Painters On-demand App Development: Explore These 3 Important Things from Paintzen Before Developing an App like Uber for Painters


This post embraces information for on-demand painting startups and entrepreneurs. Read on these three important things from Paintzen, the Uber for painters, which you can consider during painters on-demand app development.

The term “Uber for X” implies that Uber-like mobile applications. Under this category, there are numerous startups that have raised roughly $1.6 billion to provide on-demand home services, including house cleaning, home repairs, laundry, and lawn care. Moreover, there is an Uber for X model, which provides on-demand house painting services.

Well, there is an app like Uber for house paintings, which allows users to book services online instantly and receive the services within a few hours or within a compressed timeline for projects like interior designing services for house, offices or any places.


Uber for House Painting

An app like Uber for house painting allows app users to book professional painters on-demand for a wide range of painting services, including residential interiors, exteriors, custom arts & murals, cabinet paintings, crown molding, and baseboards.

Well, there is a very famous company, named Paintzen, which is known as “the Uber for house painting”, which has disrupted on-demand economy. It allows its customers to book pro painters for their homes, stores, and offices. This on-demand painting startup has disrupted the sector with its revolutionary business idea.

  • Launched back in 2013, Paintzen is based on the Greater New York Area, which provides an online booking platform to book top-rated and professional painters on-demand, colors inspiration tools in a one-stop solution for all painting needs of users.
  • According to the report from Crunchbase, “In 2016, the house painting on-demand startup, Paintzen secured $9.6 million in Series A round of funding that led by Bullpen Capital, Angelpad, NextView Ventures, and Lerer Hippeau Ventures.”


Moving ahead, and let us check out three important things from Paintzen, which you can consider during painters on-demand app development.

3 Important Things That On-demand Paint Startups Need to Consider Before Developing an App like Uber for Painters

1. Know The Customers’ Pain Points & Offer Solutions for the Same

An app like Uber for home painting allows users to book painters on-demand, including within a few hours or as per users’ scheduled time. In short, such on-demand solutions for homes or office painting as what Paintzen has provided to its customers in order to handle one of the important household chores, which is usually not liked by many people.


So, being an on-demand paint startup, if you would like to offer the on-demand painting services, then you just need to know the customers’ pain points. According to Paintzen’s own market research, about 40% of people, who need to paint their homes or stores and offices, want to do so on their own. The on-demand paint startup, Paintzen, has realized their customers’ pain points and offer appropriate solutions for the same.

Alike Paintzen, you just need to analyze the pain points of your customers and provide solutions that can add value to their lives and lessen their burdens.

2. Convenience is The Core

Whenever it is about on-demand, the first thing, which strikes in our minds is – Uber. And, the Uber-like business models are popular to provide convenience and affordable solutions for all the problems, which people have been suffering so far. In actual, Uber-like apps have eliminated all kinds of problem from people’s lives. However, convenience is another important thing, which on-demand startups can’t miss to afford during painters on-demand app development.

on-demand-house-paintingImage Source: paintzen

Now, coming to the second important thing, the one thing is very cleared that your customers want it now. You need to stick to the phrase – convenience is the core for on-demand app solutions. Alike Paintzen, it allows app users to book a wide variety of painting services and other decor services, including interior/exterior painting, wallpaper installation, cabinet painting and staining, chalkboards and whiteboards.

If we’re talking about the convenience, then you can’t forget to include the functionalities that make it convenient for users to book services on-demand. If you would like to develop an app like Uber for painters on-demands, then it is important to let your users input a few details about their homes, the date when they want to the painting job done, and provide quotes to them in just seconds.

At the very first, users can tell their choices of colors and specifications about certain walls. Thus, all top of it, it is important to provide solutions, which must be the fusion of convenience and affordability for them.

3. Provide The Features That Can Lessen The Burden of The App Users

Apart from just booking the professional painters through an app like Uber for painters, it is also important to include features, which can actually lessen the burden of your customers or app users.

So, being an on-demand paint startup, you need to provide your users with questionnaires, which will help you to understand more your users’ requirements regarding paintings. It also eliminates the traditional walk-throughs and fussy estimated by contractors. In this way, you can actually eradicate the burden of your users by providing features in your app like Uber for house painting.

In addition, you can also allow your app users to select their samples by uploading the photos, colors, and consultation. In this way, you can show them a broader way of choosing house painting services, which exactly suit their needs.

Paintzen-AppImage Source: paintzen

Thus, by considering such important things, you as an on-demand painting startup can take your services through the next level. You would not be merely providing your customers/app users to book professional painters on-demand, but understand their needs and provide customized solutions for them.

Do You Have an App Idea That Has Potential to Disrupt The On-demand Sector?

Being an on-demand house painting startup, if you have made up your mind to create an app like Uber for painting, then it is worth checking out the market stats.

According to the recent report from Google Trends, you can check the graph of the keyword “Uber for X” across the world, which has been growing exponentially since 2004.

Interest Over Time:


So, in the image, you can see the graph of interest over by region that includes Australia, the United States, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom.

Interest Over by Region:


Hence, it is safe to say that there are huge opportunities for Uber-like business models and it is one of the emerging and lucrative sectors. So, we can say that it is a high time to invest in it.

If you are having an app idea on Uber for house painting or painters on-demand, then you can cross-verify it with us as we are a leading mobile application development company and have already developed over 3500 mobile apps with diverse features and functionalities.

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