Don’t Even Imagine Competing with Postmates Fresh If Your Grocery App Don’t Have These 7 Important Features


In this modern era where there is an app for everything, it’s high time for grocery stores to give their customers a better and more convenient grocery shopping experience.

Today, 1/3rd of customers in the U.S. have downloaded grocery delivery app, according to National Grocers Association’s survey. Online grocery shopping and delivery of the products at the desired place within stipulated time has shown a dramatic increase in the number of people, who want to shop grocery products online from the comfort of their home.

Considering the demand for online grocery shopping apps, Postmates announced the launch of a new grocery delivery service, named Postmates Fresh, curating and delivering high-quality groceries and ingredients. As per another report from TechCrunch, “The on-demand delivery startup, Postmates has secured $300 million, and valued at $1.2 billion.” In addition, this on-demand food delivery app, Postmates has recently bagged $100M in Series E round of funding.

Being one of the longest-running on-demand and logistics startups, Postmates has decided to offer its grocery delivery service in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City, and it is partnering with local organic farms and grocery stores to deliver everything from vegetables, dairy products to alcohol, deserts, and home supplies.

If you have also decided to make an on-demand grocery shopping app for your grocery store, you ensure that you include these seven must-have features that can help to take on Postmates Fresh.

Key Features of an Online Grocery Delivery App Solution:

1. Allow App Users to Create Shopping List

While making a grocery delivery app, one of the most important features that you need to consider is “shopping list” that will allow users to create a list of products that they want to purchase.

Eliminating the need for pen and paper, you can also allow your customers to save their list. So, they don’t have to make a new list when ordering the same items in future. There are various grocery apps that offer barcode scanner, list updating, and email sharing for their customers.

To make your application stand-out from other grocery apps, allow your users to share their created list with their family members, who can add or remove any items.

2. Quick Search

To make it easy for users to search different products and items, you can implement a search option in the app, allowing them to search through different products that could be vegetables, meat, dairy products, alcohol, chocolates, etc. They can find any product or item b specifying keywords or phrased without navigating it through the entire app.

However, the simple search option or box seems too small in the grocery shopping app, but it can make a huge impact whenever any user is looking for a particular product. If implemented with the right efforts, it can enhance the usability of your app.

3. Categories of ‘Popular’ and ‘Favorites’ Items

Including a category of ‘Popular’ and ‘Favorites’ Items can make a huge difference in your app. In the popular category, you can mention all those products and items that are highly popular among people. By making a separate category for it, your users can go through what’s popular in the store.

Along with this, you can include a separate category for Favorites, where users can see all those items that they have favorited while scrolling different items. This way, you can make it easy for users to add those items directly to the cart.

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4. Special Deals, Offers & Rewards

Another important feature that you can include in your grocery application is a special discount and offers for your customers on their favorite products. What you can do is remember what your customers like to purchase from your store, so keep discounted that product on festive seasons or you can give them an offer on such product.

By this way, you can engage your customers with your app and retain them on regular bases. Moreover, you can introduce any monthly contest for customers and make them win their favorite product at a discounted rate.

5. Push Notifications

It is must that you consider a push notification feature while grocery shopping app development as this way you can inform your customers about the latest deals & offers, new product launches, useful shopping tips, monthly contest, food trivia, etc.

Push notification can help you to keep reminding your customers about your app and keep them engaged actively. Even, it would be good to offer them rewards points or cash back for every level of engagement.

In addition to this, if you have different delivery points or physical stores across the city, country or world, you can consider developing a geo-enabled app, helping them to locate your store easily.

6. Order Tracking and Status

Order tracking and status feature play an important role in your grocery app as it will enable your customers to easily track the status of their ordered products or any item.

You can keep updating their order tracking updates so that they can track their ordered products in real-time. In fact, you can send an order tracking alert through push notification to them whenever any order is created or updated.

Furthermore, you can ask them to share their review or feedback for the items that they have purchased or overall experience with your app.

7. Secure Multiple Payment Options

Last, but the most important feature that you can include in your on-demand grocery delivery app is secure multiple payment options.

In this digital era, mobile payments are being integrated into the most eCommerce apps, enabling people to make payment directly using in-app payment option.

You can also allow your customers to pay using different payment gateways like PayPal, Authorize, .Net, PayU, CCAvenue, Citrus, COD, Bankwire, Iyzico, Quickpay, etc. By integrating multiple payment gateways in your grocery app, you can make it easy for them to pay in a reliable and convenient manner.

Along with these seven features, you can also prefer to facilitate your customers with easy registration, scheduled delivery time, monthly shopping list reminders, etc. as the new Postmates Fresh is also allowing its users to get their ordered products in just minutes.

How much does it Cost to develop Grocery Delivery App like Postmates Fresh?

After developing different on-demand apps, we can say the approximate grocery app development cost with minimum features is in the range of $5000 to $14500 depending on the platform. And the cost of developing increases with the number of features and functionalities that you want to include in your app.

Moreover, it also depends on the android application development company that you hired for your project as every company has their own rates region-wise. In short, there can be much more than this.

Still, if you have any query or confusion related to grocery app development, how to develop a grocery app, why develop an on demand grocery app, you can get in touch with us to discuss further on this. We will get back to you with the exact cost of your project.

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