How Urban Massage App Secured £2.8 Million in Crowdfunding With These 3 Solutions


This blog is for startups and entrepreneurs, who want to develop an app like Uber for massage. Herein rounded up three solutions by Urban Massage app, which you can consider before developing on-demand massage app like Urban Massage. Let’s check out what’s inside?

The “Uber for X” business model has fueled diverse on-demand services as they are powerful and the term “Uber” sounds convenient. Well, there is a growing set of tech companies, which self-identify as the “Uber for” or “Uber of X.”

Well, there are a number of startup enthusiasts, who have been sharing Uber-like business models in diverse categories, including Uber for everything, from dog walking, moving, health, to even massage. Meanwhile, we came across the news, where an on-demand massage app, Urban Massage is quite popular and known as Europe’s Uber for massage. According to the report from Crunchbase, “The on-demand massage app, Urban Massage has secured £2.8 Million in Equity Crowdfunding.” Let’s know more about the Uber for massage, Urban Massage app.


Urban Massage: Europe’s Uber for Massage App

Urban Massage is based in the U.K., offering an Uber-style massage service, which bears more than a little resemblance to the U.S.-based Zeel, the on-demand massage app.

  • Total funding amount: £11.2M
  • Founded in 2014, Urban Massage is a B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) technology marketplace that connects users to nearby professional massage therapists.
  • In just three years, the on-demand massage app, Urban Massage, has grown to over sixty people to five cities across Europe. And, it has matched thousands of people with hundreds of expert massage therapists.
  • Urban Massage app is recognized as a first mover and its business is showing impressive growth metrics and unit economics.
  • The famous on-demand massage service has already succeeded in Europe’s market. And, now, they are expanding across the globe and into the other key verticals of trillion-dollars wellness industry.
  • According to data from Google Trends, you can see the interest over time of Urban Massage, which is rising and this is what you can see in the image.


Moving ahead, let us check out 3 powerful solutions, which startups can consider before developing an on-demand massage app like Urban Massage.

3 Powerful Solutions by Urban Massage That Startups Can Consider Before Developing On-Demand Massage Apps

1. Empower The Customers

One of the powerful solutions by Urban Massage is that it is empowering the customers by offering on-demand massage services as per their convenience. The app like Uber of massage, Urban Massage, provides a platform, where users have a number of choices to choose from as they can book massage therapists via on-demand massage app at his/her home, hotel room or office. The complete customized solution empowers its customers by offering seamless, professional and personal customer experience.


Being a startup, if you are planning to create an on-demand massage app, do not forget to include customized solutions for consumers, which suit their needs as users can select their preferred date, time and professional therapists.

2. Solutions to Real Problems of Users

When it comes to the physical and mental well-being, then it is no surprise that people look for mental and physical treatment, which would be easily accessible to them. The apps like Uber for massage enable users to book the wellness treatment via the app in a fraction of seconds and get a professional therapist in 60 minutes at their doorsteps. Consumers can select the therapist based on availability, location, and customers’ reviews.


Furthermore, it offers a B2B (business-to-business) platform and white-labeled service to hotels, which do not have their own in-house spas. It also offers spa services to companies and enterprises, who want to provide massage for their employees. In this way, to create an app like Uber for massage, make sure to provide solutions to your consumers, after analyzing the pain points of them. In addition, you can also enable your app users to book an appointment in advance.

In short, the Uber for massage app is based on the on-demand solutions, which makes wellness treatments more accessible. Plus, they enable to choose services from a number of treatments and customized massage treatments as per users’ convenience.

3. Provide Convenience to Therapists as well

Undeniably, Urban Massage app is based on the business model, which every startup wants to replicate. The Uber-like business model, where users get on-demand services within 60 minutes of booking. It also provides convenience to massage therapists. As it opens up the ways and creates opportunities for massage therapists, users can book the services as per their convenience, and has a flexible approach to staffing to the spa’s business.


Urban Massage does not only provide solutions to its customers, but it also provides solutions to its massage therapists as they are having their own profiles on the Uber-like massage app and they can build their own client base on the platform. Additionally, the app like Uber for massage provides a platform, which gives therapists flexibility and freedom to choose with hours they want to do the appointments. Uber-like platform for massage gives the earning potential, which makes the platform more appealing. Plus, it offers platforms for experienced and professional therapists, where they can earn as much as they want on weekly basis.

On a Concluding Note,

Urban Massage, which is known as the Uber of massage app, has disrupted the wellness and spa industry by providing solutions and services to improve mental wellbeing for their customers. So, being a massage-related startup, if you are planning to create an on-demand app like Uber for massage, then you can consider these solutions before developing a successful on-demand massage app like Urban Massage.

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