reality app

Before you plan out to create augmented reality app, there are certain things that you must keep in mind. Let’s take a quick look at them and prepare a user-friendly app:

  • Import, or construct from meshes, equipment, and textures, entirely shaped resources.
  • including advanced designs, you produce with the Reality Composer App.
  • In the setting, place sound sources.
  • Take items manually, as well as simulations with physics.
  • Answer user input and environmental shifts.
  • Sync device-wide, allowing group AR experiences.

1) Cloud recognition

You need to verify whether the increased augmented reality development kit promotes cloud identification if you want to build an AR app which can identify numerous distinct signals. This function saves the marker in the cloud and does not take much room for implementation on a portable phone. The amount of markers that can be acknowledged is another significant element. Some AR kits support 100 markers, but others can acknowledge thousands of tags. Of course, the more AR software can recognize signs, the more advanced you are prepared to generate AR experiences.

2) Platform

You will have no problem when selecting an enhanced reality toolkit if you intend to create your iOS or Android app as almost all of them promote it. In the meantime, it’s rather low to choose Windows or MacOS compliant instruments. However, with an augmented reality development kit you can create an app for Windows or smartphones and support the Universal Windows Platform

3) Image recognition and tracking

Augmented Reality App Development

Applications that support it can acknowledge trilingual items such as cabins, cups, cylinders, players, etc. 3D image recognition and monitoring are one of AR SDK’s most precious characteristics. Because of monitoring, the app can “know” and improve the big user area within big structures such as airports, bus stops, picnic centres.


SLAM implies Localization and Mapping simultaneously. This is an algorithm that maps and controls the atmosphere in which the user is situated. AR mobile apps that contain this function can keep physical items in place within certain environments and positions virtual items according to their location and user motions. SLAM has enormous capacity and is not only available in Augmented Reality applications, but in many different applications as well. This technology has the most significant benefit of being able to be used inside, whereas GPS can be used only on the outside.

Although AR is regarded by many entertainment technologies, it is commonly used in various sectors such as healthcare, e-commerce, architecture, and many others. There are two wide categories of AR applications: marker-based applications and location-based applications. Marker-based applications use predefined markers to activate an AR overlay screen on top of the picture. Applications using location-based GPS, accelerometer and compass data show AR items over physical objects.


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