This is How tvOS App Development Brings Live TV to Your iOS Device

tvOS App Development Brings Live TV to Your iOS Device

Do you own a 4th-generation Apple TV? Then, you might be familiar with ‘Channels’ apps developed by Fancy Bits LLC., which allows Apple TV 4 owners to watch, pause, and rewind live TV.

Due to less promotion by Fancy Bits LLC., Channels had not got popularity, although a tvOS version launched earlier this year.

Channels tvOS app Allows to Watch live TV from an iOS device (Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad)

People who don’t have a TV can use tvOS app to enable their iPhone and Apple TV (connected to a monitor) to function as televisions.

To use Channels, users have their own an HDHomeRun box available at SiliconDust to stream over-the-air television signals on your home network. There are some HDHomeRun boxes that work with cable television signals through a CableCARD or QAM.

Watch this descriptive video by 9 to 5 Mac.

Here’s what you gonna learn inside:

  • What are the feature of ‘Channels’?
  • How to pause, rewind, and buffer?
  • How to switch from one show to another?
  • How to select different channels?
  • How to check/uncheck additional channels?

There are people taking advantage of the free terrestrial local TV channels which are accessible by joining an antenna to the HDHomeRun’s coaxial connection. If users are connecting an antenna to an HDHomeRun, they can develop in tuners to access stations like CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC in HD quality for free.

Why Should You Purchase Channels App?

Channels allow users to watch sports, shows, and other live events.

  • Games, AirPlay, Netflix, Hulu, Movies, etc. available live TV on your Apple TV without switching inputs
  • Watch live primetime TV, local news, and sports on your Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad
  • Ditching cable boxes to watch live TV and sports for free over-the-air broadcasts
  • Browse TV channels by TV networks and a full guide

‘Channels’ is a universal app available at iTunes on $14.99, but, the Apple TV version costs $24.99 and it is available on the tvOS App Store. An HDHomeRun is a simple TV tuner, broadcasting television over your home network to every room of your house.

If you want to run Channels to watch live TV on your Apple TV:

  • You have to plug an HD antenna or your cable into your HDHomeRun.
  • You have to plug your HDHomeRun into your router.
  • You have to watch live TV through the Channels Apple TV app.

How to Use Channels tvOS App?

If you have to use the Apple TV version of Channels, you will know exactly what to expect from the iOS version. The application will choose any HDHomeRun devices on your network and tap into all of the acquired channels.

Users can also use Channels’ settings to scan the network for tuners, scan for more channels and enable transcoding from HDHomeRun Extend devices. Channel has a simple interface of purple color that is easy to navigate.

HDHomeRun Extend devices

On Now, Guide, and Settings – three tabs are available at the bottom the application that is used for viewing live television programming, learning about now playing and upcoming shows, browsing through upcoming programming, and handling the HDHomeRun devices on the network.

Channels, a tvOS app, has a live TV buffer that works for about 90 minutes, more or less, according to how much storage is available on your mobile device. According to Fancy Bits’ co-founder, Jon Maddox, Channels has earned “the several thousand” and sees a retention rate of around 71% when it comes to monthly active users on the Apple TV.

We took these protips from its official website on how you can get most out of the app.

How to Use Channels tvOS App?

An App like Channels works successfully in providing live TV service. tvOS is the future and that’s why our developers are moving towards Apple tvOS app development. One of our tvOS app developers who has knowledge of tvOS shared his experienced through this video.

In this video, you will get to know about what is tvOS, its advantage and why you should go for tvOS app development service.

Our iOS app development team are using two methods for tvOS development, i.e. TVML apps and custom apps.

If you’ve any tvOs app idea, validate it with us. Get your quote on how much does it cost and how many development hours it will take.

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