Park, Pay, and Be On Your Way – A Brilliant Strategy to Build Parking Spot Finder App and Succeed

parking spot finder app

Parking sucks!

The number of cars in big cities continue to increase, while the number of parking spaces, parking lots, and garages remains unchanged.

Today, finding a parking spot right next to your favorite restaurant can seem like playing the lottery. That’s the reason why drivers usually have a hell of a time searching for a parking spot.

parking spot finder app

Imagine what if it is matter of life and death to find a parking spot when you’re hurrying to work or too late for an important meeting?

While there are a number of best parking apps to help your car find a parking spot and this idea of the app is quite thrilling. But, the problem is, those solutions tend to require expensive sensors to be installed in each and every potentially open spots.

Fortunately, with the help of modern technologies and a brilliant strategy, you can solve this problem. All you have to do is to search the good parking space apps development company or hire top mobile app development company that will help you build the best parking finder app.

But first, think.

What problems come to your mind when you think about parking?

Parking Location: If you live in a big city, finding a parking spot for your car can really drag. Maybe this is the biggest headache drivers have ever faced.

Where do I park my car?

This question often appears in mind when you reach a place in the city.

Confusing signs on the roads at times and having to know that the parking lot is full after you reaching there generally results in wasted time and no result.

Parking Rules: Each parking lot has its own rules. The whole essence of the problem is that you won’t know them until you get to a particular parking lot.

Let’s understand a situation. 6 AM in the morning on Sunday, you and your family have bought tickets on a train to go on a small vacation. The only thing left to do is find a parking spot where you can park your car. Now, you’ve successfully found a parking lot near the station but the problem is – it opens at 8 AM.

An uncomfortable situation, isn’t it?

Parking Tickets: Remember when you had to take the ticket for the parking? That was another headache for you, right? You probably did it because you had not enough time to find a parking spot and the pay machine also charge for 1 hour when you need only for 15-20 minutes, so you just parked illegally. Because of that, you had pay for the ticket.

So, how to overcome these problems by building a parking spot finder app?

Parking Spot Finder App Idea

The idea of free parking finder app development is that it leaves only two components in the equation – parking spot and driver. The free nyc parking app, in turn, undertakes all other steps such as searching, booking, payment, etc.

Today, one can find out dozens of car parking apps in the App store. These apps are most successful and each of them has its defined set of functions. However, generally, there are three types of find parking spot apps on the market.

-Navigation set
-Navigation + booking set
-Complete service set.

Now, the functions of one set may be found in other sets, there are no restrictions. This categorization just helps us to better navigate each set.

Let’s take a look at the first set.

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Navigation Set

In this set, the parking app turns into some kind of navigation device or a parking guide to a driver. This kind of parking apps show all parking lot addresses with their working hours and the number of free parking spots at the moment.

Such a parking app for cheap parking near me shows not just all parking on the map but it also paves a route to the parking spots in real-time. Another important function is finding the nearest convenient parking for you. And, for those who have no time to read the map, this kind of parking mobile app also offers voice navigation.

However, what do we do if every spot on every parking lot is booked at the moment? For this, parking finding apps usually track all parking spots and when any parking spot opens, the app immediately notifies the driver about it.

Navigation + Booking Set

This set of parking apps allows us to forget about booking parking spots. You don’t have to walk around looking for a pay machine, and drivers don’t have to run to get to the parking spot before meter will charge their car for extra parking time. Today, mobile parking apps do it for us.

Such Boston parking apps give us an opportunity to book a parking spot beforehand. For instance, you decide to go to a restaurant for lunch, you can open such a parking app, find a good parking spot app and book it.

A Japanese project called Ecopa has added an interesting feature to their parking app. Now, every parking spot is equipped with a set of cameras and sensors. This helps a driver to see what place is free for the parking.

Generally, in this type of parking apps, when the driver makes payment through the app, the system automatically record his car number in the database. And when the car appears, the sensors scan the number plate and gives an opportunity to park only those who made the payment.

But still, this type of parking app project requires a huge investment in cameras and sensors, in addition to developing the best car parking finder app.

Complete Service Set

This best nyc parking app set is quite interesting for parking service implementation. Though, it should be noted that the implementation part can be tricky, but revenues can be much higher.

Basically, users download such parking app, register, select a convenient time and place, and leave an order. In turn, the parking app sends service information about the staff member who will come at a specified time to a specified place to pick up user’s car. This service actually works well. Now, of course, there are many features that you can put into parking mobile apps, but the main thing you need to focus on while developing a parking space finder app is the ability to search free parking spots in real-time and navigate.

Parking Kitty did it recently.


It is a parking app in Portland that lets users pay for metered parking. The app basically allows users in Portland to find and book a parking spot directly from the app. Today, the app works in 27 of the city’s parking zones, in addition to Washington Park and parking garages at Portland State University.

Similarly, to develop parking spot finder app or car parking app development project, the main goal should be to understand what do actually drivers want and need and on this basis, plan your parking spot finder app development.

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