tvOS App Development for Apple TV

Apple Tv App Development to enable your iOS App to tvOS

Apple TV is new platform and comes with huge opportunities for the brands and companies. Apple TV cannot be ignored.

Apple TV has redefined user experience and have a change how people interact with apps. The gifts they bring for users are many but here is one gift that will empower the users most. Apple has decided to bring in the policy that allows a user to buy an app once, from one device, which can be used across all Apple platform.

Apple has given more importance to the Apple App Store, specially designed for the Apple TV. This new App Store has become the new face of the Apple TV Generation 3. Inspired by Apple’s move, startups and Enterprises are planning to move their business apps to Apple TV app development, whether their apps belong to any field or any interest; such as e-commerce, music, lifestyle apps, and more.

Our developers are constantly working to ugrade themself first in global trends in technology. To enable us to provide apple tv app development services, we have already organized special training sessions and discussions to better understand the possibilities that the Generation 3 Apple TV provides, to take your iPhone apps to the latest Apple tvOS.

Apple Xcode & tvOS SDK

Develop tvOS Apps with Xcode & tvOS SDK

Xcode 7.1 beta, launched only for third party developers of tvOS, includes the tvOS SDK for the new Apple TV. The SDK includes frameworks and technologies such as Metal, UIKit, CloudKit, and Game Center. With these tools, we leverage your existing code to create rich apps for the amazing feel it has on the new Apple TV.

Parallax Previewer

Parallax Previewer is a tool used to preview layered app icons or images, created for the Apple TV. The use of a mouse can be done to animate the image. This app opens layered images when those images are created with the Parallax Exporter plug-in. If Adobe Photoshop is not to be used, Parallax Previewer can be used to assemble the individual layers and so that a layered image can be used or exported. Until now, we have used Adobe Photoshop for these purposes, however, having a new tool at hand gives a great opportunity for us to explore and innovate.

Parallax Previewer
App Icons in the App Store

App Icons

Every app deserves a memorable icon that stands out in the App Store on the Apple TV screen. An icon speaks a thousand words before the app is actually downloaded, communicating with the users at the speed of light. Parallax Exporter is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, which can be used to export app icons and images for Apple TV. Animating a layered image has become easier than ever before with this tool. Once exported, a review or preview can be done, using the Parallax Previewer app.

Your app’s icons and images are critical to building an immersive user experience that draws people in and keeps them engaged with an amazing human interface.

You Get…

  • Single Focus Point for Your App Icon
  • Simple and Stunning Background
  • No Screenshots
  • Beautiful and engaging icon that really pops

Navigation & Focus

People tend to be unaware about an app’s navigation until it ends up disappointing them. We thereby implement navigation flow in a way that supports the structure and purpose of your app without drawing focus away from the content.

Using Standard Navigation Components

We make your apps amazingly stunning for the tvOS, with standard navigation controls such as page controls, tab bars, segmented controls, table views, collection views, and split views.

Taking Focus into Consideration

Users may get frustrated if your navigation scheme requires too many gestures to achieve their goal. Gestures move focus between objects. We make sure focus moves in the direction of the gesture to keep the focused items visible.

Standard Appstore Navigation

This should be a great primer on Apple tvOS, but they are just initial thoughts. We expect we’ll have further details to share on tvOS app development, with deeper design and technical specifics. In the meantime, have fun and ready, set, tvOS!

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