21 Business Apps Keeping Your Business Mobile and Organized


Apps are changing the way in which enterprise looks at itself. Enterprises have become smarter, intelligent and app-friendly. The paper work has lessened, storing information has become easy and communication is smooth as well. Most of the apps that help enterprises are the ones that have build their own apps, as per their requirement. But then come some already existing business apps that do help. These have helped the enterprises to start growing on their bases and then also given them ideas to make small business apps of their own, which ultimately becomes necessary.

These mobile apps for business range in many different categories. They’ll help you run your business more organized and effectively. Here’re some battle-tested apps making your mobile phone an invaluable business tool.

Expense & Finance Management Apps

(1) Expensify

Expensify takes the tediousness out of the creation and handling of expense reports. This app with its easy process of ‘Click a picture, assemble all reports in categories and make your life simpler.’

(2) Paypal

As the name itself suggests, Paypal can be used to pay money at any store, restaurant, and other establishments that accept Paypal. It makes sure you do not have to carry money with you all the time. Paypal doesn’t only allow you to pay money in terms of transactions but also helps you to store, withdraw money and/or transfer it to a pal’s account.

(3) FreshBooks

Piling business expenses can be dangerous. With the FreshBooks apps, you can record and track expenses and profits, take pictures of your receipts for your records, track project times and expenses for faster invoicing and even file your taxes directly through the app.

(4) Abacus

While all the other apps mentioned above, help the management, this one helps the employees. Many employees at the sales or marketing level are out of town, most of the times. Incurring expenses is inevitable, but not getting them reimbursed at all or for a long time, is not cool. Abacus makes it possible and easy for you to make sure that you get reimbursed in a non chaotic way and without taking much time too.

Sales Intelligence Apps

(5) InsightSquared

InsightSquared delivers visual, actionable and affordable analytics to accelerate your business growth. It is a web app and it allows you to get settled in and within 48 hours. It provides you access to all the analysis you need in order to make sure that you don’t miss a headline and you keep updated to make your business better.

(6) Salesforce1

Salesforce1 is a brand new way to experience Salesforce from any device, bringing all your Chatter, CRM, apps, and business processes together in a unified, modern experience for any Salesforce user.

(7) LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn has become the most growing portal for job related news and inquiries. This new app, that actually helps the LinkedIn users, is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Wherever you are, whenever you are, this app works for you immediately.Sales Navigator Mobile gives you access to Sales Navigator’s key features where you need them most: everywhere.

(8) Quick Sale Lite

Every sales related job of yours can be done easily with Quick Sale Lite. Streamlining tasks, managing email invoices, managing incoming and outgoing flow of payments and more is made easy with this app. Achievement of sales goals becomes easy with this app.

(9) DocuSign

Is your work pending because your boss has gone on a holiday and you need his sign? Now it won’t stay pending. With the help of DocuSign, you can get documents electronically signed and sign documents yourself. No work shall remain pending and neither will the privacy be compromised with.

Work Utility & Task Apps

(10) Dropbox

Dropbox has not remained a professional tool of storage with people storing movies and more on it. But businesses have definitely benefited over the 1 TB storage capacity it offers. Most business houses use Dropbox to store presentations, training videos and more such heavy things, instead of carrying it on pendrive and risk it being crashed.

(11) Evernote

Evernote basically allows you to store any form of data; videos, audios, documents and more and it becomes more than just a journal by doing so.The users are allowed to search anything and everything across all devices and are given freedom in editing files.

(12) Trello

Trello is an organizer’s tool. It allows one to create a checklist of work to do and done. Also it allows more than one person to create their list on the same board, this way every member of the team makes sure they are on the same page. Other than that one can comment, label, attach a file, picture and more. While tracking the growth of your work and more, Trello is a fantastic tool.

(13) Office 365

An app that Microsoft gives access to edit any data on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint and more. It allows about 1 TB of cloud storage to anyone who subscribes to the OneDrive app for upto 5 users.

(14) Scanbot
This app allows you to convert the document’s photo into a PDF, sign it and share it or store it on your OneDrive or Dropbox account. This simple app lets you combine multiple snaps of multiple pages into one PDF and features optical character recognition (OCR).

(15) do It!

do It!, by Space-O, actually allows you to leave behind all the checklists that get lost and or deleted. do it! makes it happen. From a grocery list you may not want to carry around to a daily work list. Everything becomes comfortable and mobile with this app.

Communication Apps

(16) GoToMeeting

As the name suggests, GoToMeeting allows you to set up, plan and host a meeting with very less effort a all. While the meeting is being organized, the presentation can be shared to the community, which means that whatever slide the presenter is showing, shows on your mobile too. You can easily start a video meeting on your iPhone, Android or Windows phone with GoToMeeting.

(17) Skype

Skype is possibly one of the most famous communication app used in enterprises. It allows audio, video and textual communication as well. Keeping all sorts of communicative data in place, Skype is reliable and innovative as a communication app.

(18) Basecamp

Basecamp is a tool that brings all the members of a project, together, wherever they are. It creates a common platform for discussions and decision making. Using Basecamp, checklists can be made, documents can be shared and based on the shared information, a certain decision can be made. It does not even matter where any member of the project is, if they have an iPhone, their work is done.

(19) Yammer

An app that brings together colleagues, with a shared goal, on the same platform, to make coordination easy. Asking for advice, sharing data in the form of images, files and more; are the features of this app. With this app, you can remove the language barriers that come in your way as Yammer offers more than 25 languages as an option to the basic English.

(20) Slack

Using Slack, one can stay in touch with the task and the team, at their fingerprint. While Slack allows one to keep a tab on the project, share documents, chat to take a decision and more. But its most vital feature is that it allows one to flip between smartphone and PC, allowing space for flexibility.

(21) Shuffle

Shuffle is an app that allows one to have multiple, temporary mobile numbers. These numbers can be used when one goes to a business trip for a short period of time and needs a local number for that country and other reasons, wherein there is a need for a temporary number. For these and more reasons Shuffle is a famous communication app.

If you own a business and need it to grow, then enterprise mobility is your best option. Every app mentioned above has proven its worth in making businesses rise and shine. From this mine of awesomely useful small business apps, it is upon you to choose and harvest the needed apps as per the need of your enterprise.

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