Top 7 Android App Development Tools to Make Amazing Android App

We promise this blog is going to be useful for you – whether you’re a novice in the Android app development world or have years of experience in the same. Here, we have listed the top 7 Android app development tools that our team of 40+ Android app developers uses and stands by.

To get the list of the tools required for developing Android apps, we contacted the head of our Android department and he shared a list that our entire team uses. While discussing the tools, he mentioned that with the truckload of information available on the internet and enormous tools in the market, it often becomes difficult for newbies and seasoned developers to pick the best and most effective tool.

And that’s the reason we listed down these tools. Many of these tools have contributed to developing many popular Android apps like Uber, Netflix, Facebook Messenger, and Lyft out of available 3.14 million Android apps on the Google Play store. Ready to explore these app development tools?

7 Best Tools for Android App Development

This table is for you to have a glance at all the 7 Android app development software. We’ll be taking you through each of them. After thoroughly researching their features, ratings, price, and usability, we’ve prepared this table that will help you compare these tools.

Android Studio (SDK, NDK)
  • Intelligence Code Editor
  • Visual Layout Editor
  • Color Previews
  • Proguard Integration
4.5 Free
Android Assets Studio
  • Shape Shifter
  • App Shortcut Icon Generator
  • Launcher Icon Generator
  • Generic Icon Generator
4.25 Free
IntelliJ IDEA
  • Data Flow Analysis
  • Cross-language Refactorings
  • Detecting Duplicates
  • Inspections and Quick Fixes
4.6 IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate- $499
Adobe XD, Figma- Design
  • Collaboration
  • Drag & Drop
  • Animation
  • Software Prototyping
4.5 Adobe XD Creative Cloud Price- $635.88
Figma Organization Price- $540 per year
  • Change Management
  • Quality Assurance Management
  • Testing Management
  • Configuration Management
4.4 SonarQube Developer starts at- Euro 120
  • Web Testing
  • Android API Testing
  • Customization
4.2 Free
Firebase A/B Testing
  • Tracks retention, engagement, revenue
  • App change impact on business metrics
4.5 Firebase Bonfire- $1788

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Deep Dive Into The Developer Tools For Android Mobile App Development

Let’s get started and quickly dive into the development environments and developer tools required for developing Android apps.

  1. Android Studio (SDK, NDK)

    If you are planning to create an app- only a native Android app – then you must consider Android Studio.

    Wondering what a native app is? Well, when you develop an app that works on only one platform, whether it’s an Android platform/Google Play Store or an iOS platform/App Store – it’s a native app.

    Where else, in hybrid, only a single code base is required to develop both iOS and Android applications.

    Android Studio

    Source: Android Studio

    Android Studio is one of the extensively used Android developer software or Android developer tools for building mobile Android apps.

    Android Native Development Kit (NDK) is a tool that allows developers to reuse code written in C/C++ programming languages and integrate it into the app by using Java Native Interface (JNI)

    On the other hand, Android Software Development Kit (SDK) utilizes Java programming language and incorporates sample projects, development tools, and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Android Studio.

    Key Features:

    • Android Studio’s code editor helps you write quality codes, work faster, and be highly productive using advanced code completion.
    • The Android emulator helps in installing apps faster. With Android Virtual Device, it is easy to define the characteristics of different Android devices (e.g., mobile, TV, tablets, etc.) that you want to simulate in the Android emulator.
    • While working with XML files, it is equipped with a drag and drop interface – allows drag and drop visuals making it easier and quicker to create a brand new layout.
    • The Layout Editor was created together with Constraint Layout API. That’s why building a layout that adjusts itself to different screen sizes is just a few taps away.
    • Reduce your Android app size with the APK file, even if is not built with Android Studio.

    Want to try and download Android Studio?

  2. Android Asset Studio

    Android asset studio is another useful addition to the list. Android Studio comprises a tool named Image Asset Studio.

    Android Asset Studio

    Source: Android Asset Studio

    It is a web-based set of tools for creating graphics and other Android applications that aid an Android developer in generating graphic assets with just a few taps.

    It has tools like Launcher Icon Generator, Notification Icon Generator, Generic Icon Generator, Shape Shifter, App Shortcut Icon Generator, Nine Patch Icon Generator, and Action Bar Generator.

    Key Features:

    • This Android mobile devices application development tool helps the developers generate their app icons from the provided custom images, material icons, and text strings.
    • The set of icons generated through it has a suitable resolution for each pixel density that the app braces.
    • The Android Asset Studio’s primary function is to help mobile application developers reduce their efforts to control and run icon assets for Android applications.

    Want to try and download Android Asset Studio?

  3. IntelliJ IDEA

    Another important tool that comes under the Android development tools kit is IntelliJ IDEA.

    Intellij IDEA

    Source: Intellij IDEA

    It’s also a native tool that primarily focuses on strengthening the efficiency of developers.

    This is unquestionably the first-pick IDE for software developers.

    Key Features:

    • IntelliJ IDEA focuses on higher developer productivity and reducing technical debt.
    • This tool kit has amazing support for other programming languages and frameworks like Scala, Javascript.
    • It enhances employee experience by captivating, onboarding, and retaining top-quality talent. And it has a more systematic code maintenance work.

    Want to try and download IntelliJ IDEA?

  4. Adobe XD, Figma

    XD is the Adobe tool, which is commonly used for user experience and interaction designers. It has many features for crafting prototypes, wireframes, and screen designs for mobile applications and websites.

    Adobe XD

    Source: Adobe XD

    On the other hand, Figma is a cloud-based digital UI and UX design tool. It is pretty similar to Sketch but has many differences, making Figma a better choice for team collaboration. Using Sketch means you need InVision, Abstract, or Zeplin too.

    Where else, Figma is all-in-one and lets you share design files and collaborate in real-time, which is not possible with Sketch.

    Key Features:

    • Adobe XD helps in keeping everything in one place instead of straying in your inbox. While using it, use a straight link that unlocks the prototype in your browser.
    • Adobe XD’s interface is very simple and easy to use and operate compared with Photoshop and Illustrator. UI designers can use it easily as it has everything they need.
    • Figma’s real-time collaboration enables designers to catch new design ideas that aren’t a part of the original plan helping in saving time.
    • The plug-ins included in Figma enhance its performance to another level, like the animation tools and plug-in to eliminate the background of images. Also, the color palette plug-in enables you to choose any color palette and apply it to your design in Figma.

    Want to try and download Adobe XD?

  5. SonarQube

    Now comes SonarQube in the list of Android software development. SonarQube, formerly known as Sonar, is an open-source platform.


    Source: SonarQube

    It is developed for the ceaseless inspection of code quality. Especially to carry out automatic reviews with static analysis – in order to detect code smells, bugs, any other vulnerability in 20+ programming languages.

    Key Features:

    • SonarQube reduces complexity, vulnerabilities, and code duplications and focuses on optimizing the app’s life.
    • There is no maximum limit on the number of projects that can be assessed using SonarQube.
    • It detects discrepancies in the code and gives an alert to the developer to fix them before submitting the output.
    • It also has the feature to provide regular and consistent feedback on quality issues to enhance their coding expertise.

    Want to try and download SonarQube?

  6. Appium

    Appium is another cross-platform and open-source tool formulated for automated testing of web applications, mobile applications, native apps, and hybrid applications. It primarily tests the working of an application.


    Source: Appium

    Key Features:

    • There’s no need to download and install any other extra software on mobile to support Appium.
    • It also supports many programming languages ( Java, PHP, Python). This feature provides you with the flexibility to choose your preferred language.
    • This tool can be easily amalgamated with almost all the CI tools like Bamboo, Jenkins, and likes to allow programmed activating tests throughout release cycles.

    Want to try and download Appium?

  7. Firebase A/B Testing

    Firebase A/B Testing is powered by Google optimize and a powerful performance monitoring tool.


    Source: Firebase A/B Testing

    Its function is to optimize the application experience by making it simple and easy to work. And also analyzing and scaling product marketing experiments.

    Key Features:

    • This tool provides you with the power to test any change in your app’s features, UI, or engagement campaigns to know if they can increase your revenue and retention before you officially roll them out.
    • Using the Firebase Predictions feature, check A/B tests on potential users who are anticipated to carry out actions like spending money, execute any other conversion event you have set out with analytics.

    Want to try and download Firebase A/B Testing?

    But we’ll not leave you with such an overwhelming amount of information. If you still have queries regarding these tools, here are our FAQs that will have you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Android app development tools for non-programmers?

There are many tools that don’t need coding for developing an app. Following is the list of best tools:

  • AppSheet
  • Appy Pie
  • BuildFire (App Builder)
  • Quickbase

Apart from this, you can also use ML Kit, an Android developer tool, to add machine learning functionality to your app from Google.

Which programming language is used for Android app development by our app developers?

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • C
  • C++

Which Android application development tools are free to use?


Android development is progressing speedily, and there are many tools that make the life of a developer and mobile apps development easier.

To generate a top-notch app, it’s crucial to select the best Android development tools in the market. Here, the mentioned 7 tools are tried and tested by our Android devices developers that helped them deliver 1500+ Android mobile device apps successfully.

Have an app idea? Want to get Android app development services? Consult with us through our contact us form. Discuss your idea with us and let our technical expert guide you further.

Until our experts get back to you, check out our top mobile apps like Glovo, Bevy, and Jabrool that are being used by millions of people worldwide.

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