Want GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution to Quickly Manage your Fleet? Check Out These 4 Important Features First

GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution

The vehicle tracking solution is the very best form of technology advancement in today’s world. Who would have ever thought of keeping an eye on vehicles will be just a tap away? This blog is for transport and logistics service & fleet management business startups who want to get a hold on vehicle tracking, recovering stolen vehicles, maintaining fleet count, and other vehicle-related alerts.

With the advent of Uber and apps like Uber, a new fiction of science and technology has taken place. This mixture strives every day to avail better results for the transport and logistics industry. There are many raging questions about Uber like apps and the related Uber app development cost. But the factor that no one is taking into consideration is what is that one particular function that is making these taxi app developments so popular? We have the answer to this.

Vehicle tracking solution is the one function which takes care of all the three parties majorly known as business management, drivers, and customers. The one taxi app solution that satisfies all the areas equally. We, at Space-O Technologies, have already developed over 50 Uber-like applications and vehicle tracking solutions earlier. Apart from that, we have thoroughly studied the functioning of Uber clone script, and came to a conclusion that the tracking solution goes hand in hand with the transport industry.

In the graph shown, with the increase in the need for the transport industry, there is an automatic increase in fleet management software or vehicle tracking solutions.

Graph of Increase Need for The Transport Industry

So, now, as a startup, you have the slightest idea of how important it is to create a tracking solution for your transport & logistics business. Let us show you how does a mobile GPS tracking solution work, before discussing the important features of vehicle tracking solutions.

How GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution Works

It is said to be the most efficient function to track down the moves of drivers for both business and customers. According to our research, the highest transport solutions are observed in Florida, California, Texas, and Newyork. People here are much active on taxi apps like Uber. We went deep to avail more information on which part of the United States is ready to invest more in the fleet management business with the tracking solutions.

North America is more on the side of transforming commercial vehicle operations and leveraging analytics to generate a major gain in efficiency.

Fleet Management Business with Vehicle Tracking Solutions

As a startup, before buying a vehicle tracking solution these 4 features should be looked upon for better revenue generation and fleet management.

4 Features of Your Vehicle Tracking Solution That Can Grow Your Transport and Logistics Business Effectively

#1  Real-time tracking

The most common feature that is the whole & soul perspective of getting a vehicle tracker is keeping a real-time eye on the fleet. This feature simply shows every information at the user’s disposal.

  • GPS location of your vehicle
  • Vehicle speed is shown if it’s moving
  • The current state of a vehicle (parked ideally or standing ideal for a while)
  • Multiple vehicles can be managed at a time

Such real-time tracking can help in the immediate decision-making process through a simple user interface. Since the transport mobile app industry is growing rapidly, the Uber clone apps are developed with a tracking software solution.

#2 Notification alerts

The best part about such vehicle software development is, you as a part of the transport business in any form, driver, customer or company can get notification alert. There are different alerts.

Over speeding alert: When a driver goes slightly above the set limit or try to over speed, it will issue instant alerts to the driver as well as the company. In this way, your firm remains intact with the traffic-laws and a disciplined driver.

Fuel management alerts: The vehicle tracking app can become an efficient fuel manager. This feature is a reminder alert for fuel refilling which helps in optimizing the fuel usage. Such alerts actually make maintaining a vehicle efficiently average wise.

Safe zone alerts: If a vehicle crosses the periphery after which the taxi app does not function, then, the safe zone alert makes the driver understand the correct route. Even when there is endangered route ahead, this feature alerts them through stoppage alerts.

The timely alerts can save someone’s life along with the business reputation. The Geo-fencing alert is a customized next level vehicle tracking solution that sets Google map boundaries around the landmarks. Every time a vehicle enters or exits the Geo fence it sends an alert to the user. This kind of monitoring information is to avail operational efficiency along with workforce optimization and security of the user.  

#3 Integration on any platform

In today’s connected world where everything is at our fingertips, it is imperative to invest in a vehicle tracking app which is accessible anywhere and everywhere. This means it can be integrated as a web solution or smartphone solution. Especially when your business is related to kids, the discerning parents can track school bus, or taxi driven cars carrying children. With your user-friendly app and abreast vehicle movements tracking in real-time can avoid a lot of chaos.  

#4 History Check

Sometimes it can happen that you forget to analyze your business moves for some time. Through this feature, you can track all the trips by map. A proper amalgamation of information like kilometers traveled, stoppages, engine time & average speed can all be mentioned. Overspeeding and overdrive stretches are easily highlighted in the map. Some vehicle tracking solutions also come with replaying the whole trip. All these features can bring value to both business and chauffeurs.

Want to create a customized fleet tracking solution for your business?

The trend of vehicle tracking solutions has densely entrenched in the mobile application market. Such integrations have changed the whole workflow of interaction with consumers. Some applications are now only based on this technology and created a new niche of location service app market.

There are some benefits of using a vehicle tracking solution

  • Improved fleet management
  • Enhances performance and driver safety
  • Optimization of resources
  • Allows detailed route planning
  • Provides extra security and safety

With our web and app-based GPS tracking solution, we have pulled off many such geolocation features in food delivery apps, courier apps, and Uber like taxi apps. These are the core ingredients that you should definitely keep in mind while buying or developing a transport solution for your business.

In case if you have any query or confusion regarding vehicle tracking solution cost, why your business needs a vehicle tracking solution? or are willing to make Uber like app tracking solution, validate it with us. We are just a contact us form away. We will get back to you with an amazing digital app solution that is trending and has a viable future for your business growth. Consultation is absolutely free.

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