How Medici (Austin-based Telemedicine Startup) Has Taken On-Demand Health Model to The Next Level With These 3 Powerful Solutions


This blog is for telemedicine companies and healthcare startups. Herein we’ve rounded up three powerful solutions by telemedicine app, Medici, which you can consider during telemedicine app development.

“The evidence supporting the role of telemedicine is strong. Telemedicine can also help in identifying and preventing treatment-related errors between clinic visits. A number of studies have shown that medication errors can be significantly reduced by telemedicine.” – Stephen Agboola, MD, with Connected Health, innovation and IT-focused department of Partners HealthCare

Well, that’s true! Telemedicine is emerging as a growth driver in the healthcare industry. Telemedicine is a method of providing clinical healthcare to patient from a distance through the use of telecommunication and IT. Currently, patients want to spend less time in the waiting rooms and they want immediate care.

Telemedicine: Some Important Facts & Figures

Telemedicine is a bridge between patients and doctors, regardless of distance. Telemedicine does not only provide patients to control their health checkups, but even doctors get more time to review cases of an individual patient.

The Market Size of Telemedicine: According to the report from Statista, “In 2015, the global telemedicine market was valued at around 18 billion U.S. dollars. It is expected that it will increase to over 40 billion dollars by 2021.”

Talking about the market size of telemedicine, according to ATA (American Telemedicine Association), “The estimation of the market size of telemedicine vary widely. And, it is a prominent area, which will experience rapid growth in the near future.” Well, the global telemedicine market is anticipated to register a high CAGR of approximately 18.5% during the forecast period (2018-2023), according to the report from Mordor Intelligence.

In addition, as per the same report, “The global telemedicine will be worth more than $66 billion by the end of the year 2021.”

North America is the Prominent Area in Telemedicine: According to Mordor Intelligence, North America was one of the fastest growing areas in telemedicine in the year 2017, and this is what you can see in the image.

Top Players of Telemedicine: Well, there are a number of telemedicine startups such as Doctor On demand (San Francisco-based telemedicine app), American Well, Babylon, HealthTap, and MDLIVE.

Medici: One of The Top Telemedicine Applications

There is a hot Austin-based Telemedicine startup named Medici, which is shaking up the healthcare industry, according to the report from Crunchbase.

On June 12, 2018, Medici has raised $22 million in Series A round of funding from individual investors, including executives from Citadel, Dell, Publix, and Starwood Capital. With total funding amount of $46.6M, Medici, telemedicine app aims to take the on-demand health model to next level by simply connecting its users/patients to all of their existing doctors via text or video.

Medici is also referred as the “WhatsApp of Healthcare” and has developed a disruptive mHealth (mobile health) technology, which allows doctors to care their patients/users easily and securely right from the app.

Telemedicine is recognized as one of the biggest game changers in the healthcare sector. Being a telemedicine startup, if you are planning to dive into on-demand health model, then you need to check out these three simple yet powerful solutions by Medici, which are behind the spontaneous growth of this telemedicine app. Moreover, by considering these solutions, you can develop a successful telemedicine app like Medici. Let’s have a look!

3 Powerful Solutions That Telemedicine Startups Need to Check Before Developing a Successful Telemedicine App like Medici

1. An Effective Treatment & Monitoring Platform

In this digital world, telemedicine is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and it improves the quality and affordability of healthcare throughout the world. Telemedicine app, Medici, does not only provide on-demand solutions to its app users, but it also provides solutions to those patients/users, where it is hard to find doctors. Furthermore, Medici is based on a simple business model, where it does not provide solutions to only patients, but it provides solutions to doctors as well.


Image Source: medici

The simple business model by Medici provides benefits to its patients and doctors. The HIPAA-compliant platform, Medici, has a simple business model, which has come up with the solutions for both end users. This telemedicine app has added a group chat feature in order to give doctors more freedom to incorporate an assistant or bring a specialist into conversation with patients.

Before developing a telemedicine app like Medici, it is important to consider a range of features like practice, chat with their colleagues, for general practitioners, family practice, pediatrics, psychiatry and psychology, surgeons, cardiologists, advanced practitioners, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants, dentists, and veterinarians.

telemedicine-appImage Source: medici

So, if you are planning to create a telemedicine app like Medici, then you need to provide an effective and monitoring platform for both users in terms of patients and doctors.

2. Provide Quick & Convenient Solutions to Users in Their Comfort Zones

There are health tech startups such as Klara app that provides a secure communication platform for their end users and bridges the gap between patients and doctors. But, when it comes to telemedicine app like Medici, it does not only provide the communication platform but real solutions to its app users. Plus, it provides a quick and convenient platform and allows doctors to provide advice and paid consultants from the distance.

On-demand-doctor-app-developmentImage Source: medici

It also claims that there are already plenty of telemedicine startups like MDLIVE, Doctors on Demand, and Teladoc, which provide a call center doctor, but there is a missed connection between patients and doctors. However, the Medici app has eliminated this barrier by providing solutions where their medical records will not be fragmented.

The best healthcare apps are those which provide a platform, where patients can talk to their own doctors by not only establishing a virtual connection, but it also provides doctors in a more serious way. In healthcare, it is important to know where conversations are stored and where they are going as per HIPPA regulations.

3. On-Demand Doctors Mean for Everyone from Endocrinologist to Veterinarian

The next important and powerful solution by Medici is for every kind of users, either they are looking for doctors for themselves or veterinarian for their pets. Well, this is one of the unique solutions, which is worth to include while telemedicine apps for doctors.

And, it is a huge platform where doctors, specialists, nurses, and veterinarians are available on one platform to consult with them. Being a telemedicine startup, you need to create a platform for both end users, who are looking for the doctor assistant for themselves and for their pets or animals.

telemedicine-app-developmentImage Source: medici

Moreover, provide your users with a better quality of life and quality care through solutions provided by telemedicine app like Medici. So, if you have made up your mind to develop an on-demand doctor appointment app like Medici, then this unique and powerful solution is worth to embrace during telemedicine app development.

Wrapping Up

You have just gone through with the powerful solutions by Medici, which is well-known as host telemedicine startup and has taken on-demand health model to the next level.

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