9 Simple and Best Mobile Educational App Ideas That Ed-Tech Startups Can Check Out


This blog is for ed-tech startups and entrepreneurs, who are planning to develop an education app but looking for the best and simple mobile app ideas in the education industry. Herein we have listed 9 simple and best mobile educational app ideas that education startups can check out and convert it into reality.

From addressing daily classroom issues to communicating with teachers, learning through games and quizzes to doing homework online, education apps have revolutionized the way students were studying. Today, educational apps are making a huge difference in the lives of teachers and students alike.

In fact, there are many schools, universities, and institutions that are showing interest in developing an education app, helping students and teachers to get in touch in real-time. Apart from schools and universities, many ed-tech startups are also investing money in education app development, and it is predicted that m-education spending will reach 37.8 billion US dollars by 2020.

Being an ed-tech startup or entrepreneur, if you have made up your mind to develop the best education app, then you can’t afford to miss these 9 simple yet money-making educational app ideas. These mentioned app ideas for students and teachers will surely make a difference in the education industry, giving more facilities to them.

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9 Top Mobile Educational App Ideas That Ed-Tech Startups Should Look Upon

  1. AR-based Education App

    The very first idea is – develop an AR-based education app to teach and explain students in the most unique way. Teachers can use these apps to catch students’ attention and help them to learn science lessons and experiments, giving a realistic experience. Even such AR-based apps can be used by students to learn about the universe, solar systems, and each planet in detail.


    Whether you want to build an AR-based education app for Android or iPhone using RealityKit, our mobile app development team is capable of developing different types of AR-based apps for different categories.

  2. An App For Handicapped Kids

    The second idea that you as a school, college, university, or ed-tech startup can consider is – a mobile app for handicapped children. A mobile for handicapped kids allows them to learn and study from the comfort of their home.

    This app will be specially developed for handicapped students, who can’t attend daily classes and lectures, they can use this app and attend live classes and connect with teachers in real-time. The app will bridge the gap between teachers and handicapped children, giving them a platform to learn on a regular basis.

  3. An App for Exam Fever

    Another top idea is – develop a dedicated mobile app that helps students to study, learn, and reminisce in the easiest way in their exam time. The application will provide an important course and chapters that students should not miss to read or revise for their exams.

    Even the app will allow students to make a do-list of the exams, so they do not forget an important thing when going to attend. Moreover, the app will also connect students and teachers in real-time through live chat or video chat.

  4. Personal Teacher or Tutor App

    The fourth simple yet the unique idea is to build a personal teacher or on-demand tutor app, allowing students or their parents to hire tutors on-demand for all the subjects as per students’ needs.


    They can choose the best tutor or teacher from a list of tutors and talk to them directly. Whether students want to learn online or want a personal face-to-face assistant, they can hire any teacher or tutor as per their convenience.

  5. Education Games & Quizzes

    Another interesting app idea is to develop an education app with different games and quizzes, allows all aged group of students to play education-based games and quizzes. The app’s quizzes and games will be based on general knowledge, mathematics and grammar questions, helping students to learn and test at one platform. Moreover, students of all age groups can find quizzes and games as per their preferences like category, age-wise, and difficulty.

  6. Student Performance Tracking App

    This sixth mobile app idea is especially for universities and colleges to develop student tracking app for parents to track performance, attendance, behavior and overall growth of their child.

    This application can be used by parents to connect with teachers to discuss the performance of their child, pay fees online with just a single click and know important updates regarding exams and lecture’s timing.

  7. School Bus App

    One of the most unique app ideas is school bus app that allows parents and school administrators to track school bus driver in real-time. The parents and school administrators can know the live location of the driver and track the bus-speed.

    Even, parents can set reminders to pick-up and drop their child on time, and get a real-time notification when the bus is nearby. Schools can develop this app for parents to give extra security and convenience.

  8. Question & Answer App

    Develop a general question and answer application especially for students to post questions related to any query related to any subject, chapter and topic, and teachers can answer the question of students. The application can be used by an all-age group of students and teachers worldwide, connecting them at one platform. This question and answer app like Quora will be only for education purpose of students.

  9. Education Apps for Children with Autism

    Last in the list is – develop education and learning apps for children with Autism, helping them to learn new skills, communication, play, and daily living skills. Considered as the most unique educational app ideas, it can also help parents to find information and learn how to handle and treat children with Autism.

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So, these are 9 simple and best mobile educational app ideas that ed-tech startups and schools can check out to develop mobile apps for schools and colleges, helping students and teachers to connect.

So, if you liked any of these app ideas and have decided to develop education app, you can directly consult and take benefits of our mobile app development company services as we have already developed over 40 education apps with different features and functionalities. 

If you still have any query or confusion related to money making app ideas in the education industry, educational app development cost, how to hire mobile app developer to develop learning apps for students, or what is app development timeline for best learning apps for toddlers, then just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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