Uber for Cleaning App Development: Don’t Miss to Give a Thought to 3 Effectual Solutions Whilst Developing an On-Demand Cleaning App


This blog embraces information for house cleaning startups & entrepreneurs. Herein we have mentioned 3 effectual solutions that startups can consider during Uber for house cleaning app development.

The new craze for getting things done in a few minutes is on-demand services. Talking about the on-demand economy, it is large and getting large. According to the report from Harvard Business Review, “The on-demand economy is attracting over 22.4 million consumers annually, plus $57.6 billion in spending.”

Moreover, one of the largest marketplaces for on-demand spending is –  online marketplaces. On the other hand, people do also spend on on-demand services, including home services

Additionally, this image of data shows that the on-demand economy is not just for wealthy ones, but 46% of on-demand consumers have an annual household income of less than $50,000. Also, with 39% of on-demand consumers living in rural areas or small towns, 30% in outer suburbs, and 31% in close-in suburbs and cities.


Well, the on-demand cleaning service providers have disrupted the industry. Based on this on-demand cleaning services, it is based on independent contractors rather than employees. Basically, it operates in the gig economy.

An App like Uber for Cleaning Services

An app like Uber for cleaning services allows users to connect with the marketplace of the best home service professionals, which live and work in the users’ neighborhood.

In simple words, an app like Uber for cleaning services connects users to book multiple cleaning services for their houses and corporate uses. With an app like Uber for cleaning, users can book cleaning services in a couple of minutes for the time, which is convenient for them. All just user needs to add simple details, including where he/she lives, what time he/she needs cleaning services, and type of cleaning services.


Moving ahead, and let us know about a few effectual solutions, which you as a home cleaning startup can consider whilst develop a successful on-demand cleaning app.

3 Effectual Solutions Whilst Developing a Successful On-Demand Cleaning App

1. Convenience

One of the effectual solutions, which is important to consider is to offer convenience to your customers. If your users are in the need of cleaning services for home, apartments, offices or any particular place. All you just need to consider is convenient services out there. To provide quick and convenient services, you need to carefully choose the app features while developing an app like Uber for cleaning services.


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Providing convenience is directly proportional to considering a set of salient features whilst creating an on-demand cleaning app. So, if you have ever planned to create an app for Uber-like services for cleaning, don’t forget to look at the following features:

  • Book Home Services
  • Allows to Choose a Convenient Time
  • Add Job Details
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Filters: Let your users choose based on charges, ratings, and experiences
  • Reschedule Services
  • In-app Chat
  • Cancellation of Bookings
  • Ratings and Reviews

However, an app for on-demand solutions for home cleaning services provides home cleaning professionals to choose jobs in different services like cleaning, plumbing, furniture assembling, handyman, maid, and housekeeping.

2. Provide Solutions for Growing Pain Points of Customers

The next important solution is to provide solutions to your users for their emerging pain points. A lot of working people don’t have enough time to clean their home in regular days, so they usually face this problem when it comes to looking for a cleaning person.

Apart from daily cleaners, people don’t easily get any handyman to hire, so make sure that you allow people to book household service providers, who provide 24*7 services.


Make sure that app users can book a home cleaner or handyman according to their convenience. Users just need to provide that need to get done, address, and time and the rest will be handled by the handyman.

Whether your app users are looking for getting household services for their home, office or any particular place, your app must solutions for their multiple problems related to cleaning.

3. Offer a Wide Range of Home Services

The third most essential solution that you can consider while developing Uber for cleaning app is – provide a comprehensive range of home services to customers.

Through your Uber for cleaning app, provide a range of home services like home cleaning, furniture assembly, handyman service, hanging pictures & shelves service, office cleaning, moving and plumbing and outdoor & storage services.


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The customers can book their desired home services from the app. So, make sure that your customers do not face any difficulty while booking or scheduling the service. When it comes to booking a home cleaner or other service provider, customers can check the service provider’s profile in detail with name, experience, ratings and reviews and rate. This way, customers will find it easy to use your app like Uber for cleaning whenever it comes to booking on-demand home improvement services.

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On a Concluding Note

As you have just gone through with the three effectual solutions, which you as home cleaning service provider needs to consider while developing a home cleaning app like Uber. So, if you have ever thought to develop app like Uber for home improvement, it is high time to enter in the market and grab the opportunities.

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